“Hongmeng operating system is not for smartphones”, says Huawei vice president

A few days ago, some media houses reported that Huawei is working on a new “OS” potential alternative of Android after the US had imposed a complete ban on Huawei products. But Now the Huawei board member and senior vice president Catherine Chen, at a media roundtable in Brussels, confirms Hongmeng operating system is not for smartphones and the company intends to continue to use Google’s Android operating system for its smartphones.

Catherine Chen, Huawei Senior VP, and Board Member

She says the recently-trademarked Hongmeng is for industrial use, specially developed for IoT (Internet of Things). It actually has been in development long before the current discussions around finding an alternative to Android.

“an operating system for smartphones usually contain dozens of millions of lines of codes, Hongmeng contains much fewer – in the number of hundreds of thousands – and therefore very secure. Hongmeng system also has extremely low latency compared with a smartphone operating system”, her take while explaining the complications of a mobile OS.

“Huawei is a worldwide leading vendor of equipment to telecommunications operators such as Vodafone, has also become in recent years an international powerhouse of consumer devices such as smartphones, which run on the Android system. The company intends to continue using Android.”, she further added.

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