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MovieRulz – Latest HD Movies, MovieRulz2 Working Websites [2020]

MovieRulz Alternative Websites, 100% Working Proxy, and Mirror Websites, Download FREE Movies Online, Brief History of MovieRulz.

Movierulz is gaining so much popularity among movie addicts because of its fantastic ability to provide many movie categories. You can watch a bunch of blockbuster movies here for free of charge. Not only containing movies, but this movie streaming website can give its visitors a bunch of popular TV shows, drama, video, and a lot of entertainment in HD quality.

Initially, Movierulz is only providing its users with Tamil movies to stream and download. They have recently upgraded its services by delivering numerous types of films from all over studio production such as Kollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Mollywood with various formats such as 1080p, 720p, 420p, and 360p.

This free streaming platform is also available on the Android app with the name Movierulz app. On the app, you cannot only stream any movies but also download them for free whenever you want. But as we have expected, this free streaming website is an illegal platform to watch and download movies, so it is no wonder that this platform has disappeared several times.

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What is MovieRulz?

Movierulz is a movie streaming website to watch the latest movies without paying any money. It also allows you to download movies option as well. It is a pirated movie site that distributes different movie genres without taking permission from their owners. The site originates from India, but people worldwide love to use this website as there are multiple movies available.

MovieRulz Archive Data

There is no concrete evidence available about Movierulz’s launch date. But the archive data shows the official domain Movierulz.Com became active in the last of 2019 and remained popular until 2019. After that, the site got banned in most regions worldwide.

If you don’t know what is an archive? It is a website teaching system that keeps older pages’ data by taking snapshots of different domains, Movierulz.Com being one of them. Currently, the official domain is not working anymore, neither in India nor any other country.

Movierulz Working Proxy/Mirror Sites List in 2020

As we have known about this platform as one of the world’s biggest piracy sites, it is no doubt that the authorized Government is frequently tearing down this site. Therefore, this free streaming website always changes its domain so that the cybercrime cannot catch people who run the website. Millions of visitors come to the site monthly to get free movies.

Despite recently the Indian Government, together with the ISP to block this site’s primary domain, you can still look for the latest domain of this site. We have collected for about ten new active Movierulz domains for you who want to access this site. Most of them might not be working, but on the other hand, some working domains as well. Here is our list of Movirulz working proxy and mirror sites:

  • 4movierulz.vc
  • 2movierulz.sx
  • Movierulz.me
  • Movierulz2.pro
  • Movierulz.nh
  • Movierulz.us
  • Movierulz.ml
  • Movierulz.ol
  • Movierulz.vip
  • Movierulz.cov
  • 3movierulz.is

High-Quality 300MB Movies Download

If we talk about websites that provide its users with a bunch of free movies, you can find the lists for hundreds of them that work for your devices. But what makes this free streaming site that we talk about now different from the other? One of the things that makes this site extraordinary is the servers’ ability that provides its users with fast downloading servers.

You can also get movies with high-quality HD movies and even 300 MB. There are various movies you can get from this site, including the quality of them. It provides its visitors with several movies in different qualities such as 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, and HD quality video.

If you have limited storage capacity or maybe internet issues in your devices, you can download the movies with size range from 150 MB, 250 MB, 700 MB, and 1.2 GB. Because piracy of movies is categorized as a gross crime nowadays, you can only access all the platform features if you are using a VPN service.

How to download HD Movies from Movierulz?

The first thing you need to remember about downloading free movies from this free streaming site is finding the working domain from all of the lists above. It may cost a lot of your time, but since you want to enjoy movies without paying them, this is the fair price for it. After finding the right domain of Movierulz that is working correctly, you can directly download all the movies you want to watch on your devices. Here are the complete steps to do it:

  1. Open all of the domains.

Since the Indian Government frequently blocks these free streaming sites’ primary domain, you have to try all of the Movierulz mirror sites, including the proxy listing, to find the working one. Make sure that you use a VPN to break the restriction applied by the Government or maybe Google.

  1. Choose the Movie

On the first page of this free streaming site, you can see many of the latest movies updated by the platform. You can choose the movie that you want only by clicking on them. Just search for the download option that shows up on the screen and click on it.

  1. Just Wait

Since this free streaming websites provide all of its users with many good movies without the necessities to pay for them, you may see several ads while waiting for the movie to start downloading. Be patient1 Ads may seem to annoy you since they may be ads for 18+ visitors. After these ads become disappeared, your link download will automatically start downloading the movie.

