Freshsales Review 2022 [Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

Freshsales is software from Freshworks that is meant to make it easy for small businesses to attract, manage, close, and even nurture leads. The software comes with a powerful and highly intuitive set of features that includes a built-in telephone and emails, lead-in scoring that is guided by AI, automation of intelligent workflow, and customizable dashboards and visual reports. 

With Freshsales, your business will have everything it needs to manage and take sales to another level without the use of different tools. As GDPR compliant software, it comes with many features and enhancements that are GDPR-specific.

The Freshsales marketplace comes with over 75 apps that can be integrated seamlessly to improve productivity. 


Here are some of the key features that come with Freshsales. 

Lead scoring

With lead scoring, your prospects are ranked depending on their reengagement level and profile within the company. This feature helps you to understand your key leads and therefore, avoid spending a lot of time digging your lead list. The program uses the lead as an entry point. After a lead has converted the company information such as website, company size, company logo, address, social media, and all the other details are logged in. 

This feature also enables you to categorize your teams according to their geography, product divisions, deal size, and much more. Make sure you focus on the territories that are making the highest sales and have business potential. You can also auto-assign leads to the right salespeople using this feature and, therefore, ensures that leads convert. 

Freshsales also allows your team to collaborate on various tasks, schedule demos and meeting with customers and prospects, and get email reminders. 


Freshsales enables you to drop deals in different locations of the pipeline.  The pipeline stages can be customized and the order changed to your need. It also uses its AI sales assistant Fredy to analyze historical sales information, engagement, and deals activity to get predictions and insights. These insights help in making better decisions and to win more deals. Freddy will help to refocus on engagements that are likely to convert. He will also highlight those deals that show an increase or a decrease in inactivity. On the other hand, Freddy will give a green light to deals worked on actively and tag them as “likely to close”. 

Event tracking

Freshsales also offers a wide range of websites and in-app tracking that allows you to plan smart and relevant conversations with your prospects by understanding the web pages that showed their interest and interactions with an app. The program allows you to view customer engagement in a chronological way. If you would like to analyze the engagement on a particular channel such as calls, emails, and appointments, you can easily do so with the advanced filters. You can segment the behaviors of your contract depending on their type of activity and preference.   

Freshsale will also help you understand what your leads are doing on your website, their interaction with a product, and how you can follow them up.  

Phone and Email connection

You should ensure that it’s easy for your customers to reach you. With Freshsales, you can buy local and toll-free numbers from any state or country. You can then assign these numbers to your sales representative to enable them to talk to prospects using a built-in phone. With the recent activity feature, you can begin the conversation where you left it.  

You can also get a recent interaction with the customer. You can see all the phone conversations in the sales CRM, make calls, schedule tasks, add notes, make appointments, and add numbers anonymously. You can also analyze the key metrics of al call center; therefore, assess your agent’s performance. You can send out a bulk marketing campaign by sending a personalized bulk email. The email integration feature allows you to see who opened an email and clicked on a link. 

You can have a recorded voicemail message in your sales CRM. Alternatively, you can upload a pre-recorded greeting. Type in a welcome message and Freshsale will convert it to audio with the text to speed function. With the call logging feature, you can log in calls that you get outside the CRM.  

Personalized templates

You don’t have to keep tying a similar email to different people. Freshsales can create an original well written personalized email. With the CRM email integration, you can use one tool to send and also manage emails.

If you can measure your email results, your efforts will start to gain direction. You will understand the email templates that are doing well and the one you should discard. 

Customized reports

Freshsales allows you to customize your reports on contacts, leads, opportunities, and accounts. You can use the insights you get from Freshsales to adjust the course and increase your revenue.

With the visual sales report from Freshsales, you can see the progress of your sales in a simple setup consisting of charts and tables. 

You can also analyze the revenue metrics using Freshsales. This data can be organized by the source, territory, sales rep, and more. You can use this data to determine which campaign is working and which one isn’t. 

Intelligent workflow

With the intelligent workflow feature, you can follow up on leads, send emails, and raise invoices. This feature allows you to automate your processes no matter how complex they may be. 


  • Great collaboration capability 
  • Makes the CRM for small businesses simple 
  • Great customization options 
  • Proactive AI assistance 


  • The free plan has no reports 
  • A low number of third party integrations 


Freshsales’ basic plan is known as Blossom and costs $12 per user per month paid annually. The next plan known as garden costs $19 per user per month paid monthly and is a good choice for a growing team.

The next plan is known as estate and costs $49 per user per month paid annually. The highest plan is known as Forest and costs $75 per user per month paid annually. Freshsales has a free 21 days trial period for all these packages. 


Freshsales CRM guarantees small businesses simple and cost-friendly solutions for their CRM suites. The business tool is a good choice for businesses that want to respond to customer queries fast, making it the right choice for increasing sales.

The software is easy to use, reducing the training time and cost. With this software, all your default sales reported are analyzed and packaged to fit the needs of your business.

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