YesMovies – 15+ BEST Alternatives for 2022, Proxy & Mirror Sites

YesMovies Alternatives

Are you looking for site like Yesmovies? If you enjoy watching movies from the convenience of your own home, YesMovies is an excellent alternative.

In this article, we’ll look at current YesMovies URLs and the best YesMovies alternatives.

What is YesMovies?

YesMovies is a free movie-watching application that you can visit on internet-connected devices. Anytime you can find many of the latest films without going to the theater.

YesMovies was one of the most popular movies streaming platforms to watch online movies. But it is not working anymore after getting banned in several regions. Some mirror and proxy websites are still alive.

Because of copyright issues, there is no guarantee how long they will survive. That is why we have decided to explore YesMovies Alternative websites to get a similar experience.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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YesMovies Working Proxy Websites in 2022

Yesmovies was undoubtedly one of the most popular websites. But there is an end to everything, and it applies to Yesmovies either. As you might be aware, Yesmovies was breaking Copyright law by providing unlicensed content. That was the key reason behind its end. But there are some working proxy and mirror websites available in the market that are still showing similar content as Yesmovies.

These sites keep changing their domains; Hence, we can’t make sure whether these sites are still working or not. Here are Yesmovies working proxy/mirror websites by the time of publishing this content:

  • [recommended]
  • YesMovies.Zone
  • YesMovies.Net

YesMovies Best Alternatives in 2022


With almost an equally large movie database, iOMovies can be used as one of the best alternatives to YesMovies. The website has a similar-looking structure but with a white and maroon theme instead of black and red. It uses the same theme as the YesMovies. Hence, the user will not find any trouble in navigation if they are addicted to YesMovies. Its website clearly says that the user can watch TV episodes and Full Movies without registration. It is a good thing for the users and as it provides a lot of conveniences.


The website has a lot of content to watch online. The site has a total of 27 different genres ranging from Action to Xmas. Its homepage alone can provide a lot of diversified suggestions in other sections. The main page includes some of the helpful areas like the Recommendations, Movies, and TV Shows. It has some options like top favorite and tody, etc. for better recommendations of movies.

Working Domain:


Another similar website like YesMovies is the YoMovies. Even the names are pretty similar. This website also uses the same theme and hence can be used very quickly. The color theme of YoMovies is black and orange. This color theme was something we liked as it kind of works like dark mode. And the look will not put a strain on your eyes while watching movies at night.


It provides high-quality movies and provides TV Shows and Web Series of so many big production houses. The homepage of YoMovies is much richer in content in comparison to iOMovies. Different sections like Trending Movies, Web Series, Bollywood Movies, Dual-Audio Movies, Hollywood movies, etc. are already available on the homepage.

There are 20 different genres available on this website, and the whole database has been categorized in these sections. The number of genres is less than iOMovies, but all the necessary and essential genres like Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi are available. Apart from Hindi and English movies, there are also movies in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, etc.

Working Domain:


The third alternative of the list is BMovies. If you have ever used FMovies apart from YesMovies, then BMovies is just like that. The color theme of BMovies is dark, and hence it looks so much like FMovies. But it also resembles a lot with YesMovies. The difference is just in the logo and color theme.


The content available on BMovies is also huge. Its content mainly includes movies and TV series. Both of these types of materials are watched worldwide. Its homepage contains three sections to showcase its contents. The parts are Recommended, Latest Movies, and Latest TV Series.

The website’s look and interface are pretty simple and good looking with all the things well organized. The homepage has the main menu, including all the different genres, Top IMDB section, Country section, A-Z List, etc. which makes the movie experience even more immersive.

Working Domain:

Select TV

Select TV is one of the best online streaming sites. It only costs two US dollars per month. With Select TV, you can enjoy various content aired on Netflix and other online movie portal sources. First, the Select TV site provides streaming of the latest films with a complete collection, from Hollywood, Korea to Japan.

In addition to the latest films, Select TV also provides old movies and movies that do not appear in conventional cinemas.

Working Domain:


Alluc is one of the recommended Yesmovies like sites in the world. The model is something like Google. You can find various selected films that can be watched via streaming and be downloaded to watch movies offline. It is straightforward to use and allows its users to find the film they are looking for quickly. The films available are not only recent but also old ones. Then there is Alluc, which is the best streaming movie watching site that has a complete movie collection.

In addition to providing online viewing options, Alluc also provides opportunities for downloading the latest movies to be stored in the HP or laptop memory. To maximize the viewing experience, you can also choose various servers if one of them feels slow. Not only that, but it also provides direct subtitles directly without the hassle of searching for translations separately.

Working Domain: (Not Working Anymore)


This site has a large selection of free films, but to enjoy it for free, you will get movies with low image quality. Although of low quality, most films are displayed with pretty good images. WatchMoviesFree, commonly known as WatchMoviesFree, has a complete database, ranging from movies and serials that you may not have heard of before.

You can choose categories of films divided into Western films, Indian films, Japanese films, Korean films, Mandarin films, and other categories arranged neatly. Even if you want to be more specific, this movie watching site can also search by genre or year of release that you can set yourself.

Working Domain:


Niter has advantages in its layout. The appearance is something like Netflix. Its speed cannot be doubted. Besides, the full-screen display makes this site the right place to watch movies online. Plus, many films are available with HD capacity.

Like before, Niter provides search features by genre and year of release that can easily be accessed. It also looks clean with a white background and minimal advertising although few, but not too disturbing comforts when watching in Yesmovies!

Niter also provides several server options that you can change when one of them has a problem. Besides watching online cinema, this site also provides downloading options via various mirror links, Google Drive.


