13 Reasons To Use Your Own Photos in a Presentation

Using your own photos in a pitch deck is a great way to get attention, create an emotional impact, and establish trust with your audience at the same time.

This article will discuss thirteen different ways that you can use your own photos in a presentation to increase engagement and conversions.

1) Your Photos Will Be More Memorable Than Stock Photos

One of the most important things you can do to make your pitch deck examples more memorable is to use your own photos. Your audience will be able to identify with personal shots much better than they will with stock photos that could belong to anyone.

2) You Can Make Them More Authentic To Your Brand

Since you are the brand, your photos should reflect the personality of your brand. Using stock photos can sometimes say one thing about your brand while using your own photos could communicate a totally different message.

3) Using Photos Can Stimulate The Senses

Photos have been proven to stimulate emotions and senses much better than text alone. For example, having a photo that shows a person who is laughing or smiling will create much more of a positive and comfortable environment than if the same person was shown frowning.

4) Photos Can Make Your Pitch Deck More Applicable To The Audience

When using stock photos in your pitch deck template, you may be speaking to one audience but end up coming across as though you are speaking to another company. When you use photos with people in them, your pitch deck slides will be able to speak directly to the audience and make a more personal connection.

5) People Are More Likely To Share Your Pitch Deck

Since a picture says 1000 words, using your own photos can drive home whatever point or insight that you are trying to share. This means that your audience will be more likely to share your deck with others and get you the word-of-mouth publicity that you deserve.

6) Your Photos Can Make An Emotional Connection With Your Audience

By using authentic photos in your pitch deck design, you can build a stronger emotional connection with your audience. By sharing genuine shots, they will be able to make a personal connection with you and your brand, which can increase interest and engagement.

7) Using Photos Creates A More Personal Approach With Your Audience

Instead of using stock photos that could be anyone, use photos that represent you as the founder or representative for your business. This will create a more personal approach with your audience and build trust faster.

8) Photos Can Save You Time

If you are using photos that you have taken yourself, you won’t need to spend time finding them or having someone else take them for you. This means that it will save you valuable time for other aspects of your business.

9) Your Pitch Deck Will Be More Unique And Stand Out From The Rest

When you use your own photos, you can create a pitch deck that is totally unique and will stand out from the rest. This will get your audience interested in what you have to say and further engage them with your pitch.

Other than your own photos, your choice of template also makes your pitch deck more unique. For that, there’s Venngage. 

10) Photos Can Make Your Pitch Deck Easier To Navigate And Understand

Your photos can make it easier for your audience to understand what you are trying to get across. Since graphics and photos can be a great way of communicating complex ideas, a picture can help them understand what you are selling in a matter of seconds.

11) Photos Can Increase Engagement And Sharing

By using your own photos, you can create a sample pitch deck that increases engagement and sharing for your business. Since photos are especially effective on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, they will help drive more attention to your brand through the power of storytelling.

12) People Enjoy Looking At Photos Of People Much More Than Stock Photos

People enjoy looking at photos of other people rather than generic stock photos that could be anybody. They are a much more effective way of getting your pitch deck to communicate what you need it to, while also increasing the enjoyment factor.

13) You Are Guaranteed To Find Photos That Will Speak To Your Audience

When using stock photos, there is no way to guarantee that the photo will be able to speak to your audience. You may find one that seems like it could work but it turns out that your audience doesn’t relate with it in the end. By using your own photos, you can choose ones that will be able to make a strong connection with your audience.


Regardless of what you decide to use in your pitch deck, we believe that it is always important to optimize and upgrade your presentation as much as possible. Using photos will help you do just that and improve engagement rates and conversions for successful outcomes!


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