The Technology Helping to Save the Planet

save the planet technology

Over the last few decades, there have been lots of new inventions that have damaged our planet.

There has been a massive increase in the number of devices we use that constantly need charging, like phones, tablets, or even digital cameras.

There has also been a considerable increase in the amount of waste we throw away thanks to the increased popularity of disposable coffee cups and packing materials when buying online.

Luckily technology has also delivered many inventions and services to help reduce the effect we have on the planet.

Here is a brief look at some of the technology that is helping to save our world.

Energy switching websites

While it’s important to develop new technology to create green energy, it is just as important to increase the number of people using it.

While many people may have spotted solar panels and wind turbines in their local area, they might not know exactly how to power their homes with them.

They might wrongfully presume that their home is already being powered by them, when in fact their energy provider may still be producing the vast majority of their energy using more traditional methods.

Luckily there are now websites online that can clearly show which of the leading energy providers are doing the most to help reduce their impact on our environment.

Websites like Utility Bidder clearly display how much of each provider’s energy is green when offering you a renewable energy deal by comparing prices from the biggest brands on the market.

Not only can you find a provider that is doing more to protect the environment, but you could also end up saving a lot of money on your energy bills.

Green energy

Just a few decades ago, it was highly likely that when you switched on a device at home or your office, you would be powering it using electricity made from coal.

While the method of burning coal might seem like something from a Victorian tale, it was surprisingly popular for many years as a reliable way of producing energy.

The only problem was the amount of air pollution each site would pump out into our atmosphere.

Luckily, technology has invented and continues to improve upon many cleaner methods of producing energy.

For example, one single energy turbine is now efficient enough to supply around 1,500 homes with all of the energy they need. The efficacy of solar panels has also been improved over recent years, meaning they can now be installed even in colder locations.

The internet

The internet has changed how we communicate. Instead of sending letters and faxes, most businesses will now simply send an email or use workplace communication software.

Most utility companies prefer to go ‘paperless’ and will now send bills over the internet rather than mailing them to you in the post.

All of these things have dramatically reduced the amount of paper thrown away every year, as well as the number of lorries on the road needed to deliver this mail.

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