Freshteam Review 2022 [Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

Freashteam is another great cloud-based program offered by Freshworks. It is software that was developed to help recruiters, find, screen, interview, and hire candidates.  Recruiters can also check if interviewers are available, create notifications for candidates, and give feedback to the members of the panel.

With Freshteam, recruiters can generate offers with email templates. It also comes with a time-off feature for your current employees.  

The program has a dashboard where recruiters can search for candidate data, engage candidates, collaborate with other users, online feedback forms, and much more. Freshteam also helps the users to manage the workflow and enable customization as users can include their custom questions in an application form. 


Here are the key features that come with Freshteam. 

Job opening management

You can use Freshteam to create job posts, publish, and manage them using your current software.  You can do this using one of the templates available. You can then decide where to post the job, whether internally in the employee portal or just privately.

You can also make it easier to screen for candidates using the custom application form. Ensure that you have a custom workflow for your entire job posting and show how candidates will be screened in different stages. 

Create a beautiful and mobile-friendly site that advertises the brand of your employer to the candidate. Ensure that the tracking system for applicants is synced with your career email so that all emails received are branded as applications. 

Freshteam also comes with buttons that allow you to share your position on social media networks. 

Job boards

You can ensure that your job reaches a wider talent pool by posting on leading job boards such as Linkedin, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. You can also add a tailor-made tab on the page of your brand to recruit candidates. If there are referrals from your employees, you will need to find a way of managing them, and check their status on the recruitment pipeline. If there are job listings, you can embed them on your website.  

When sharing the job post, you can have an email address that is specifically for the job and ensure that all candidates are added automatically to the posting. You can allow recruiters to exclusively access the Freshteam using the vendor portal where they can add interviews and track their performance without asking for information. 

Freshteam also comes with a resume screening feature that allows you to sort through various applications efficiently. After uploading a resume to the tracking system of the applicant, this will be parsed automatically and added to the profile of the candidates.  You will also get all the candidate’s details through Candidate 360. You can also use keywords to tag profiles of certain candidates and therefore, easily manage the candidates’ list. 

When you come across candidates who look promising but are not the right person for the job, you can archive the profile for future consideration.  

Staff self-service portal

You can increase your productivity by getting help from your employees. You can do that by adding their profiles to Freshteam where you can give them roles.

You can choose who to view or edit employee information. You should allow employees to attach documents and provide the necessary information and data by reducing errors and working with HR folks. Create organization charts that will help you with the structure. 

With over twenty fields, you can choose the data to collect from employees. You can keep your document secure by deciding who sees it and who doesn’t. In case you need a certain document from an employee, ask them to upload it on Freshteam. 

Time-off policy

You can create a time-off policy fast with Freshteam. You can then add any accrual, carryovers, balances, overtime, attachment, and any tenure-based balances. Ensure that you can track employees to the time-off policy.  This will allow you to understand who is in and out for a particular day or month. You can also add a calendar for different users. 

You can then set up time-off to be mandatory and allow stakeholders to act from emails. You can also approve or deny time-off from the software. You can also use the Freshteam analytic to analyze the time-off data of your company based on the department, the days, employees, month, and more. 

Empower your employees 

Even when you are away from the workplace, you can continue being in the loop. All you need is to set notifications and you will not miss an update. If you have an emergency and aren’t sure who you should contact, you can find the employee record to find colleagues. 


Freshteam comes with a free version that can accommodate up to 50 employees. The lowest-paid package is known as Blossom and costs$50 per 50 users per month, and is paid monthly.

The next package is known as Garden and costs $100 per 50 users per month and is billed annually. The next package is Estate that costs $200 per 50 users per month that is paid annually. 


  • Offers value for money 
  • Beautiful and intuitive design 
  • Simplifies the hiring process 
  • Enables good management of employees 


  • No way to schedule emails 
  • Users need an individual email account 


You can see that Freshteam is a great software that can help you to manage your staff as well as the recruitment process. It makes your hiring process to be easy and seamless. It will also help you to attract top talent through different channels. Therefore, Freshteam is one software that any employer needs to have, especially small businesses.

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