How to Attract A-List Influencers to Your Podcast

Money Diaries is a series created by Wealthsimple in which they interview celebrities, influencers, and other interesting people on the unvarnished truth about their financial lives.

And for Money Diaries, Wealthsimple has interviewed an impressive list of celebrities:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Spike Lee
  • Margaret Atwood
  • French Montana and more…

How do they reach these big names?

In short, by having connections.

But there’s more to this that marketers can learn.

Give them exposure in exchange for their time

Whether you have a podcast, a newsletter, a YouTube channel, or an audience in general, use that as your currency. These days, an audience can be highly valuable and help cross-promote people to different audiences.

For example, on YouTube, a channel with 1 million followers might host a creator with a similar level of influence. Both audiences get exposure to the other creator and can further help one’s following and additional business opportunities.

It’s not only about their fame

The story they have to tell matters more.

Don’t be shy

Try to reach popular names in your industry. Once you are able to interview at least one celebrity, getting more will be easier. Many have to be cautious about whom they associate with.

Once you get other influencers on your channel, podcast, or communication medium, others will be more likely to be interviewed by you as there’s already been some form of implicit vetting.

How to conduct interviews

Do a pre-interview, perhaps over the phone. Then create a list of about 10 questions, depending on how long the interview is and how much time it might take to answer them. But also go with the flow of the conversation.

Following your curiosity is important, too, as you listen to your answers. You don’t have to stick to your prepared questions.

And get very specific

People love details, and if you can, even numbers.

For example, if you’re interviewing a popular YouTuber or business person, people love to know exactly how they got to where they are (timeline, steps) and they also like to know how much money they make.

However, if you have problems getting people to open up about some topics, let the interviewee know what others have shared.

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