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19+ BEST Marketing Tools for Solopreneurs, Founders & More

If you’re a solopreneur, founder, growth company, freelance marketer, or other marketing professional trying to use the marketing tools to make your business as successful as possible, we’ve got 19 great tools to help you.

Let’s dive in and take a look:

1. Good UI

Good UI is a historical log of successful and failed A/B tests from the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Google, and other large companies.

2. Twemex

Twemex is Twitter Advanced search, but a better version.

Whenever you visit someone’s account, Twemex allows you to see their most popular Tweets of all time in order.

3. Really Good Emails

Struggling with email ideas?

This RGE library contains thousands of quality emails to get inspiration from.

4. Blisk

Blisk enables you to see how your website looks across every device.

Got an Android user complaining about how your website looks but you only have an iPhone? You can use Blisk.

5. Turbo Ad Finder 2.0

An inverse adblocker.

It disables your newsfeed so all you see are ads.

Comes in handy if you’re a marketing professional and need to enhance your productivity when it comes to finding great ads.

6. Fantastic Texts

More businesses want to take advantage of SMS/text to reach their customers.

But struggling with SMS ideas as well?

FT is a library of SMS campaigns for inspiration.

7. Built With

Want to see what tools a competitor is using?

Add their website Built With will run their codebase to see what they’re using.

8. Unicorn Ads

Pulls the top 1000 Shopify stores in the world.

Filter by niche and see what kind of ads they’re running.

9. SubReddit Connect

Insert market you are researching.

SubReddit Connect feeds you a mindmap of interconnected Reddit sub-communities on that topic.

10. Opportunities

Takes the fastest growing Google + Reddit trends and sends you them in a free newsletter.

11. First 1000

First 1000 presents case studies on how companies like Uber, Tinder, and Airbnb got their first 1000 customers.

12. CopyAI

Your copywriter not moving the needle for your business?

CopyAI lets you outsource your copywriting to a machine.

13. Jasper

Same as CopyAI, though maybe even better.

We currently rate Jasper as the best AI writing assistant on the market.

14. Windsor

Windsor provides personalised deepfake videos at scale.

Record one personalized sales video.

Windsor then makes a personalized deepfake for each new customer.

15. Mentioned

Get an email every time your website is mentioned online.

Tackle bad word of mouth as it happens.

Or amplify good word of mouth as it happens.

Also a great potential way to get backlinks. Turn those brand mentions into links by reaching out to sites that mention you.

16. Landing Page Checklist

Looking to launch a new site?

Run it step by step through this list of tools.

17. Marketing Templates

Nearly 400 free pre-built marketing docs from experts so you can be lazy (AirTable, Google Sheets, Trello Boards, Xtensio, Coda, Tettra, and so on).

Will save hundreds of hours.

18. Marketing Examples

No creative juices?

Provides a gallery of world-class marketing examples.

19. Geckoboard & Databox

Team forgetting their KPIs?

Pull through automated no-code dashboards each day.



In this article, we went through 19 marketing tools to help you turbocharge your revenue if you’re a solopreneur, founder, freelance marketer, or other marketing professional.

  • 1. Good UI
  • 2. Twemex
  • 3. Really Good Emails
  • 4. Blisk
  • 5. Turbo Ad Finder 2.0
  • 6. Fantastic Texts
  • 7. Built With
  • 8. Unicorn Ads
  • 9. SubReddit Connect
  • 10. Opportunities
  • 11. First 1000
  • 12. CopyAI
  • 13. Jasper
  • 14. Windsor
  • 15. Mentioned
  • 16. Landing Page Checklist
  • 17. Marketing Templates
  • 18. Marketing Examples
  • 19. Geckoboard & Databox





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