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Technology is part of today’s lifestyle. No person can imagine their life without using any of the smart devices especially the computer and mobile phones. With time there is a huge increase in cyber-attacks as well that is making things a little difficult for the people. But today technology has a solution to almost everything like the Defencebyte provides with the best computer optimizer that makes the overall work smooth.

We all are living in a fast world and if any device is working slowly, it might irritate the user. The slow processing of the computer might be because of the overburden of work on the device. If this situation prolongs for a great amount of time, it might lead to huge damage to the device in long run. This makes it very important for the user to have the computer optimizer as it will be able to manage the overall working in such a way all its activities and tasks will be done in the best possible way.

The Defencebyte computer optimizer is the best tool that will examine your device in the best possible way and will help the user to solve all the glitches and malfunctions and will try to resolve them well. This software of the Defencebyte has got a lot of popularity among the people as they have done a great job. You can easily find a positive review from popular sites like The New York times, TechRadar, and PC Magazine. Even this system is having many more features than the IOLO system that was considered to be one of the best optimizing software. With time Defencebyte has come up with the features that make the software even more helpful.

Key Features

Here is the list of the Key Features of the Defencebyte Computer optimizer. Let’s have a look at them.

  • This software helps in removing all the extra and unused programs that might enter the PC after the installation of any of the applications. These unused programs are the main reason for the slowing down of the computer, if they are not present there, it will be great to maintain the working of the computer.
  • With the help of this software, the computer will be able to automatically adjust the power settings, so that the device can be used in the optimized condition.
  • Even this software provides the privacy shield that will help in not entering the malware like a virus into the computer. This malware can have a great effect on the overall working of the system.


The Pc optimization software is packed with all the features that will surely help in speeding up the performance of your computer. Some of the pros of using this system are given below:

  • Fix system issues: This software is designed in such a way that it will help in fixing all the computer issues which might become risky for the working of the computer.
  • Works as task/ app manager: This software is having the feature to trace the CPU usage and it will get the list of all the running programs and will manage them according to their usage in the system.
  • Removes all the useless programs or files: While working on the PC, sometimes the person comes across so many useless files that get downloaded in the computer space. But these are of no use to the system and only occupy space. This software has the feature to remove all useless and unwanted files from the device and came to the space free for useful activities.
  • Clean up computer’s registry: The computer needs to free the hardware space in the device and this software helps in doing so.


This software provides many of the pros that ultimately lead to a healthy device. But everything has two sides, so here are the cons of this software.

  • Time-consuming: Sometimes the whole working of the optimization might take a long time to get settled out. And the whole of the working will start as soon as the person switches on the system. Though it is working for the user’s benefit only but waiting for a long period becomes a little frustrating.
  • Need timely update: The user needs to keep the whole of the system very up to date so that they can enjoy the maximum returns.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Price

  • For the license of this software for 1 computer that validates for 1-year cost around $54.95 but nowadays discounts is going on so it is available at $38.95.
  • The software license for 3 computer systems that validate for 1-year costs around $104.95 but is available at $78.95.
  • For 5 system for one year, the software is available for $111.95 that originally retails at $144.95/
  • And for the 10 computer system, the software is available at $181.95 for one year after discount.

The first option is most economical – i.e., software available at $38.95 – and once you start liking it you can get the higher-priced combination. Defencebyte also provides their customers with a free trial to help ensure their clients are getting hands on the right software.

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