Home News Xiaomi Wear app officially goes live on Apple App Store

Xiaomi Wear app officially goes live on Apple App Store

Xiaomi Wear app officially goes live on Apple App Store

Last month, Xiaomi had rolled OTA update to its Mi Watch with the support of iOS Xiaomi Wear app. But the app was missing on Apple’s official app store. Later on, Ren Tian, ​​the person in charge of Xiaomi wearable software, said that Xiaomi had submitted the first version of the Xiaomi Wearable App to the app store in late October 2019. But until then, Apple hadn’t approved it.

Finally, the app is available to download for iOS users on Apple’s official iOS app store. Official guidance provided by the company reveals that the Xiaomi Wear App iOS version currently only supports Xiaomi Watch Color. The app size is 55.7Mb and its minimum requirement is iOS 10 version. Speaking to its features, it offers multiple sports modes, sleeps monitoring, and open bus cards. Further, it can accurately record a variety of sports data such as exercise steps. All in all, you can start using it your iOS device if you are concerned about your health.

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Yesterday, we had reported about Xiaomi Watch OTA update, that will start pouring from today to until January 22. It brings several new health features including body energy and pressure monitoring. Moreover, it has optimised the message notification to display the content automatically on your screen once you have received the new message. Besides, this could be a staged rollout meaning some users will get it earlier than the others. If you have received this OTA update? Please do let’s know in below comment section!


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