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Backwards 3 – How to type “Ɛ” symbol on your Phone & PC?

Most easiest way to type Backwards 3 symbol on your mobile phone and PC, ALT Code and how it works on your social media site.

Are you looking to type Backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol? Then you are in the right place. We will tell you to step by step guide how to use this symbol on different platforms. So, let’s start without any further ado!

What is Backwards 3?

The backward 3 is a symbol that looks like the reverse “E” latter or a reverse 3 in numeric form. Its primary use is on social media sites where people use it to illustrate “love” symbol in the chatroom or usual status. It can be used on different social media platforms that support this feature. Overall, it works like a unique love Emoji.

How to type Backwards 3 symbol?

That is the main reason you are landed on this page. It is straightforward to use this feature, but it could be tricky to type “Ɛ” on most of the devices. Here, I will tell you how to type this symbol on different devices.

Type Backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol on Your Mobile Phone & PC

Well, most of the smartphones don’t allow to type this symbol, whether it is an Android phone or iOS. But you don’t need to worry about anything. We are here with a straightforward solution. You just need to plain copy of “Ɛ” symbol and combined it with”>”, which you can do very easily by heading towards the “Symbol” section on your mobile’s keyboard.

After combining both the symbols, you are all set to use it as “Ɛ>”. I think you have got my point on how to perform this task. You can follow the same step to type these symbols on your PC. Just copy it from here “Ɛ>” and use it where you want.  Cheers!

Backwards 3 “Alt” Code

Looking for Backwards 3 Alt code? Just type the “0190″ and press “ALT-X” to convert it into reverse E or “Ɛ” symbol. For that, all you need to do after opening a blank document in MS Word. Very easy to do? Yes, it is very easy to type this symbol doesn’t matter which platform you are using.

Final Verdict

I think we are done with our full step by step guide. If you want to send “Heart” Symbols, you can follow our guide to copy Backwards 3 doesn’t matter which device you are looking. It will stand you tall against traditional social media Emojos and looks cool either. What are your thoughts? Do let’s know in below comment section!


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