Squarespace Review 2022: DIY Website Builder

Squarespace is a tool for building websites that is well designed, organized, and intuitive. With its interactive content management system, It allows small business owners to create professional-looking website without any coding knowledge. Instead of loading Dreamweave and using your coding knowledge to build a site, all you can use the Squarespace templates to build one. You can choose your desired template depending on the kind of design you want to build. You can then use the style editor to custom-make your site according ro your need. 


Squarespace is popular for its sleek template and outstanding features. It offers a wide range of capabilities such as: 

Free domain

If you buy the annual package, you will get a free domain name with some of the leading extensions such as .com, .info, .net, etc. Some country extensions are also available. However, you should bear in mind that you will be having your domain name and website under one roof. That means if your Squarepace account is hacked, you will also lose your domain name. You don’t necessarily need to register the custom domain name if you have your site hosted on Squarespace.com. However, having a good domain name will give your site a professional look. 

Website templates

Squarespace has about 110 templates that have a sleek, attractive, and modern look. This wide range of templates stack ups well against other website builders such as Bigcommerce and Shopify. However, it has a lower number of templates as compared to Wix, which has hundreds of templates and Wordpress, which has thousands of templates. For the best results with Squarespace website templates, use  sleek and professionally-looking photos. 


Squarespace provides a drag and drop website builder that has a clean and modern interface. It’s easy to navigate and isn’t cluttered, enabling fast editing. This is a What You See Is What You Get editor. Unlike WordPress where you only see the changes when you preview, Squarespace allows you to see how it will look when published. This is more user-friendly, as you can see the changes you are making to your website. 

The editor feature allows you to drag and drop your content anywhere on the site. This could be in form of text, forms, images, videos, snippets, code, and more. This allows you to present the content in an attractive and flexible way. After creating a page, you can choose from various page templates such as the about us page, contact pages, etc. 

When you choose a contact us form, you will not only get a form, but you will get several options on different fields you can enter and the different designs to choose from. You can then add content to your page such as text, images, audio, content summaries, maps, code, markdown, etc.  

Stock images

Squarespace allows you to access the Unsplash image library. This offers you access to a wide range of loyalty-free images. To add images to your website page, you only need to click the search image option and choose an Unsplash image. If you don’t find an image on Unsplash that pleases you, you can get a Getty Image at a cost of $10 per image. Just like the Unsplash images, it’s easy to buy and upload Getty Images to your site. 

Video background

Another great Squarespace feature is that it offers a beautiful video background that can turn your beautiful template into a stunning one. With this feature, you can create a looped video background for the Squarespace site using a Youtube or Vimeo URL. To speed up or slow your site, you can change the settings in Vimeo. One downside of this feature is that you cannot set the start and endpoint of the video loop. The other one is that it’s not possible to upload the video directly to Squarespace, like it’s the case with Wix. 

Logo design

Squarespace also include a logo design feature. The app comes with a wide range of typefaces and symbols that allows you to make a simple logo. All you need to do is to drop the symbols and text into a grid, and tweak them until you create your desired logo. However, one downside to the feature is that it has a limited number of typefaces. The tool also doesn’t allow you to upload images. However, this logo app feature is good choice for users on a tight budget. 


Squarespace allows you to upload and adjust images easily. You can crop, resize, or rotate images easily with Squarespace. You can also choose the focal point of the image to suit various devices. This can be a great feature in these when users are accessing websites through mobile devices. 

Integration with other apps

There are several built-in integration capabilities in Squarespace. You can integrate it with various programs such as Dropbox, Mailchimp, Pinterest, Google Drive, and several others. However, this feature is only available for users on the Business plan or higher. 


Squarespace recently introduced extensions, which are paid add-ons that are meant to provide functionality to your site. Currently, there are about 20 extensions, which is a small number as compared to other platforms. 


The charting functionality in Squarespace allows you to enter data into Squarespace and create line chart, bar chart, and pie chart using it. These are not only beautiful but help you to visualize the data in your site. 


Squarespace has four pricing plans. These are: 

  • Personal. This plan costs $16 per month and is a good choice for users who don’t need an online store. 
  • Business. This plan costs $26 per month and allows you to add a marketing function such as an announcement bar or a pop up. It allows you to create an online store with a 3% transaction fee. 
  • Basic commerce. This plan costs $30 per month and allows you to sell online without any transaction fee 
  • Advanced commerce.  This plan costs $46 per months and enables you to use advanced ecommerce features. 

You will get a discount if you pay upfront for one year. You will pay a monthly fee of $12, $18, $26, and $40 respectively for the above plan. 

Pros and cons

What are the advantages of Squarespace as website platform? 


  • Makes you content flexible as you can use categories and tags 
  • Ability to schedule publishing of posts in future 
  • Beautiful templates 
  • You can restore deleted pages and posts within 30 days 
  • Ability to enable AMP on blog posts 
  • Easy to add the share button 


  • No autosave feature 
  • Can be a steeper learning curve
  • Doesn’t keep a history of changes to your site 


Squarespace is a great choice for small businesses searching for a website builder with beautiful designs. While it can be a bit hard to get used to, the learning process and the patience is worth the effort. If you care about the design and has some technical skills, this is the best website builder. It’s a great choice for small business owners, bloggers, and creatives. 


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