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Best Graphene Power Banks to Buy in 2020

We have listed the best Graphene power banks available for purchase in 2020. ZXINF Graphene Fast Charging, Apollo Traveller and ULTRON Graphene Power Bank have been officially announced by the respective companies.

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Graphene is a revolutionary substance to change the smartphone industry. It is well capable of changing battery technology entirely. Many smartphone brands are working hard to implement Graphen powered batteries because they are superior to the Lithium Polymer batteries being used on most of the current mobile phones.

In regards, Graphene batteries are lighter, more durable and they can hold more capacity than Li-Po batteries. However, we don’t have any smartphone yet holding the Graphene battery but have multiple power banks. The one thing isn’t in favour of Graphene batteries that they are very costly to produce, that is why yet graphene batteries are not mainstream. In these articles, we will discuss the best graphene power phones available in the market. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Graphene Power Banks List

As we mentioned above, Graphene is a very costly material, due to that, it hasn’t been mainstream yet. To make it cost-effective, manufacturers are using a hybrid solution combined with Li-Po and Graphene. Results are pretty impressive, which can be even battered with true Graphene made batteries in the coming years.

1. Real Graphene G-Pro Series

This is a 10,000 mAh Real Graphene power bank from the “Real Graphene USA LLC.” It arrives with a 60W charger, that can fully charge this power bank in a few minutes. Wireless charging capability allows it to charge you wireless compatible smartphone or any other device. Further, it comes with USB Type-C cable out of the box. And there are multiple charging ports to charge different devices.

The company claims to provide enough juice only in 15 minutes of charging. It supports most of the industry’s fast chargers such as Samsung Note 10+ 45W Fast Charging, Oppo 50W Super VOOC, and Huawei 40W SuperCharge quick charging support. There are three strong layers to cover the graphene composite battery under the hood.

Overall, a fully usable graphene power bank, but most of the time it remains out of stock. If you are lucky enough you can grab it on Amazon.Com, otherwise, just keep checking for your turn.

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Purchase from Amazon

2. ZXINF Graphene Fast Charging

ZXINF Graphene power bank packs 1000 mAh battery capacity under the hood. It has one Type-C and 2 Micro USB 2.0 port with max. 60W external fast charging; therefore, you can even charge your laptops easily using this power bank. Thanks to the two way PD charging, it can charge both laptop and smartphone at the same time with 18W fast charging speed.

The power bank is combinable with both Android and iPhone devices and follows flight standards to use it while travelling as well. The power bank charging speed is also fast because it can be fully charged in 45-60 minutes according to the company’s claim.

3. Apollo Traveller

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The next graphene powered power bank in our list is Apollo Traveller. It has a capacity of 6,000 mAh, which is on a lower side. The product is part of Indiegogo and the world’s first graphene power available in the market for sale. It supports USB-C PD giving you assurance to charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops using its USB Type-C port for charging. The device supports up to 40W external fast charging.

The Apollo Traveller graphene power bank comes with 10,000 charging cycles as per the manufacturer, which 10 times more than the normal power bank, and supports fast charging for both Android and iOS devices. Further, it can be charged fully from 0 to 100% in just 18 minutes, which is one of the fastest in its category.

4. ULTRON Graphene Power Bank

The ULTRON Graphene Power Bank is another graphene powered power bank part of the Indiegogo project. The capacity of this power bank has been increased significantly and packs 20,000 mAh graphene hybrid batteries. The device can be fully charged in just 85 minutes, which is another good thing. It is eligible for Power Delivery 2.0 and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 charging technologies for fast charging. The battery charge cycle is 2,000, which is definitely more than the normal Li-io batteries.

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The power bank supports wireless charging and arrives with a built-in charging pad on the top. However, the product is not yet smarted shipping and currently in the production phase, But we can expect the company will make it available by the end of this year. All in all, this is another choice for those seeking graphene power banks.


There is no doubt that Graphene batteries are the future of the tech industry. Lithium polymer batteries have been outdate and companies are looking for an alternative to replace this old battery tech. Samsung is rumoured to commercially launch a smartphone with Graphene battery within two years.

Although this tech is yet in the early stage, and need to evolve more, the future definitely belongs to the graphene batteries. The new tech can dramatically change the whole industry once it became mainstream. We would be hoping to see slim and higher capacity smartphones based on graphene batteries in the near future. What are your thoughts? Do let’s know in below comment section!

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