Must-Have Apps for Corporate Paralegals in 2020

Apps are changing the world and helping people in different industries succeed. If you’re a corporate paralegal, here’s a list of apps to simplify your life and match your legal interests. These will help make next year your most productive one yet:

1. Burton’s Legal Thesaurus (3,602 INR)

Legal jargon can be confusing even with many years of study. Having a virtual guide to help you out when you’re struggling to find or define a certain word is definitely worth its while. Burton’s claims to be ‘guilty of being the best legal thesaurus on the market.’ This guide is especially handy for paralegals when they need to write legal documents like motions or memorandums. Although this app may not come cheap, it’s sure to be a valuable investment in the long run, as it is much quicker to access and search through compared to the print version.


If you’re obsessively enjoy reading up on Supreme Court cases, this app, previously called Pocket Justice and renamed to OYEZ offers up some fascinating details on various court proceedings for free and available for both Apple and Android. It also offers key information and audio guides for the top 100 constitutional law cases. These cases are fully searchable by keyword and are updated automatically. The SCOTUS blog also releases a weekly update of court transcripts made available on OYEZ, for your browsing reference.

3. Time Master + Billing (770 INR)

Time Master + Billing is an affordable app that offers consolidated time tracking and billing functionality, with the option to export timesheets and schedules to share via email or print. As highlighted by Special Counsel’s page on a Corporate Paralegal’s Job Description, billing lawyers’ time is an integral part of their role. If you fail to properly track and bill your time, the firm can’t give the client an accurate invoice, and payment disputes can arise. As a result, meticulous timekeeping is key to a law firm’s success.

4. Fastcase (FREE)

Conducting legal research can be particularly time-consuming and difficult for paralegals. However, Fastcase offers a free, quick and easy searchable library app for every paralegal. It enables you to look up various court rules, statutes, regulations, and constitutions from the 50 American states. According to a review of Fastcase from Bigger Law Firm, a 2017 survey showed that 20.35 percent used Fastcase as their research tool of choice.

5. TalksonLaw (FREE)

If you’re an auditory learner, The TalksOnLaw app offers you the latest legal talks directly to your mobile phone. Their talks have CLE and MCLE accreditation and best of all, it’s free to use. There are various categories to cater to your interests, such as Technology and Privacy, Sports Law, and Crime and Vice. Plus, they also put together a personalized batch of interviews that match either your interests or are currently trending under the “Recommended” tab.

While most of these apps are only available on iOS phones, some of them have Android functionality as well. In your downtime, we highly recommend checking out this list of the ‘Latest Top 10 Free Android Games in 2019’ to help you take a break from all that legal paperwork.

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