Another easy way to download videos from Movierulz is the video downloader tool offered by Smallseotools. It’s an amazing platform that provides its users with hundreds of tools without charging a penny. You can access the video downloader tool easily from any device without facing any compatibility issues.

After accessing this tool, you can copy the video link from Movierulz, paste it in this tool, and hit the download video button. Within seconds, the tool will process the video and make it downloadable for the users. After that, you can easily save the video on your device.

How to Get Movierulz APK in 2020?

By downloading and installing this platform on your smartphone, you can get unlimited access to many movies and entertainment shows from several studio productions. You can access the latest movie from Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, or even Hollywood or English. They also provide you with documentaries videos, TV shows, web series, and drama.

Then how to get the Movierulz app and install it on your devices? We all know that this platform, including the website and the application, is not a legal platform to access movies, so you cannot find it available on Google Play Store. To download the application, you need to go to third-party hosting sites. You can search for it through your phone.

The size of this piracy application is only 1.4 MB for the v3.0 version. This app can be installed on Android 4.0 and above the operating system. The v3.0 version is a kind of old version of this platform that was released in 2018. If you want to get the latest one, then download the version v7.0 released on 26 January 2020. It can also be installed on Android 4.0 and above.

Movierulz App Features

Movierulz provides its users with several features to make the users easier when using this app as a free streaming movie app. It also carries some unique features to make your experience of using this app better. But of course, since this app is illegal, we suggest you better look for the legal options listed below. This free streaming app carries several best features as we have listed below for your consideration:

  1. Simple User Interface

New users may frequently find it hard to operate a new app installed on their smartphones. But you will not face this issue if you use this free streaming app to watch and download the latest movies. This app comes with a straightforward user interface to make the users more comfortable operating it.

  1. Download and Stream for Free

Of course, it is the main benefit and features you can get, or maybe you look for when you install this app on your devices. They provide its users with many movies, TV series, documentaries, videos, and other entertainment shows for free. But as we have said previously, you should use a VPN while open this app or website.

  1. Very Fast Streaming

Movierulz app contains super-fast servers that allow you to watch and download all of the movies rapidly. You will not feel bored while waiting for the servers to download the movies for you.

  1. Smoother Performance

You should download the newest version of this free streaming app since it has fixed all the bugs that you may find quite annoying in the previous version. By diminished all the bugs as mentioned earlier, the newest app has a better and smoother performance.

  1. Very Small Size

Do you have a very small or limited space of internal memory on your smartphone or other devices? Don’t worry. You can still download and install this free streaming app since this APK size is so small that it will not consume a lot of your smart device’s ROM. Another good thing about this app is its ability to work fine on almost intelligent devices.

In this digital era, downloading and streaming movies through your mobile app is no longer impossible. You can easily watch any movies you want by using the app, either legal or illegal. One of the illicit apps that most people use to stream and download free movies is Movierulz.

You can enjoy movies from Hollywood, Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. It provides a wide range of catalog of movies as well as other entertainment shows for free.

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Is there any Legal Alternative?

If you want to play safe, you should access the movies from the legit sites as it won’t contain some malicious act for its users. It can be the best solution for those who are addicted to watching every new movie. But don’t like to go to the theatre when the film is being released.

The solution is, you can watch the movies through some legal platforms that provide the movies online. The big-name of these types of platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and MX Players, may sound familiar to you. You can access all of the latest movies through this platform only several days after their official release date in theatre.

MovieRulz Legal Alternative Sites in 2020

Here are the lists of the legal alternatives for this free streaming sites:


Netflix has always been one of the most popular streaming services. It offers movies in HD quality covering almost all the genres, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Pollywood, etc. Besides, there are some web series that you can exclusively watch on Netflix. Since its arrival, it has changed this industry entirely.

Netflix MovieRulz best alternative

However, Netflix is not free like Movierulz, but it is a legal way to stream any content. In return, it charges a certain amount of money according to which plan you have chosen. Overall, Netflix is among the best streaming service providers. It is the prime contender to alternate the MovieRulz.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video also works similarly as a Netflix. It also offers some exclusive content to its users, along with providing movies stream. Here you can watch the latest movies screening various industries Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. Exclusive web series shows they make it more closure to Netflix. Its ability to stream online movies makes it MovieRulz alternative in all prospectives.

Amazon Prime Video - Premium Movies

Amazon Prime Video is also a paid service, but it charges a minimal amount of money, at least in India. You can also take advantage of other prime services, including listening to music, watching TV, and benefits while shopping online. There is a limited stock of movies, but all are available in outstanding quality. There are no annoying ads which you face in most of the piracy sites.


