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Gomovies – FREE & Premium Alternative Sites to Watch Movies

Gomovies allows watching free movies online around the globe. Best alternatives, proxy and mirror websites in 2020, premium ads-free websites similar to Gomovies.

Some people begin to look for Gomovies Alternatives. However, there is no obstacle to watching free movies in early 2020. Reportedly, there was at the close of free movie streaming services. Movies are one of the most influential entertainment to relieve fatigue for urban communities. Even for some people, watching movies has become a necessity.

For those who have never gone to the movies, you can still stream movies from the provider site, anywhere as long as the internet network provider. Sites that have a collection of films from the latest films to the old have excellent image quality.

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What is Gomovies?

If we have described what Gomovies is, it is a free movie streaming platform that offers plenty of free movies to watch online. It was initially known as 123Movies but later moved to several other domains, including Gostream, MeMovies, and 123Movieshub. These sites keep changing their names regularly because of the ban imposed by govt. Authority. The reason behind that restriction is that the Gomovies streaming platform somehow delivers pirated stuff, which is not acceptable by most major countries such as the USA, UK, India, and many more.

Is Gomovies illegal?

The answer to this question can go either way. It depends on country to country. Those countries who don’t allow to stream the pirated content, then Gomovies, is illegal. That is why several Gomovies domains are banned in most parts of the world. Every time it comes with new domains and proxy sites to delivers its content. We have already seen hundreds of new domains claiming Gomovies. But none of them is officially verified. All in all, Gomovies somehow showing copyrighted stuff. So technically, it is illegal in most of the major countries.

Gomovies Proxy & Mirror Websites in 2020

As we have mentioned, Gomvies isn’t working in some regions of the world. Either govt imposed a ban or facing ISP restrictions due to copyright material. Here, Proxy and mirror sites come as handy. As the name suggests, a mirror or Proxy site is a copy of the leading websites that deliver similar data as found on the main domains.

Gomovies have hundreds of Proxy sites that continuously stops working from time to time. Therefore, we can’t take any guaranty whether these sites are currently working or not. Below is the list of few working proxy/mirror domains of Gomovies by the time of updating this article:

  • 0123movies.su
  • Gomovies.guru
  • Gomovies.cool
  • Go123movies.io
  • Gomovies.ltd
  • Gomovies.mx

Gomovies FREE Alternatives

Confused looking for a site to stream the latest movies? We bring you the best and free movie watching sites that you can try as Gomovies Alternatives:


Putlocker is a chain of free movies streaming websites, where you can access thousands of free movies online. It can be relied upon if you are lazy to go to the cinema if you are still busy because you are busy. The websites chain presents streaming films that have passed through or are currently airing in theatres.

The appearance of this site is enough to climb the eye while there are embedded ads. But calm because the ads do not disturb visitors when watching the latest films there. Besides being a site, Putlocker is also available as a movie download application on Android, so Putlocker is the simplest Gomovies Alternatives.

YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies provides a lot of films without too many ads, unlike the other free alternatives. This site allows an extensive collection of films from the latest to the old ones with Asian and English subtitles, which can be watched online or streaming.

YIFY Alternative Proxy Mirror Sites in 2020

The display website watching this movie is entirely interactive and straightforward for those who like to search for movies without complications. You can also search for films by category, from Korean films to Japanese films.

Project Free TV

Project Free TV is an overhaul of the streaming film site Shaanig. After experiencing a display overhaul on Project Free TV now, you can not only download the latest high-quality films but can stream movies for free! Project Free TV also provides all types of the latest and best films of 2020. Those of you who like watching movies or download free movies to collect will definitely like this website.


Movie4K is a well-known alternative to Gomovies. This site has a reasonably complete and updated movie database so you can keep up with the latest films. Besides, the quality of films available on this movie watching site is also topnotch. Movie4K supports a clear 1080p graphic display and HD sound quality that makes you feel at home watching movies on this site—interested in visiting Movie 4K?


FMovies is best known for download and watch free movies online. But in recent times, the film center has also provided streaming media. Viewers who want to stream Joker and Knives Out can watch it here. For those who have an excess quota, you can download the movie for free to save later.

Fmovies Watch Free Online Movies

This online streaming website is contemporary among the movie addict that prefer to watch movies from the free online streaming platforms. You can find here a bunch of free movies from multiple genres and origins. Not only you can discover great films here, but you can also watch videos, TV series, and too great entertainment from this free online streaming website.


A website is well known for online movie enthusiasts because its film collection is always the latest and most comprehensive; it’s called 123Movies. There are various categories of films on 123Movies websites that will make it easier for you to choose the movies you want to watch.


Movies that you can watch include the latest anime films, Asian horror films, and the newest streaming horror films discussed. And most importantly, this movie watching site can be accessed for free! This could be one of the best sites to replace Gomovies.


Do you like drama movies? AZMovies site has various films and dramas that you can watch for free in these Gomovies Alternatives.

Besides, films that you rarely encounter on other sites can also be found at AZMovies. The drawback of watching movies online is too many annoying advertisements. If you have no problem with that, this site is worth choosing to watch a movie with its collection.


Are you looking for a movie viewing site that looks clean and ad-free? You can try YesMovies, which has minimalist advertisements on the main page and streaming. Viewers can stream with many variations of subtitles comfortably, without having to be interrupted by ads.


Do not forget this site has a lot of the latest movies that you can enjoy for free. Viewers can choose their favorite films based on genre or year of release. Besides, the quality of films available on this movie watching site has HD resolution that makes you feel at home watching movies all day.


Movie lovers can also watch free high-quality online movies on MovieGan. Here, you can watch the latest 2020 films—many quality new films ready for you to download on this movie watching site.

