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Top Reasons Why List Posts Are More Successful Than Regular Posts

Lists have always been an important part of our culture. Almost every day we make lists, it could be the list of our top 10 most favourite songs, or books, a grocery list including the items that you need in the house, and then finally a list of things-to-do. In general, lists are the best medium to keep a tab on the things and stay organized in our lives. They not only bring order to our lives but also help us stay focussed on the things that require more attention than others.

In today’s world of blogging, lists can be extremely helpful, especially when we have to communicate and explain our point to the audience. So, here we have come up with a list article that explains 5 reasons why list posts are more successful than the regular posts. Let us take a look at these reasons one by one.

  1. Lists help you drive more traffic

Kylie, who works with TFTHsays that in general, there is more number of people who are tempted to read a list article over a regular article. So, lists help drive better traffic. In the case of the list posts, the title is sufficient to attract people. They know exactly what they are going to find in the post.

For instance, if the title says 5 health benefits of Green Tea, the reader knows that in this article, he’ll find 5 health benefits of green tea. Hence, in list-type posts, there is no element of surprise because their titles are less literary and more utilitarian. The good or the bad thing about a list-type post is that just when someone reads the title, they know whether they want to click on the post and read it further or not. If I give you a secret about my blog, the posts with the numbered lists in the title have 100% performed better than the regular ones.

  1. Lists work better with how people read

In today’s time, there are not many readers. At least, there aren’t many people interested in the long paragraph type reading. Usually, when you are looking for some information online, you scan through the different posts. Then, you tend to look for a set of words that grab your attention, based on the type of information you need. So, the chronology of finding a good post is a general scan followed by a careful skimming. In this skimming process, a nice numbered or a bullet point list stands out. Why? Because these lists make it easier for the reader to read through the information. Georgina, who offers online python homework help by TAE services, says that with the use of mobile phones, the popularity of lists has grown further. This is so because it is easier to read a list post on the smaller device over a narrative post.

  1. List helps with SEO

When it comes to SEO or the search engine optimization, list posts come handy. It is so because it is easier to structure these posts using different headings, such as H1, H2, H3, etc. and keywords. Moreover, since an SEO post performs better, it will fetch you more inbound links. So, on the whole, lists posts offer Google exactly what it needs. Brian, who offers online services associated with TrumpLearning, says that it is not that regular posts are not search engine optimized, but it is simply easier for the SEO expert to optimize the list post over a regular post.

  1. List posts are easier to write

Zoe, who works with EduWorldUSA says that when you are creating a list post, organizing the thoughts is easier. It is so because when people do narrative writing, they ramble a lot. There is confusion in thoughts, and the organization often goes for a toss. There is better clarity in list posts because writing a list post is more like writing an outline. It gives a perfect structure to the post, so when you have a structure ready, you can’t go wrong with the body. To tell you the truth, when you start writing a list post, you’ll rarely have a fixed number in your head. For instance, there’ll be times when you start writing with 5 tips in your head, and when you progress through the post, two more come to your mind, so the number becomes 7. Thus, in a list article, you’ll keep thinking as you write, and more number can come in your head than you intended for. So, depending on how broad you want to be with the post, you can add the number in it.

  1. List articles are easier to remember

A blog post in the list form is 100% easier to memorize than a regular narrative post. In most cases, when you first read through the post, you’ll clearly remember a few points, while that might never happen with a regular post.


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