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5 Best Internet Routers for Gaming, Streaming, and Work in 2020

With the rapid advancements in the world of online entertainment and the boom of indulgences like E-Gaming, online streaming, and expanding work activities, just as the scope of these industries grows, so do our needs and requirements. To fuel our passion for gaming and streaming, in particular, we all need the right equipment to succeed, flourish and most of all enjoy the amazingness and mayhem at its full potential. 

Keep in mind that you need a dependable internet connection at the core to support any gaming and streaming needs. Even offline games require comprehensive packages for massive associated download and when it comes to online gaming, you need the lowest possible latency to avoid any lags. Among various providers available right now, we would highly recommend Spectrum packages

While the internet itself might be the core behind any seamless online experience, this is not the only thing that matters. Network routers are the bread and butter of connectivity and play an integral role in ensuring a pleasurable experience. In this article, we will highlight some of the best routers available in the market for various purposes.

5 Best Internet Routers for Gaming, Streaming and Work in 2020

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 ($344.99 at Amazon)

Hardcore gamers want the best routers to facilitate their passion. They want something with the maximum amount of throughput values for the optimal experience even if they have to spend the extra bucks. This is where Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 comes in. This beast of a machine doesn’t just look bad, but fueled by a quad-core processor and offering high-end tri-band capabilities, it can take the heaviest load and give us exactly the performance that we yearn for.

The software in this router facilitates and supports game acceleration features to prioritize select activities while also offering top-notch security features to keep you safe. Studded with a wide array of LAN ports, you can be sure that your entire LAN party is going to have a hell lot of fun with this baby around. 


Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 ($174.99 at Amazon)

Whether you are looking for a device for your 4K streaming activities or you want to indulge in a frantic gaming spree, this router from Asus has easily got you covered. With a formidable MU-MIMO-enabled, you and your clients are always safe over any network transaction. For a dual-band router, this device providers excellent throughput performance and is a very safe bet against its price tag.

The router offers multiple software tweaks to enhance and prioritize network usage towards high demand activities like gaming and streaming. Add-on the parental control features for even greater value and you have a completely dependable household router. 

TP-Link AC4000 ($184.99 at Amazon)

TP-Link has long made a name for themselves for providing a wide array of comprehensive mid-ranged routers. The TP-Link AC4000 is among their top gems and does absolute justice to improving the company’s standing. Extremely easy to install and offering a three-year free security support from the company, this is the perfect household router. The file transfer speeds through this device are amazing and with the ease of use with the online app, you can share your favourite content with all the members in your vicinity in a jiffy.

The only downer with this router is the range that might struggle a bit in comparison to other routers of its tier, but that feature is often overshadowed by the solid through-put value it provides. All in all, this is a very dependable device and undoubtedly among the best mid-tier routers available in the market right now. 

Linksys EA7500 ($115.71 at Amazon)

Offering a max throughput value up to 1.9 Gbps, this router from Linksys is the safest bet for its money. Be it 4K streaming activities, or extensive gaming sessions, this router can easily support your cause without breaking much sweat. The balance between the performance and price factor is the biggest reason that this is on our list.

The network management app for this device lets you prioritize your network usage according to need so you don’t have to worry about getting annoyed with other users soaking up your bandwidth. If you are new to routers and want something affordable yet dependable, we would highly recommend this one.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 ($579.99 at Amazon)

The final entry in our list is from one of the largest and most premium router manufacturing companies, Netgear. Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 is undoubtedly one of the strongest routers available in the market right now and is capable of handling 10Gb Ethernet connectivity options with link aggression features. the footprint of the device is relatively large with the high-performance tri-band beast but that is with a good cause since it is studded with awesome features. On the downside, this device is quite expensive, and if we were to choose between this and the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, we would recommend going with the latter based on the price difference between the two. That being said, this is quite the best and a good fit for any gaming hungry household. 

These are our top picks of high-performance routers for different tiers available in the market right now. Make sure that you have a good enough internet connection to support the hardware because only then can the full potential of a device be unlocked. We hope that one of these suits your need and comfortably takes you through the path of online satisfaction and glory.


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