Best Universities to Learn to Design and Play Games

Not so long ago it would have been unthinkable for a university to be running academic courses grounded in mobile game design, or to have student union clubs dedicated to eSports. But that is the reality on many university campuses around the world, as a new generation goes in search of job markets that have true staying power in the digital age.

Moreover, the way teaching is carried out in lecture theatres, computer labs and seminar rooms have been altered dramatically by advances in classroom tech.

While many institutions race to catch up with the fast-paced online environment, there are some universities and colleges that have managed to get themselves ahead of the curve, to establish themselves as the go-to places for youngsters looking to pursue a future in the world of gaming. Here are some of the best Universities and colleges for budding gaming enthusiasts and developer wannabes.

UK Developers Head North of the Border

When most people think of top universities the likes of Ivy League schools or Oxbridge establishments come to mind, but in the world of games development, there are some lesser-known names that come to the fore.

One of these is the unheralded Abertay University in Scotland, whose claim to fame is that some of its alumni were the creators of Grand Theft Auto.

The university’s Game Design & Production Course is one of the most hotly desired courses in the world, with students coming from all over the globe to absorb information from modules as wide-ranging as 3D Design and Interactive Media Production.

Lecture theatres are now abuzz with theories on how to make the perfect mobile or online game

Universities Not Just for Developers and Designers, But for Players Too

Most educational institutions attempt to give students the skills they will require in order to pursue the career of their dreams, and once upon a time, the idea of making a living playing online games was just a pipe dream. All that has now changed with the onset of pro online streamers and eSports teams, meaning that universities and colleges are under pressure to provide adequate gaming facilities.

This has meant that the varsity eSports scene is blowing up in the US, with prestigious study centres such as the Miami University of Ohio and Boise State University developing their own eSports rosters thanks to brand spanking new gaming facilities.

And it is not just eSports players who are being given the means to go about following their dreams, with the likes of Warwick University in the UK being a place that has produced some of the world’s best online poker players in recent years, with schools such as the University of Wisconsin and the University of Houston doing the same stateside.


The universities on this list were quick to latch on to the boom in video games and online games in general

Swiss Precision Pays Off for Computer Science Students

The ETH Zurich consistently ranks as one of the best places to study computer science on the planet, with courses covering everything from computational intelligence to complex algorithms.

The added bonus here is that the beautiful Swiss Alps are just next door, so if you feel your eyes turning a bit square after too much screen time you can go and attack the ski slopes or do a spot of hardcore rock climbing.

Online Courses Often Outflank Those Offered By Traditional Institutions

One of the best things about the world of the internet and tech innovation is that people are no longer tied to the status quo and the institutions that propagate it.

The same applies when it comes to online learning resources, with many now so advanced that they leave traditional college and university courses trailing in their dust. Some of the best resources out there at the moment include those curated by the Code Academy and Udemy.

As you can see, the path to success as a game developer is by no means defined. However, one thing is certain; whether it’s at a traditional university or through an online academy, the opportunities for study are greater now than ever before.

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