What If Zero Matches Occur During the Slots Free Spins Round?

If you play slot games more on new online slot sites, then you will know what free spins round are. They are extra rounds you are allowed to play without betting but also with the potential to pay you more money.

What makes free spins round fruitful are the winning combinations or matches you make from them. Without making winning combinations, you end up not benefiting anything from the slot except for the fun in the game. Thus, you may be wondering what to do if there are zero matches during the free spins bonus.

The truth is that there’s absolutely nothing you can do to make sure there are matches or winning combinations. There’s no technique, skill, or method to apply. So, if you use up your free spins round without making a match, there’s nothing wrong with you or the slot.

If you ever find any website or software promising to make matches for you on a slot, ignore them. Such websites are usually run by scammers hoping to dupe you of your money. Do not subscribe to those websites or purchase their products.

Reasons you may not make wins from a slot bonus round

You might be wondering what free spins are for if they don’t guarantee wins. If you’re thinking this way, you probably need to know why it happens. Here are some of the reasons below

The slot has a low RTP

The RTP of a slot determines how much it eventually returns to you after wagering a certain amount over a period. For slots with high RTPs, you can expect to get a good amount of your wagers back after playing for a long time.

However, when you play slots with low RTPs, you don’t expect to make get much return from the total amount you bet on the game. Thus, the payouts will be less and most likely few. So, you won’t land many wins from your bonus rounds or other features like you want.

High variance

The variance of a slot is another feature that many newbies confuse with RTP. However, both are different. While RTP is a factor that determines how much of the money you wagered to expect back, variance simply reveals how often you can win while playing the game.

The RTP is a determinant that can be measure over days or even months. Variance on the other hand can be measured with the payouts on a single day after playing many rounds.

Slots with high variance generally guarantee you rare wins. So, if you play a slot with high variance, you may not land a win for a very long time.

You may experience this during the free spins round and think that it has something to do with the bonus. But variance affects the whole game, whether you have bonus rounds or not.

Final thoughts

The only solution when you encounter games that pay rarely is to change the game. But if you have a huge bankroll, you can continue to play while hoping to hit it big.

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