Why Do We Need a VPN for Streaming Movies?


Streaming platforms have seen exponential growth over the past few years, as people have turned to online streaming to watch their favorite content online. COVID-19 has also helped in the surge in streaming site subscriptions since the past year.

According to Streaming Rant, the usage of VPNs for watching movies increased exponentially during the pandemic. The dramatic increase was primarily due to the availability of massive content on geo-restricted streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

People all over the world use VPNs to stream their favorite movies on the geo-restricted platforms as the VPNs bypass those geo-restrictions by masking your IP and DNS address. We have discussed the main reasons to use a VPN for streaming movies in this article.

Access geo-restricted content

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Prime Video restrict their content in certain countries owing to copyright limitations. However, you can access all these libraries using a VPN. A VPN will unlock an ocean of content for you, as just a single click will enable you to access a streaming library in any country.

Added Security

Streaming online makes you vulnerable to many viruses, trackers, and malware, so an additional security layer is much needed to protect you from these dangers.

A VPN encrypts your traffic to protect your privacy and gives you full anonymity. So, you may enjoy streaming and be carefree about your security with the usage of a VPN.

Built-in Ad Blockers

When you are streaming your favorite shows, the most annoying thing that ruins your streaming experience is the online ads. VPNs have built-in ad blockers that block unwanted ads from your streaming experience. While ad blockers are available as software plugins, it can be difficult to manage ad blockers when using several browsers and utilizing different devices.

A VPN with a built-in ad blocker can get rid of ads with just one click, encrypts your network, and eliminates advertisements while you’re connected to the VPN network.

Bypass Data Throttling

Data throttling occurs when your ISP has set a limit on your internet usage, and after exceeding that given data limit, your internet speed will dramatically slow down. However, this issue of data throttling can easily be tackled with a VPN.

With a VPN, you can enjoy streaming all the best Netflix shows and content on other streaming platforms without being worried about getting spied by your Internet Service Provider.

As streaming takes a large part of your bandwidth, a VPN hides your online activity from your ISP so that you are spared from data throttling. Since none of your online activity with a VPN is monitored by your ISP, so it does not consume the data limit set up by your ISP.

Final Word

Using a VPN for watching movies on streaming platforms has many advantages as it allows you to access the contents of every region and grants you full privacy. Premium VPNs do not hold logs or monitor your online activities so that you may forget about your privacy issues via VPN usage. Use a VPN to enjoy your online streaming experience without any limitations.


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