Freshchat Review 2022 [Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

Freshchat is messaging software that has been built to helps sales teams engage with customers and prospective customers on the website, social media pages, and mobile apps.

The software enables teams to focus on a messaging experience that is driven by context. The program is a great choice for customer support sales and marketing teams of e-commerce, and SaaS companies that have up to 50 members who are using the product. 


Freshchat has a wide range of features such as: 

Messaging channels

You can use Freshchat to connect to different messaging apps and also manage conversations from an inbox. With this feature, your staff can enjoy one inbox across emails, chat, messenger apps, and calls. You also get an improved team KPI due to solutions that minimize response time.  

  • WhatsApp business integration. This is a feature that allows small business owners to connect with their customers using tools that enable them to automate, sort, and respond quickly to customer messages on Whatsapp  Business App. Large and medium-sized businesses can get in touch with their customers using the WhatsApp Business API. No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from the WhatsApp Business Integration. However, this feature is in the pilot stage and is only limited to a few businesses.  WhatsApp determines which businesses get approved by looking at a particular case, a number of messages in a day, overall reach, and the internal KPI that can determine how successful WhatsApp as a channel is. Every submission is reviewed by WhatsApp on a case by case basis. 
  • Engagely app. With the Freshchat feature, you offer 24/7 support to partners and customers as they can chat with agents. Customers can also get an automated assistant, and raise tickets directly from the line. They can also connect line bot to the live chat to help solve customer queries. The engagely app also enables other features like transferring of files, raising tickets, auto-respond, and much more. The Engagely app also enables multilingual communication and can support Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, and more. 
  • Apple business chats. Customers who have IOS devices can easily reach you through the Apple business customers.  You can easily set up a business chat in less than 5 days.  


Freshchat also features a chatbot that understands the customer’s intent and sends  conversational flow, precise answers, or bring a human on board to take over.` The chatbot will also send a proactive campaign that can arouse conversation among customers and prospects. The chatbot will help to qualify leads, book meetings, and minimize cart abandonment. 

The sales and support bots are created using ML and AI to detect your customers and prospect’s intent to allow bots to engage them, or to transfer the conversation to humans. The chatbot, Fredy uses machine learning to analyze customer’s conversation on chat and email and then generate a list of queries that require either precise answers or better answers. The bots have been trained on the NLP model to help detect your customer’s intent and respond to their queries or refer them to human agents. 


 With targeted emails, push messages, and in-app messages, you bring new users onboard, attend to lead, promote to customers, and re-engage users. Depending on their personality, their source, and their goals for visiting your website, Freshcaller will send proactive messages. You can set the rules that will trigger messages such as: 

  • Pages visited, page views, and the time spent on a page 
  • User properties-browser language, location, type of device, name of the plan, account status, and the amount spent 
  • Currency, cart value, items added, and much more 

Freshchat also allows you to make your story juicy by adding videos, images, GIFs, and emojis. You can ensure that no goof-up happens by previewing the message. You can also see exactly how your message will look like before sending, and, therefore, avoid goofing. Freshcaller enables you to divide your customers depending on the products they use, how they use it, and their activity. You can, therefore, have targeted messages sent to people to make them take action. 

You can measure the performance of your messages and analyze when the campaign goes live.  This is because you can see metrics such as seen, clicked, open, and reply rate. All these will give you great insight that will help you optimize and take action. 


Using the Freshcaller integrator feature, you can connect all your favorite tools in one place. Depending on the priority inbox, you can focus on the priority conversations. Freshcaller also enables you to respond faster using pre-defined replies for some common questions. With the live translate; you can talk to your customers in their language. The bulk action features allow for multiple conversations with teams at the same time. You can also get visitor intelligence, their path, and behaviors on your site. 


  • Easy to customize and implement 
  • Ease of communication with customers 
  • Ability to collect customer intelligence 
  • WhatsApp business account can be handled by different people 


The Freshchat pricing starts from $15 per month per users for the Blossom package, $24 per user per month for the Garden package, and $39 per user per month for the Estate package. However, there is a free trial version. 


If you are looking for a chat tool for your small or medium business, Freshchat is a good option. You can easily add it to your site and the SDK on your mobile devices. With this cloud-hosted messaging app, you can meet the various needs of your big or small sales team. The program can make communication with your customers to be more personalized.

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