4 TikTok Ads Best Practices Straight from TikTok Itself

TikTok revealed 4 pieces of advice to make your ads perform better to go along with some tips particularly for e-commerce brands and gaming.

4 General Best Practices

Let’s start with the four general best practices.

  • Video resolution: 83% of top-performing ads have a video resolution of at least 720p.
  • Audio: 93% of top-performing ads use audio, which led to a 16% increase in impressions.
  • Videos with a 9:16 aspect ratio got 60% more impressions compared to videos that fit poorly on the screen.
  • 82.13% of top-performing videos use a vertical aspect ratio.

TikTok Tips for Those in E-Commerce

If you’re in the e-commerce business, here are a few specifics you will want to try out with your next ad:

  • Feature an offer. Footage of a person emphasizing at least one offer (like a discount code or a seasonal deal) increases impressions by an impressive 67%.
  • Use varied scenes. Adding different scenes to your video ads lifted impressions by 41%. And 99.3% of top-performing videos feature a variety of shots and angles. It takes more work but is worth the effort.
  • Add captions. Videos with text get 55% more impressions. TikTok also suggests using text to showcase the offer and CTA.

TikTok for Gaming Ads

And last, if you are preparing gaming ads, here’s what you should know:

  • Similar to e-commerce videos, adding text works. It showed an 11.3% increase in impressions.
  • Show features of the game (some examples are simulations, money/points accumulated, or fight scenes). This resulted in a 12% lift in impressions.
  • 62% of top-performing videos include an end frame summarizing key information. And these videos get a 47% impressions bump. Not bad.

All this data can be very helpful for the TikTok marketer. Use it to your advantage when crafting your ad campaigns.


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