Vudu is an interesting place to watch streaming and is among the best. The site provides the latest films that are released as well as old and classic films. Vudu is suitable for anyone who wants to watch a movie with good quality, even though it is served online. Available types of horror films, children, family films, and others.


Watching the Vudu cinema site from the front view is more recommended for those who like Asian films, dramas, and variety shows. You can find various Mandarin films, Japanese films, and the latest Korean films you can watch for free. This movie watching site certainly also has a few flaws, namely pop-up ads that are quite annoying when you access them. So you have to get ready!

Working Domain:


Vumoo makes it easy for you to search for movies quickly by scrolling down or the main menu. It provides thousands of movies that you can watch in full-screen mode. Besides Vudu and Niter, its website is arguably always awaited because of the large selection of films in Yesmovies like sites.

However, at this time, you can access Vumoo with the latest movie database, which is quite complete and updated. In appearance too, Vumoo has an interface similar to Vudu. For those of you who like to watch there, you will not be familiar with this one!

Working Domain:


It’s the best streaming if you want to watch a movie by looking for it in a flash. Because the layout is pleasing to the eye and makes it easy for people to find the movies they want to watch. All films are grouped by rank. This makes it easier for you if you want to watch movies according to their level of popularity. It can also filter any movie that will be watched in one of these Yesmovies like sites.

Movies Watcher

In the list of the latest movie watching sites, there is MovieWatcher. The appearance of this site is fairly simple with easy-to-understand navigation. In addition to the updated film, you can also find the latest anime films and Korean dramas in these Yesmovies like sites.

One of the advantages of MovieWatcher is that the movie loading process is quite fast. But unfortunately, you have to deal with several pop-up advertisements before you start watching!

Working Domain:


Another interesting site that can be used to watch movies from outside is Movie4K. This site makes it easy for you to search thousands of films with many genres. You can also see the quality of the film through IMD.


This site provides films with the best ratings, according to IMDB. No need to wait long after the film aired in theatres. You can immediately watch it on this site. You can sort films by genre, country, and others. This is one of the best features of this kind of site.


It is a site with a simple display to find the movie you want to find easily. You can see the films here on the full screen. Even the movies watched are unlimited and free in this Yesmovies like sites!


WolowTube has a massive database to stream movies online. You can also follow the television series here. The choice is easy. They also feature films that can be watched for free. They also display a list of the most popular films that people are looking for. People can easily access these Yesmovies like sites.

Channel 131

The site is devoted to you who like watching television series films online. The appearance is straightforward, so it does not confuse users. However, this site also offers widescreen movies that can be watched by people.

How to Use YesMovies

Below is a helpful YouTube video on how to use YesMovies:

Final Thoughts

Do you want to watch a movie on a smartphone? Or do you want to watch it on a laptop? The above sites are very highly recommended. Suitable for watching movies on smartphones that are based on Android and also on laptops.

The sensation of watching a movie will be the same as watching a movie because the quality of the picture provided is HD quality. The sound, the picture, and the overall appearance will satisfy the point. You can also watch streaming TV too in these Yesmovies like sites. The programs that were watched were also many and were international. That sounds cool.

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Tips for Online Movie Streaming

Nowadays, streaming movies has become a necessity for most people. In almost every daily activity, we need an internet network. Besides browsing, it turns out the internet is also often used for video streaming. But unfortunately, when I was busy streaming, we often find video buffering.

If you buffer it like that, it must be annoying, right? Initially, I wanted to watch a favorite video. Instead, it fell apart and turned into annoyance. To overcome this problem, then you must know how to stream effectively without buffering.

Try to clean the cache that has accumulated!

Not many people know that a stacked cache can hamper the performance of a cellphone. Initially, it might help you access the browser faster than you have ever visited, but after a long time, the cache’s size will be enlarged and can hamper the phone’s performance when used streaming.

The caches are temporary data that records all your activities when using an application for those you don’t know. So, if you are using an Android phone, there is no harm in emptying the cache so that the cellphone performs better and the internet runs smoothly.

Speed up the connection to stream movies

If you prefer to stream video via a PC or computer, there’s no harm in installing software to speed up your internet connection. There are lots of software to speed up internet connections, ranging from free to paid.

Of the many software, some have proven effective in speeding up internet connection when streaming video—examples such as Flash Speed ​​or Bywifi Video Accelerator. But, there is one condition that you must meet to be able to use one of the software, namely your Internet connection may not be below 153 kb/s.

Uninstall applications and widgets that have never been used

Without us knowing, internet data is not only drained while being used. But, when we are not using a cellphone, internet data continues to run. This can happen if many applications run automatically on the phone in the system background.

An application that runs automatically will also slow down the internet connection when used for streaming. This is because the bandwidth used must be divided. So that buffering does not occur when streaming, you should delete applications and widgets that are not used.

Don’t forget always to update Flash Player

Flash player is a mandatory plug-in that must exist if you want to surf. Even though the install file is small, the flash player has many benefits. With the help of Adobe Flash Player, we can play internet videos.

For maximum video streaming, always use the latest version of the flash player. By using an updated flash player, the streaming process will run more smoothly than before. So, don’t forget to make a flash player update on your computer!

Most importantly, use a super-fast internet network!

Whatever you are trying to do, always find the best Internet Service Provider (ISP). In this way, you can get the best experience online, including movie streaming. Make sure you get a reliable one before you move forward and start streaming. Those were five tips for streaming video so that it is smooth and not buffering for too long in those Yesmovies like sites.

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