How to Perform Bitcoin Mining in the Current Year?

The reason behind the regular hype and increasing bitcoin prices is its fixed supply. Bitcoin is fixed with a total supply of 21 million. Therefore, not more than 21 million bitcoins are ever to be created. Being fixed with supply, bitcoin regularly gains in price and investors because it is clear that with a lower supply, demand always increases. On the other hand, with a more excellent supply, demand always diminishes. Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous identity, fixed the bitcoin supply, and around 90% of total bitcoin are mined till the present date. Start your trading journey with this system and earn more profits. 

Bitcoin is not created with the rise in demand, and to balance the demand, the creation is not stopped. Bitcoin is mined with the help of a superpower computer which consumes a large amount of electricity. Some countries have banned the mining of bitcoin due to massive electricity consumption. The mining process is performed with the help of ASIC software and some advanced hardware. Before starting mining, you must spend some thousand bucks and decide on solo or group mining.

Considering the things needed to perform mining

Cryptocurrency wallet

Crypto wallet is known for the storage of cryptocurrencies. After mining bitcoin, you need something to store the tokens and keys you are mining. It is where we need crypto wallets at the first stage of bitcoin mining. Wallets have a unique address that helps send and receive crypto tokens quickly and securely. You can choose from multiple wallets available online. You can even use cold wallets to store your mining yields. Cold wallets store more sensitive investments like crypto or investment with high chances of cyber attacks or hacks because cold wallets are hacks resistant. Choose the best wallet according to your needs.

Mining software

After getting a crypto wallet, you need mining software that helps in bitcoin mining. You can choose mining software according to your operating system. For the most hyped currency like bitcoin, you will find multiple types of software to be used in the mining process, and many of them have a practical approach to mining or could make the mining process easy.

Mining hardware

Mining hardware is the most expensive component used for mining. Therefore, hardware increases the cost of the mining process. Hardware includes powerful computers or perhaps which are specifically designed for the mining process.

Mining rig

Two situations are situated with mining rigs: you can build your own or purchase prebuilt. A prebuilt mining rig with a high hash rate is available in the market and can be easily purchased for a thousand bucks.

Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)

It is a prebuilt mining rig that can be used for bitcoin mining. Some of the other available market options are Bit main Decred Miner DR5 which costs around $5600. It produces a much lower hash rate than other miners in the market. It has 35 terahashes per second (TH/s). You can also purchase the higher software available for mining, but it increases the mining cost.

Home computers

You can build your mining computer, but you will need all the hardware to ultimately make it suitable for mining. For example, Nvidia’s graphic cards are capable of mining bitcoin. Although some can lack speed, you can easily avoid them to use them for the mining process.

Join a mining pool

If you find it difficult to mine bitcoin alone, you can join mining pools. These are the groups that mine bitcoin together. The share of profits is distributed among the miners according to their contribution to bitcoin mining. If you can’t mine alone and the cost of mining might be affordable, joining a mining pool is beneficial. However, if you are capable of mining and are vital to holding the expenses of mining, there is no benefit to joining a mining pool, as it will take your profits down.


These are the tools and ways to mine bitcoin after solving complex computational mathematical problems. Bitcoin mining involves risks because it can be possible multiple miners or groups of miners are working on the same bitcoin blocks, and the bitcoin reward for mining is offered only to one who finds the blocks fastest, or we can say only one wins the race there are not any second or third ranks available. Mining has a 90% chance of failure and a 10% chance of winning. Therefore, investing in heavy mining equipment is not a wise choice. Rather than investing in trading or buying real BTC with the money.

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