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4 Strategies to Qualify Leads: Save Time & Money on Cheap Conversions

We look at four strategies to qualify leads to help you save time and money.

Quality > quantity, right?

Especially if you do lead generation. It’s better to have a few hot leads likely to convert than wasting ad spend on users who aren’t going to buy anything.

If you agree, you will dig into these strategies to qualify your leads and make sure you attract the right kind of people in your funnel.

1) Use specific copy

Use certain wording in your ads to avoid unqualified leads clicking on your ads.

For instance, if your avatar is a small business owner, call them out in the copy.

If you only target companies with more than 50 employees, add it to the copy.

Moreover, making the copy more specific to a group of people makes it even more persuasive for them.

This way you’ll only get who you want.

Some marketers on YouTube even use the first five seconds to say something like: “If you’re interested in ____, keep watching. If you’re not, click ‘skip ad’.”

That way they call out their intended audience and dissuade unqualified leads from wasting budget.

2) Be clear about the price

This works more if you sell a SaaS and you generate leads with a free trial.

In this case, you can use Google Ads Price Extension to show the price, so they know upfront if they can afford your product.

In any other case, you can communicate the status that your product provides to scare away freebie seekers or people who can’t afford your goods.

And last, but not least, adjust your copy and visuals to the type of customer you’re looking for.

Cheap creatives will attract cheap leads.

3) Optimize lead forms for quality rather than volume

You can set up this kind of optimization both with Google Ads lead form extensions and in Facebook Lead Ads.

You will get fewer leads, but with higher intent.

4) Ask more questions

The type of questions you will ask depend on your product and avatar.

But the principle is easy – the more questions a user is willing to answer to get what you’re offering, the higher their intent.

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