Its dark design can attract you if you love to watch movies at night. There are various filters available to search for your favorite movies instantly. Hence, if you want to download cinema movies for free, go to MovieGan!

Working Domain: https://moviegan.co/


Are you the one who likes watching streaming? Watch online at Atriumxxi! Atriumxxi is one of the free movie watching sites that comes with a fresh look and comfortable viewing. Not only that, but this site is also ad-free, you know!

When viewed from the available categories, Atriumxxi will provide download not only links for the latest 2020 films but also the best old films sought after. This Gomovies Alternatives site also provides download links for the various subtitle to different movies!


Second is the Muviku site that provides an extensive collection of watching the latest Asian films, old films, or films that don’t appear in Asian cinemas. You can find them here. Visitors can choose the films category from the 1991s to the latest films in 2020. Wow, how cool is that? Muviku can be an approved site if you want to watch the latest movies online. Come on, visit the online movie watching site Muviku!

Openload FreeTV

Furthermore, there is the Openload FreeTV site. This online film site is complete. You can open this site for those of you who like watching movies online because it is famously comprehensive.

Like Muviku, visitors can choose the archive category from the 1991s to the latest movies in 2020. Wow, how cool is that? Openload FreeTV can be an approved site if you want to watch the latest movies online. Come, visit the online movie watching site Openload FreeTV.

Working Domain: https://openloadfreetv.me/


Don’t panic and run out of film stock in 2020 because there is AWSubs. This site is recommended for those of you who like movies or anime series. The collection provided is already equipped with English or any other language subtitles. Just check the site here!


Can not wait for the release of the film that is still showing in theatres? Perhaps this will be the right answer even though you have to be prepared to watch a few titles with modest quality. Curious? Just go to this fantastic Gomovies Alternatives.

Gomovies Premium Alternatives

Earlier, we have gathered some free alternatives that can replace Gomovies websites. If you are looking for a Gomovies alternative, you seek free movies experience as Gomovies is free. But the bad thing with those sites is annoying ads. These ads can ruin your watching experience. That is why we decided to provide some premium alternatives.

Some of them don’t charge any additional money. At the same time, some charge money for their premium service. But one thing is sure that you will get top-notch streaming experience. The content offered by these sites is extremely high quality. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!


Are you looking for movie titles but haven’t found it yet? Try to check on this site. The genre choice is pretty complete, but you need to be patient by checking carefully. The site was founded in March 2011, and its headquarters are positioned in NewYork, USA.

The PopcornFlix offers free high-quality movies, but the collection is not as big as the other Gomovies Alternatives. Other the offering movies, you can also enjoy some exclusive web series and film school originals. All the content available on this site is free, but its services are restricted to the USA and Canada. Enjoy HD content on Popcornflix if you are living in the mentioned destinations.


Isn’t it obvious? Who doesn’t know Netflix? This is an online movie watching site from Scotts Valley, California, United States. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded the platform in 1997. Netflix provides world-popular films and also produces local series.

But don’t worry, there is a free trial promo that lets you try Netflix without pay for a month. Netflix is also available in applications that you can download on the App Store and Play Store.


Initially, this Hong Kong media provider only provided Korean series. But over time, Viu has started offering International drama series, as well as Asian films. The subscription fee depends on the period chosen, and the subscription fee is considerably cheap.

If you don’t pay a subscription fee, you can become a regular visitor who watches part of the film collection at Viu. But indeed, not all movies can you watch for free, so that its nature is limited. The Viu application is available on the App Store and Play Store.


Iflix comes from Malaysia, providing subscription services to watch TV series and films. Starting from Asian, Malaysian, Hollywood, Japanese and Korean films. The cost of a subscription at Iflix is ​​also relatively cheap, around 2 dollars per month, and about 5 dollars for a 3-month subscription. Iflix, you can also download it on the App Store and Play Store.


The advantage of HOOQ is the availability of various videos that are worth watching by children. Hooq is from Singapore and began expanding in Around the world in 2017 by cooperating with Indiehome Telkom.

The subscription fee per month is set at around 5 dollars, with free offers to watch the first three months (for new users). You can further enjoy regional, Hollywood films, and TV series without commercial breaks, subscriptions to TV channels on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The HOOQ application is also available.


There is also an online movie watching site that originated Around the world, made by SCTV, known as a TV channel. In 2014, videos provided watching various local TV channels, Asian, Korean, and even Hollywood films.

Packages for premiere customers can be enjoyed starting at a few dollars per week, and the most expensive is a few hundred for one year. Additional services from this fee are watching the European league, NBA, international TV, and several popular Korean dramas. Whereas without pay, you can watch American, Korean films and local TV programs. To make it easier, download the Vidio application on the App Store and Play Store.

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Final Thoughts

Apart from doing online activities on social media, watching shows by streaming on favorite gadgets has become an everyday activity that we do every day. Starting from watching your favorite shows, watching the latest series, or enjoying a soccer match you can do via laptop or smartphone.

Unfortunately, the internet connection can be stalled and cause streaming to stall or buffer. You certainly feel disturbed when you’re busy watching and then disturbed buffering. However, there are many ways you can do it so that your streaming is smooth in the following methods.

You need to check your internet connection. If streaming is stuck, it can mean an unstable internet connection. It’s good to use a super speeding internet connection, such as the 4G LTE network. Also, you can use Wi-Fi networks to go to those Gomovies Alternatives. By getting a good internet connection, you will get the best experience in watching online movies. Now, you can have fun without even leaving home. Grab popcorn. It’s time to chill with those fantastic best Gomovies Alternatives!


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