How to Write A Twitter Bio to Get Followers

Think of Twitter bios like headline copy on landing pages. Outside your tweets, your bio is the first thing people see when they decide whether or not to follow you.

Why Twitter bios are important

When you share an amazing tweet that gets good reach, you want to make sure that people who land on your profile start following you. As your Twitter analytics will show, many of your tweets will get people looking at your profile.

Your bio plays a huge role in how many people follow you. Optimizing you bio can help you increase your conversion rate significantly. The conversion rate here meaning the number of people that follow out of the total number of people that visited your profile.

Here are some tips on how to craft a high converting bio:

  • Start with credibility and social proof: Communicate why people should follow you. Let your body of work and achievements talk a bit for you.
  • Be specific and extremely clear when you explain what you do. Nobody wants to spend an extra 30 seconds guessing what you do.
  • Position yourself as an expert in a field: Should pèeople follow you because you know everything about email marketing? Or are you an e-commerce expert? Having a keyword in your bio can help you get discovered and be memorable.
  • Be funny and relatable, and show it in your bio. Comedian Jimmy Fallon can be simple and cheeky with his bio and his profile photo (mirror selfie) because that fits his profession. People follow him for entertainment and humor.

  • People don’t follow you because of you. They follow you because of how you can help them. Tell them upfront.
  • Don’t sell your content, sell what your content can do for people. Or the goal you can help them achieve. Always focus on value.
  • Give away something in your bio such as a template, an ebook, a report.
  • Have a clear specific CTA.
  • Be controversial if it fits: When you’re polarizing, a lot of people will dislike you. But you’ll draw in serious fans. Conor McGregor is an example. McGregor was very successful in the UFC, but certainly not the best fighter of all-time. But he parlayed his platform in the UFC to big ventures outside the octagon through his brash, polarizing nature. It’s also unavoidable if you have anything to do with politics or take political stances.

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