Huawei Harmony OS goes official, likely to be Android alternative

Finally, the Huawei announced its much-awaited Harmony operating system in the response of the various sanctions imposed by the US govt. The company is likely to secure their future if anyhow Android refuses to use its Android OS. Earlier, some reports claimed that it would be called Hongmeng OS, now the company launches it as “Harmony” OS. Probably, it will be pronounced as “Hongmeng” in China.

“The harmony os is a microkernel-based distributed OS and designed for different kind of platforms including mobile phones, wearables, laptops, and televisions”, says CEO Richard Yu. The company claims that it can work with RAM sizes ranging from mere kilobytes to hundreds of gigabytes. Harmony OS is an open-source project with integrated ARK compiler, and It will support existing Android apps as well as HTML 5 and Linux.

As for the availability, the company will first launch the OS on a smart TV, that will be launched tomorrow. Later on, the Harmony OS will arrive on wearables devices and laptops by 2020. Huawei cleared one thing that they will keep using the Android operating system on their smartphones unless Google stops providing its services. But the company has shown intend that they are well capable of ditching Android if US govt. takes further steps toward a complete ban on Huawei.

Earlier some Chinese reports claim that a new smartphone with new OS already in making. If these reports are believed, the company is likely to launch a mid-range smartphone powered by new OS (Harmony) along with Huawei Mate 30 series. At the current scenario, the company didn’t make any official announcement, but we won’t be surprised if the company launch a new smartphone based on the new OS as an experiment. Huawei has been totally unpredictable, so we can’t make any guess on this matter.

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