Top 15 Traffic Acquisition Channels that Work for Founders

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Ever felt like there’s too much talk about scaling and not enough about starting? That’s where this list comes in of the top 15 traffic acquisition channels that work for founders and top entrepreneurs.

The analysis has been done by digging through 479 founder interviews, each mentioning what channels worked for them.

The Top 15 Traffic Acquisition Channels

SEO (only after getting results with another acquisition channel)

Mentions: 83

SEO is a classic. It’s stable and free once it gets going.

But it requires a ton of work upfront.

Many get into SEO after doing something else first.

Platform-specific marketplaces

Mentions: 77

This can include things like forums and message boards or niche-specific social channels – e.g., StockTwits for finance.

Product Hunt

Mentions: 77 (email marketing)

(sub)Reddit posting

Mentions: 44

Cold email outreach

Mentions: 42


Mentions: 39 (content marketing)

Building a media brand before a product/service

Mentions: 38

This could be a blog, for example, that ends up getting a lot of repeat traffic.

You can then use this platform to promote your own products and services.

Using your own network/connections

Mentions: 36

Google Ads (AdWords)

Mentions: 31

They aren’t cheap but Google ads (fka AdWords) can get you on top of the pile before normal search results.

Affiliates / having an affiliate program

Mentions: 30

Many brands use an affiliate program to get a boost.

These can be great if incentives are aligned.

Niche communities/forums

Mentions: 29

SEO (starting right away)

Mentions: 29

Some work with SEO right away.

This is a reasonable option if you have no money to buy paid ads, but have time to crank out content and get featured in the SERPs.

Twitter posting/engagement

Mentions: 28

Twitter can be great once an account finds its niche.


Facebook groups (posting/engaging/creating a FB group)

Mentions: 28

Finding like-minded communities can be a great way to find your audience.

Mainstream press outreach/being mentioned

Mentions: 27

PR and mainstream media attention is an oldie, but still a goodie when applicable.

Final Word

Anything you haven’t thought of that’s on the list?

You know what to do next. Take advantage 🙂

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