Wise’s SEO Strategy: How They Get So Much Traffic

Wise (fka TransferWise), the fintech company offering multi-currency accounts, is one of the strongest players in the SEO game.

They get around 7 million organic visits per month (even despite recently migrating to a new domain).

Here are a few of the reasons why Wise’s SEO strategies work so effectively.

1) Scaling up landing pages

Wise tries to be present for the searcher throughout the entire customer journey, especially at the top of the funnel. For their purposes, this means creating tens of thousands of landing pages.

For instance, they have nearly 12,000 landing pages about SWIFT code combinations targeting US visitors.

How do they produce so much content?

They use templates. Wise realized that people searching for specific SWIFT/BIC codes wanted very similar information.

The only variable was the code itself. So, what they did was create one stellar landing page. From there they simply replicated that page for all the different content queries.

2) Custom content management system built around their needs

Wise built their custom CMS to scale up their SEO activities.

WordPress can work great for most content businesses, but custom systems can work better for businesses with specific needs.

3) Content optimized for Featured Snippets

They own the most featured snippets in their niche.

Snippets aren’t just luck. They’re a function of how well they answer the particular query and the formatting of the article (bullet points and numbering can often help).

4) Multiple ways of attracting and acquiring links

Link building is the part of SEO you can control. Wise employed multiple approaches to link building. Here are some of them:

  • A solid brand and satisfied customers. This is arguably the best strategy to naturally build backlinks without outreach.
  • Creative PR campaigns. People especially love data and numbers. They’re easy to link to.
  • Referrals and affiliate programs links. Referrals and affiliate links can be questionable link building tactics at best, but they can be a great form of marketing even independent of the SEO purpose. By having people share affiliate and referral links, they are able to generate more standard links and coverage.

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