Freshdesk Review 2022 [Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

Freshdesk is help desk software that offers customer services for teams, helping them to provide a better customer experience. It streamlines customer communication on different social media platforms, making it easy for agents to manage their customer conversations across different channels. The programs allow for the customization and automation of workflows, helping agents to deliver great customer service. 


Some of the key functions that Freshdesk can perform include: 


Freshdesk ticketing system is at the core of the software. The program features a business ticketing system that allows businesses to collect customer tickets from different channels into a single inbox. Any communication through phone, email, phone, social media, chat, website comments, and WhatApps is combined into a single comment. 

Freshdesk uses the power of AI and collaborative ticketing to automate repetitive tickets to ensure faster resolution of issues. This feature will assign tickets to particular agents depending on their category and priority. It allows you to create custom statuses that will show you the stage a ticket is and detect any agent collision. This ensures that no two people work on the same ticket. 


Collaboration means tickets can be shared with teams and linked together. If there are complex issues, these can be broken into smaller tickets. Tickets are automatically assigned depending on the keyword, workload, or level of skills of available agents. Agents will work on tickets depending on a certain event or if they have delayed for sometimes. 

Freshdesk also comes with various tools that help customers to assist themselves such as chatbox, community forum, help widgets, and a knowledge base. Agents can also add converting tickets to this knowledge base. This way, businesses can improve the performance of the helpdesk and take note of any issues with the dashboards, reports, or the satisfaction of customers. 


With the Freshdesk automation feature, you can run on autopilot. This is because it will organize, prioritize, and assign customers tickets to the right agent. The automation feature will begin by scanning all customer inquiries. The program will then sort the inquiry depending on where it is coming from and the issue at hand.   

The automation feature also brings issues to the attention of a particular agent without any delay. Tickets are then assigned depending on the skills of the agent and how busy they are or can be distributed to all the team members equally. 

Help widget

The program also comes with a widget that supports all customers. This can be in form of a form on your website that gives customers an opportunity to ask questions. Depending on the point of the customer on your website, you can show some helpful solutions. You can also know when your customers start rage clicking or get frustrated so that you can proactively reach them. 

Reporting and analytics

With the analytic feature from Freshdesk, you can analyze the customer support data to: 

  • Prevent data collating delay. You can find out how productive your helpdesk effortlessly or the agent workload without a lot of effort. 
  • You can leverage the data of your customer support to enjoy the customer experience. Freshdesk will provide you with curated reports that will offer fast insights and custom reporting to create reports that are unique to your business. This also improves shareability, enhancing collaboration. With analytics, it will be easier for you to manage your helpdesk. 
  • One-click insights. Freshdesk features an inbuilt report that offers over 360 views of the performance of your support desk. You can therefore check how your team is performing as you will get all the necessary information. 
  • Custom-made analytics. Freshdesk offers several ways of looking at the helpdesk reporting. With the Freshdesk analytics, you can have customized reports even with no coding knowledge. You don’t have to depend on external business intelligence tools and data analysts to build reports. 
  • Team dashboard. Freshdesk allows you to customize your dashboard to show certain metrics. This will allow your team to make decisions that are driven by data and, therefore, meet the support target. With a customized dashboard, your agents will see tickets that need immediate action and they will easily assist in improving the metrics.  
  • Analytics of the knowledge base. You can improve the process through which you create content by getting insights on your agent’s performance. You can see the best as well the least performing articles with one single look. This will provide you with an overview of the highest contributors, and build reports to determine the factors that influence the performances of your knowledge base. 
  • Schedule reports. You can create a schedule in which your most important reports will be delivered to your mail in PDF format. 


If you are planning to take your business to the international level, you may be worried about the risk of cross-border security checks. But Freshdesk is a platform that is completely secure and ensures that every business enjoys data protection and privacy in different areas. With Freshdesk, you can have secure access using the custom SSL certificates. All your communication between web servers and web browsers will be encrypted. 

Freshdesk also allows you to manage your agent and customer logins with IP whitelisting. Whitelisting enables you to prevent agents from login when outside the work location. You can also allow for the exclusive customer login from any location by ensuring that IP whitelisting is connected to a VPN 

With Freshdesk, you can set up the SSO(single sign-on) script that will authenticate users and agents on the Freshdesk account by allowing them to use the already existing credentials. By making it possible for SSO to work with your databases, you can make it easy to manage your account. 


Freshdesk has five different plans that range in price from free to $99 per month per agent when billed annually. For monthly billing, the price will be $125. With the price of $15 per agent per month, the lowest-paid plan from Freshdesk is competitively priced. However, the high-end plans are a bit expensive.

The features that come with the free version are limited. But the high-end plans haVe more than 30 features that include automatic replies by email bots, a sandbox that allows the testing of new features, and a routine that is based on skills.  


  • Top gamification features 
  • Dedicated APP for mobile users 
  • Easy to use 


  • Basic plan lacks key features like team dashboards, social signals, and chatbots 


Freshdesk is an online helpdesk that is easy to use and features a wide range of fine-grained controls. It comes with a free plan that can be useful for small businesses to get a taste of its offering before going for the paid plan.

Freshdesk is a good choice for small and medium enterprises who are seeking a better way to serve their external customers.

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