This is the free service to watch movies online restricted to only the USA and Canada. If you live in the mentioned countries, it is one of the best services to stream movies without additional cost. Ads fully support the Over The Top (OTT) service. That appears before watching any content on this site.

Sony Liv

Sony Live is another premium alternative of MovieRulz offered by Tokyo-based Sony Corporation.  It is an OTT service to watch SonyLIV originals, Live TV shows, Live News, popular Indian TV shows, latest movies, and much more online content. The charges are minimalistic.


There were many bugs at the initial stage, but the company is working hard to improve its services. Besides, you can watch online sports, including live matches of popular sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc. This could be handy if you want to experience premium service at the lowest price. SonyLiv is one of the cheapest HD content providers in India.


Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform that allows you to watch serials, Online movies, and other streaming content. The website claims to offer more than 100,000 hours of drama and movies in 17 languages. Besides, it covers all the major global sporting events with live streaming options. In return, you have to pay premium fees to access the HotStar library.

Hotstar Premium - MovieRulz alternative

Even after paying money, the Hot Star shows annoying ads, which is a strange thing for a premium streaming service. It is not strongly recommended, but you can try if you love watching online content, specifically serial available on the “Star India” network.

Mx Player

Mx Player initially started with the content player, has now become a streaming platform to watch online stuff. Just like Netflix and APV, it offers original web series exclusively available to MX Player. Several categories are available, including Movies, TV Shows, News, Music, Web Shows, and more.

Mx Player watch movies

Talking about movies, it specifically targets the Indian audience with restricted content. You can watch most of the regional and Bollywood on this platform. Unfortunately, there isn’t international content available as it is restricted to India.

If you want to use this legal platform, of course, you need to pay for the service since it doesn’t come for free such as Movierulz. But you can get high-quality services with a safe connection.

MovieRulz – FAQ

Is it legal to watch movies on Movierulz?

It is a kind of torrent website that is illegal to use to lead you to get punishment from the Indian Government. As we all know that piracy is a crime in India, it is better to avoid using them primarily for a longer time. Even if you try these kinds of services after knowing all the circumstances, we recommend avoiding using this platform for a more extended period.

Indian Government has banned this free streaming movie platform since it provides the users with illegal content that violating copyright regulation. This platform, despite its high popularity, may not come as safe as you thought. It can steal its users’ personal information, which in turn will be able to harm you. Considering the risk, you may have while going into this website, we suggest that it is better not to visit this website to download and stream the movies using your personal computer.

Is it safe to use Movierulz?

Not only may it harm you because it is illegal, but the risk of getting any malware or viruses from this kind of website is even higher. The malware can go into your smart devices when you accidentally click on a particular link that you don’t understand.

Using this app or visiting the website also can cause your device broken because of the overheating or other issues. We recommend that you should always use the right platform to watch any movies or entertainment. It is better safe than sorry.

What is the MovieRulz Official Website Link?

As we discussed earlier, the official domain Movierulz.Com isn’t working anymore. But when you try to access the MovieRulz.Com via VPN, it redirects to https://4movierulz.vc/. It means 4movierulz.vc is the current official domain of MovieRulz unless any third party person bought the main domain.

What is the history of Movierulz domains?

Just like any other pirated site, Movierulz keeps changing its domain. In the past, we have seen numerous domain changing, and some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • MovieRulz.Com
  • MovieRulz.Net
  • MovieRulz.Org
  • MovieRulz.In
  • MovierRulz.Plz,
  • MovieRulz.Pz
  • MovierRulz.Ms
  • MovieRulz.Ps
  • MovieRulz.Pe
  • MovieRulz.Tc
  • MovieRulz.Ht
  • MovieRulz.Ds
  • MovieRulz.Ac
  • MovieRulz.Gs
  • MovieRulz.Pc
  • MovieRulz.Pt
  • MovieRulz.Pl
  • MovieRulz.St
  • MovieRulz.Vc

How to unblock MovieRulz Website by using Proxy?

The official website can’t be unblocked doesn’t matter which method you are trying. Its all the data has already been taken down from the original services. Instead, you can use proxy and mirror websites that work similarly. Some of the most popular mirror sites are 4movierulz.vc, 2movierulz.sx, and 3movierulz.is.

How to download Movierulz movies on pc?

MovieRulz Torrent Download
MovieRulz Torrent Download Links

It is a straightforward question. Currently, most of the working Movierulz proxy sites are offering .torrent files to download movies. You need to download the BitTorrent application to download movies via torrent links. Just download the .torrent file and paste it on BitTorrent to download the movies. There are different download options available be it 1080p, 720p, 480p or 320p.



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