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Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery tool does the satisfactory job however it isn't perfect. It is well capable of recovering most of the lost files from your PC. We have reviewed Mac version, which supports most of the formats available for the macOS.

Digital data is one of the most valuable currencies for the present time. Almost every one of us can’t afford to lose our important data. It’s a horrible nightmare for me personally, as well. But we are humans, and we do make mistakes. One such mistake is losing the data by accidentally intentionally deleting it and then regretting on that thing.

But hey, we are in 2020, and silly mistakes like losing data must not be an issue anymore. EaseUS understands this thing very well, and they have their Data Recovery Utility, called the EaseUS Data Recovery Utility. This utility software helps the user to recover the deleted files and data. The Utility software can be used in different data loss cases to recover deleted files, including various types of Photos, Videos, Music, Emails, etc. of different extensions.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available for both Windows and Mac computers in order to recover the lost data on almost every device. The recovery of data can be done for all the storage devices that your computer can access. It supports nearly all the files systems like APFS, FAT, HFS X, NTFS, exFAT, etc. The EaseUS Data recovery Utility is available for free for both the platforms but comes with a limited set of features. To access the full set of advanced features, EaseUS has some plans (monthly, yearly, and lifetime) that you can purchase.

But before purchasing the EaseUS Data Recovery Utility, don’t forget to read the review which we are providing here. In this article, we are going to review the EaseUS Data Recovery Utility for Mac. If you’re planning to buy this utility software for your Mac then you should go through this whole of our review.

What’s EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a utility software, available for both Windows and Mac, is purposely made for recovering deleted/lost data from the PC. It can recover data from almost all the storage devices that your PC can access, including the deleted partition, and emptied trash. You can recover data from the following using the EaseUS Data Recovery Utility for Mac:

  • MacBook/iMac
  • USB Drive
  • Digital Camera
  • iPod, MP3
  • Video Player like MP4
  • Memory Cards like SD Card, CF, XD, and MMC card
  • Other storage media that your Mac can access.

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

Using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is effortless thanks to its clean and minimal user interface. You just have to open the EaseUS Data Recovery, and you will be greeted with all the available storage devices. EaseUS will show all the storage devices that your Mac PC can access.

Now, select the storage device in which you wantEaseUS to perform the recovery procedure. It will do a quick scan of that particular derive and will give you a glimpse of deleted files that can be recovered. If you don’t find the Quick Scan helpful, then you can go for Deep Scan for deeper digging of the deleted data. Once you get the preview of the data you were looking for, simply select those data files and recover them to a new drive.

Recover your data with EaseUS Data Recovery: Step by step guide

  1. Specify drive location

    Specify the drive location where you have lost data
  2. Deep Scan vs Quick Scan

    EaseUS offers multiple ways to scan files. Quick scan option scans fewer files and faster way to scan. On the other hands, deep scan relatively digs deeper to scan more files.
  3. File Recovery

    After scanning all the files, EaseUS Recovery Wizard will show you the preview all the recoverable files. Just click on “Recover” and you are done! Store the recovered file in a new location.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Features

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is equipped with some of the most advanced set of features that we have seen.

  • Scan Mod

    Its Quick and Deep scan features come really handy in recovering the data. The Quick Scan is reasonably faster and saves a lot of time in comparison to a deep scan. If the Quick Scan doesn’t work for you, then you can further go for a deep scan.

  • File Filter

    In case if you have a lot of data in a long list to recover. The filter option makes it really convenient to sort different types of data. Simply, just enter the keyword to sort exact files, select them at once and recover them.

  • File Preview

    Only the name of the data file is not sufficient to confirm that the file that I am recovering is exactly the same. Hence, the preview feature of the EaseUS Data File Recovery Wizard is always needed. It can preview most of your data like Photos, Videos, documents, etc.

  • Data Protection

    EaseUS also provides Data Protection. There are two types of protections: Simple and Absolute protection. What it does is that when the file is protected, it can be recovered directly if it gets deleted.

  • Recover To Cloud & Remote IT Support

    The facility to recover the file directly to the cloud storage also made it easy for us to have an online backup of the once deleted file directly. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. EaseUS also provides technical support for assistance in any trouble you face while using the software.

  • Bootable Media

    One of the advanced features that we personally loved is Bootable Media. It will allow you to create you a bootable USB which you can use to recover data from a mac that is not booting up.

  • T2 Chip Support

    The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, with its new 12.0.5 version, comes with the support for Apple’s T2 security chip. This chip is responsible for the encryption of internal SSD, HDD, etc. for additional security. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the only Recovery software that supports the very of the T2 chip encrypted data.

What’s New in Latest Version 12.0.5?

  • Added support for volume scanning and data recovery of T2 chip devices.
  • Shield the entire disk scanning function of the built-in disk of the T2 chip user.
  • Support scanning, preview, and data recovery of users with fusion drives above macOS 10.15.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Pricing

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is free to use, and anyone can download the software for free. But the free version comes with a limited set of features. With the free version, you will be limited to recover up to 2GB of lost data. Additionally, features like Recover iTunes backup, Recover data to the cloud, create a bootable USB drive, Data protection, Smart disk monitoring, etc. will not be there.

EaseUS Data Recovery Pricing for Mac (Pro Version)

In order to get fully-fledged EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you have to purchase the Pro version of it. Mac users can have the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro starting from $89.95, which will provide the pro features for one month. You can also opt for a year plan or even a lifetime plan for $119.95 and $169.95 respectively. Remember that each licensed plan will work on one mac device only. In addition, the TME users can grab this deal at discounted price 44.97$ for the monthly plan. So, don’t was your time and grab this deal now!

Buy EaseUS Data Recovery Pro Plans for 44.97$ (Mac Only)

Final Verdict

After spending some time with the premium version, we have found that the EaseUS Data Recovery comes with a variety of file recovery options by covering almost all the file formats found on a Mac device. The user interface was clean & easily accessible as well as offers multiple scanning choices.  When we compare to deep vs quick scanning, we have found deep scanning quite useful to bring back some of the important files, which wasn’t available through the quick scanning.

However, the platform is available for both Windows and macOS, but we have only tested the Mac version. When it comes to pricing, it arrives in both free and paid version. As you might have expected, the free version lacks some features that are only available to paid users. Furthermore, the Pro version seems to be on the expensive side, but what it grants is truly value for money. Overall, the experience was quite satisfactory. If you are looking for a data recovery tool, you can give a try to EaseUS Data Recovery. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint you.





EaseUS Data Recovery for macOS is a great combo with high performance, clean design, reliability and fully packed with a lot of worthful features. The price seems to bit on the higher side, but what it offers in its segment is remarkable.


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