Freshservice Review 2022 [Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

Freshservice is a great IT solution that features performance analytics, and help desk capabilities. The software is a good choice for managing IT support for business with 50 to 500 employees. Some of the industries that benefit most from Freshservice include IT services, construction industries, and computer software. 


Here are the key features that Freshservice comes with.  

IT service desk

With this feature, you can allow users to raise their tickets using a self-service portal, phone, in person, or on email. You can then track, give priority, and automate resolution to improve the efficiency of the service desk. The software also allows users to find solutions using the self-service portal.   

IT support management

 You can use Freshservice to streamline and consolidate your IT services using a service management software that is aligned to ITIL. End-users to raise tickets using a platform that supports different channels. You can then use intelligent automation to sort your tickets and prioritize them. 

If there are disruptions, you can reduce them and improve your remediation steps by isolating the issue and linking it to a previous incident. You can also do a root cause analysis depending on the visual event timelines. 

IT project management

 Fresh service allows you to start a new project or in the service desk. You can then give priorities, manage, and track the projects from their start to their end with multiple tickets, assets, or changes being associated with these projects.  

You can also divide a project into tasks and subtasks to be assigned to individual owners as well as collaborators. You can see who is working on a certain project and allow the completion of a particular task only after the completion of the sub-tasks. You can hold a discussion about the project or add comments to let everybody know what is happening. 

You can keep track of tickets, assets, and any changes associated with the project in a single system of the service desk. You can also use integrated modules for better project planning. Again, use a single window to manage all relationships and dependencies.  

Management of IT assets

Freshservice will also help you discover your IT assets in your organization, scan if there are new software and hardware, and plan for scans using the Discovery probe to update your asset information. You can also take note of the location of your IT assets, their users, version, IP address, and more. You can also use the software to track the items used in a configuration such as hardware, services, software, and more. 

The program also allows you to track all your assets in a single view from the day it was bought to the time it was disposed of. You can see the procurement, maintenance, depreciation, and disposal of the asset. See when these events happened in a single view. 


For IT support management to be effective, there is a need for analyzing performance, and reporting as it is measured against the SLA requirements. Even though it’s possible for an agent to know whether the current customers are satisfied and such metrics in their personal dashboards, all the performance of the IT support can be provided at the help desk analytics. Besides, it’s possible to create custom reports using the chatbot. 

Pros and cons

Here are now the pros and cons of Freshservice: 


  • Clear and user-friendly UI 
  • A lot of customization option depending on the workflow and need 
  • Affordable 
  • Continues to add features 


  • Freshservice charge for database records 
  • No feature to integrate apps 
  • Poor reporting 


If you would like to test Freshservice, you can register for the free 21 day trial period. Freshservice has a licensing model that is similar to that of Freshdesk, with paid tiers offering different functionality. The tiers can either be paid monthly or annually. These tiers are: 

  • Blossom. It costs $29 per agent per month. It includes a knowledge hub, incident management, basic analytics& reporting., a self-service portal, and an unlimited number of end-users  
  • Garden. This costs $59 per agent per month. It includes features such as a service catalog, unlimited mailboxes, asset management, domain whitelisting, multiple SLAs, and more. 
  • Forest. It costs $99 per month per agent. It includes IP whitelisting, customer success manager, request for change, audit logs, and more  
  • Estate. This costs $99 per agent per month. It includes software license management, custom-made agent roles, release management, etc 

Freshservices also charges for assets that are managed on the software. If the assets are 100 and below, the service is free but there is a cost of $1,500 for unlimited assets. 


When we consider all the features that Freshservice comes with, you can see how helpful they can be. However, the fact that these cant be integrated with external apps can be a hindrance to the seamless use of the software.

Overall, Freshservice is a good program, especially for small and medium businesses.

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