How to Write a Good Welcome Email

welcome email how to write


The welcome email is one of the most important contact points to improve your deliverability. So it’s important to know how to write a good welcome email that will keep your customers engaged.

A good welcome email won’t just ask people to reply and hope for the best.

It will have more to it to increase your odds of having a customer that is satisfied and buys from you over and over again.

Here’s what we think you should include in your welcome email

1) Explain to the reader what they just subscribed to and exactly what they should expect.

Be specific, don’t just say “a newsletter”.

Tell them how often they will get it and what it contains. Do this in 1-2 sentences.

2) Offer something valuable in exchange for a reply.

Whether you offer an insightful report, a mini-course, a discount to your store – make sure you have it included in your welcome email.

3) Try to get a click.

While the reply is very powerful, it’s harder to get than a click.

Without distracting from the reply request, provide a good reason for people to click one link in your first email.

4) Lastly, include a request to whitelist you.

This means adding you as a contact, and dragging your email to Primary if on Gmail and those kinds of things.

After you include all these elements, you can either tell the reader more about yourself, your brand, or whatever else you deem necessary.

A good welcome email makes the recipient more likely to read your future emails. 

In other words, they’ll continue to open your email sequences and read your content.

Give them a reason to read them and make sure the readers feed the algorithms the right signals for them to receive your future emails.

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