How to Earn an MCSA: Web Applications Certification: Use Exam Dumps To Ace Microsoft 70-480 Exam

The Internet is one of the greatest creations in the age of science and technology. It has become even more interesting to use with the arrival of web applications. This IT field becomes more and more popular as well as the specialists who can implement or create such apps. That is why it is a perfect time to earn a proper certification by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Corporation, besides playing a big part in computers, is one of the most reliable vendors of IT certifications to professionals in the tech industry such as web application developers. Today, tour with us to find out why taking the Microsoft 70-480 exam is essential to your career and get the details about this certification.

What to Know about MCSA: Web Applications Badge?

The Certification Practice Test certification in Web Apps is a great chance to validate your skills in working with modern web applications, improving and maintaining them. This badge has been designed for those candidates who aim to become web developers or web administrators and earn annually about $65,643.

To gain this certification you need to pass two Microsoft exams, which are either 70-480 or 70-483 along with 70-486.

As for prerequisites, the only requirement to sit for this badge is having the basic IT knowledge or any MTA certification. Nevertheless, it would be much easier for you to learn all the needed information if you have at least one year of working experience.

Since this article is devoted to the 70-480 exam, let’s explore its details.

The Basics of Microsoft 70-480 Exam

The Microsoft 70-480 exam is about programming using CSS3 and JavaScript in HTML5. To take this test, you should have a year or more experience in programming with Javascript. You also need to prove you’ve been working between one to two years as a developer in an event-driven and object-oriented programming model using HTML. To add more, exam 70-486 focuses on the development of web applications on ASP.NET MVC. Skills areas tested in 70-480 are namely:

  • Accessing and securing data
  • Implementing program flows
  • Using CSS3 in improving applications
  • Manipulating and implementing objects and document structures

To dive deep into the exam’s details, 70-480 test comprises 40 to 60 questions and takes 150 minutes exam time and 180 minutes of seat time. The format of the questions present in any Microsoft test is kept confidential but you may expect multiple-choice, build lits, active screen, and some other question types. To learn more about them visit the Microsoft official website. Also, remember to pay a $165 enrolment fee when scheduling your exam.

The Main Benefits of Preparing with Exam Dumps

One of the best and effective ways to prepare for your exam is by using reliable exam dumps from the sites like There you can get free and paid ETE files and even a 70-480 Premium Bundle with a set of prep materials for $39,99. Here is why you should use them:

  1. Grasp concepts quickly

Retention of information on the tested skill areas of Microsoft 70-480 will contribute to your exam success. Still, reading a lot of notes can lead to information overload, more confusion, and less information keeping. Exam dumps allow you to be specific about what answers are appropriate for what question.

  1. Build confidence

There is a lot of anxiety before you can do the actual exam. It can make you doubt whether you are ready. Exam dumps from reliable sites like can help you know if you are ready to sit for the exam or not. If you are well-prepared then, you will be confident and if not, then adopting the answers provided by the exam dumps can help.

  1. Boost your revision regimen

A single revision method may not be enough to make you ready for the actual exam. If you want to make sure that the exam does not get you by surprise, you should start with your notes. You can test yourself with the dumps after going through your notes to identify strong and weak areas. Thus, you’ll have enough time to repeat the needed topics some more times.

  1. Make your study interesting

An exam can be stressful, but it does not mean that you can not enjoy the preparation process. Reading notes can be rigorous because you have to read between the lines and come up with short conclusions for easy retention. Working with questions and answers can be more interesting because it could only be jogging your memory about what you know and filling gaps where there are issues.

  1. Form exam vibe

It might be a long time since you did an actual exam, and you do not feel in the exam mood. Therefore, you can use exam dumps to build the exam drive in you before the actual exam. This is because the dumps are used in the special ETE Exam Simulator which provides a visual representation of the real test you will do.

  1. Finish test on time

Exam dumps are a compilation of questions given by students who just did the exam and are proved by professionals. So, the chances are high that the test questions you will tackle are similar to the ones you went through in your revision. Therefore, as you prepare for your assessment, know that time can be an issue in the exam and therefore use exam dumps to build on your exam speed.

  1. Build your stamina

As you prepare for your exam using dumps sit and tackle it in one sitting without distractions. This practice means that you will build the energy to sit through the actual exam without losing patience. Stamina will allow you to tackle each exam with the utmost attention and avoid errors.


The MCSA: Web Application certification can build your knowledge and skills through the various training materials offered. It can be a big contribution to your career development. Pass 70-480 exam as a starting point to get certified. Sharpen your knowledge with PrepAwy’s exam dumps and you will pass the test with flying colors.

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