What Do Men Use Pinterest For?

Pinterest is usually thought of as a women’s platform. And it’s true.

For those who market on Pinterest, if you look at your analytics, depending on your niche, you’ll probably see that women take up more than 70% of your audience and it also skews younger.

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But men are using Pinterest more and more as well.

Did you know

Pinterest reaches 27% of US men aged 25 to 54.

What are these men doing on the platform?

Pinterest just answered this question for us.

They focus on personal development

75% of men in Pinterest’s study said they plan to spend more time on their goals.

Finding a work-life balance, eating healthier, and spending more time with friends were among the top goals mentioned (no “work hard, play hard” goals here).

Less research, more focus on brands

Men on Pinterest do fewer searches before making a purchase than their female counterparts.

For example, if men are searching for a jacket, they’ll do fewer fashion searches before choosing a jacket.

On the other hand, men on Pinterest are brand-conscious, which means they are willing to pay more for a brand they recognize.

What all this means for you

If you’re a marketer, Pinterest might be a good platform for you if you sell to men who have personal goals.

Furthermore, Pinterest can be a good choice if you do brand marketing, (showing your products early and often) or sell branded products overall.

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