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Samsung releases 6G white paper, commercialization to start from 2028

Samsung today releases the 6G white paper revealing the vision for the Next Generation high-speed internet technology. The early commercialisation could take place by 2028, whereas mass commercialisation will start from 2030.

In 2020, 5G is on its full swing around the globe. But now the 5G standard will be overtaken by the next generation of 6G technology in the future. Samsung today releases the 6G white paper “Next-Generation Hyperconnected Experience”, pointing out that 6G commercial. World’s major companies have already started pre-research on 6G. Samsung established an advanced communications research centre as early as May last year and began to prepare for 6G.

The white paper “Next-Generation Hyperconnected Experience” now introduces 6G on 6G technology and social trends, new services, new needs, candidate technologies and expected timetables. Samsung believes that the standardization of 6G networks will be completed in 2028, but 2030 is the beginning of 6G’s at large-scale commercialization. This is the year when common people will start accessing the 6G technology.

6G Usability & Advancements

6G major use case scenarios

Samsung points out that in the 6G era, humans and machines are the main users of 6G networks. Later, it will provide more advanced services. It includes true immersive extended reality XR, high-fidelity mobile holographic images, digital replication, and so on. The company further adds 6G is required to achieve at least 1000Gb (per/second) speed with a latency as low as air latency less than 100 microseconds (μs). Which is 50 times faster than 5G and one-tenth the latency.

Comparison chart between 5G and 6G
Comparison chart between 5G and 6G

Talking about the major advantages, 6G will solve the problem of the insufficient computing power of mobile devices. A large number of AI technologies will be applied to achieve flexible integration of the network. Moreover, its reliability could be able to solve the security and privacy issues caused by users data and AI technologies.

Samsung further suggests candidate technologies that may be used in the 6G standard, such as the terahertz frequency band (THz), new antenna technology to enhance high-frequency signal coverage, advanced duplex technology, development of network topology and spectrum sharing to improve network utilization and improve AI Application etc.

Source: Samsung


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