YouTube Titles – Copywriting Framework Your Audience Can’t Resist

There’s a video on YouTube from a guy named Adam Ragusea. It’s got over 20 million views. The title?

“Why I Season My Cutting Board, NOT My Steak.”


The video did so well that Adam has used the title format successfully many times since.

There’s a reason this title works so well—and it’s an easy copywriting framework you can use, too.

Why this YouTube title works

The formula for Adam’s title goes something like this…

[Counter-intuitive solution] + [Counter-narrative statement]

The first part of his title presents a new, intriguing, uncomfortable solution, while the second part of his title challenges something we currently believe to be true.

Here’s how to use it in your marketing

Presenting your copy this way can be quite effective.

For a quick example, imagine we’re selling non-toxic cleaning products. We could write a line like:

“Toxic chemicals poison you every day—and most of them come from your cleaning products.”

Now, maybe that’s not true, but it’s just one example of how you can use this in action.

Lead a landing page or a sales letter with a hook like that… And people won’t be able to resist reading on.


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