3 Facebook Ads Creatives Formats to Test Right Now

Facebook is one of the most favourite social networking platforms. Regular users keep searching for the best site to buy Facebook followers & likes to maintain a decent growth. Facebook ads also play a vital role to attract the audience. What’s the best way to make sure your ads are not just wasting your time?

Well, if you ask Facebook Ads experts, many of them will tell you to test more creatives.

Here are 3 formatting frameworks you can use to come up with ads that demand attention.

Almost always, winning creatives fall under three categories:

1) Scroll stopper

The goal of this creative is to catch people’s attention as fast as possible.

The idea is to go for quantity over quality, which will lower your cost-per-click (CPC).

This type of creative can work well for offers with a broad appeal.

Some themes will make people stop and pay attention are:

  • Money
  • Love/romance (don’t show too much skin and risk your ad account)
  • Curiosity/clickbait
  • Fear
  • Health
  • Controversy/politics

Choose the one that’s most related to your offer.

2) Looks native to the platform

With this type, you attract quality over quantity. The ad cost will likely be more expensive, but the traffic will convert better.

Testimonials are the most common example of this type of creative:

  • Someone giving a positive review about the product or service
  • Someone using the product/service and showing how it benefits them

These creatives are better for offers with a smaller customer pool.

Make it very clear in the image or at the start of your video what the product or service is for.

3) Combining 1 and 2 (native scroll stopper)

You can combine the previous two formats into a unique ad creative.

This can help you not only get the quality audience that’s the benefit of a native-looking ad, but also attract them efficiently by getting their attention.

However, be sure to test them individually so you get an idea of what works better for your customer base.


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