Best Putlocker Alternatives – Watch Free Movies [October 2021]


Putlocker is a paradise for online content streamers, allowing individuals to watch free movies and get access to free movies downloads. In this article, we will provide you the best Putlocker alternatives and working proxy and mirror websites.

With entertainment getting increasingly digital, we keep shifting more toward online streaming, and no one needs to keep to a TV schedule to watch entertainment content.

As a result, streaming alternatives keep growing with Putlocker one such destination for online movie streamers.

We’ll include both free and premium sites as part of our list.

Free sites provide an easy way to stream online, but come with the drawbacks of a lack of reliability, intrusive pop-up ads, and potential security threats.

Premium sites are your usual players:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • CBS All Access, and more to be covered later on in the article

These generally come at a cheap per month cost relative to expensive traditional cable, and can be streamed from multiple devices.

For example, in the US, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (free trial) start at just $8.99 per month while CBS All Access (free trial) starts at just $5.99 per month.


Is Putlocker safe? Special note on online safety and privacy

Before we go further, remember that despite the convenience of free streaming sites, they come with a variety of risks to your safety and privacy.

Many streaming sites out there were created by malevolent individuals to capture your data and/or financial information.

The easiest way to prevent this is through a VPN.

VPN software will prevent cyberattacks and tracking by hiding your location and browser activity.

Streaming sites are often full of ads and pop-ups. You should try your best to avoid clicking on them. But many are hard to get out of and overlaid among others.

You run the risk of clicking on a stream that is actually a malicious link that can harm your computer with a virus or other malware.

Even if you can get out of them, pop-ups and ads on those sites will waste your time.

A VPN is the best way to protect yourself from the various cybersecurity threats you may encounter on free streaming sites.

Shoring up your online cybersecurity will prevent anyone from getting any personal information and will also help you enjoy faster streaming. (Internet service providers won’t be able to throttle your activity.)

We’ve tested dozens of VPNs for online streaming and use NordVPN.




For a fuller list of VPN software options, we have a section at the bottom of this article.

But without further ado, let’s get into Putlocker and alternative Putlocker streaming options.

What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a popular website primarily used for streaming free entertainment media, television series, particularly movies and other streaming content.

The website was launched in January 2012 under the official domain name, and the website has its separate fan base.

The website’s popularity got to the point where several ISPs block the official Putlocker website from accessibility (depending on where you are).

Since 2012, the website has provided quality streaming content to its audience. From 2012 to 2016, Putlocker was reaching up to 1.6 million visitors per day.

But it was soon declared a piracy threat by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Current Putlocker Websites: Proxy and Mirror Sites List

Though Putlocker’s first/original website was banned in various countries due to the declaration of PutLocker to be a piracy threat, its still active and can be accessed by multiple proxies and mirror sites.

Some of the proxy and mirror sites don’t work, but here we have numerous Putlocker Proxy and Mirror Site links to try out (they often change):

Old Putlocker Site list (worth checking)



Below we consider the best current Putlocker site alternatives.


15 Best Putlocker Site Alternatives to Stream FREE Movies

#1 Afdah

On the official website of Afdah states that: “Afdah is a web scraper coded to crawl and index online movie web sites. Afdah does not host or upload any videos or movies other than indexing them from the scraped web sites.”

Afdah - Online Stream Movies

Afdah is a free place to watch movies online without any signup or any other inconvenience.

The website is straightforward with a clean interface, with no fancy or confusing touchups.

The website is precise in providing content and doesn’t bother the user to visit here and there to reach the exact streaming page.

It has cleanly categorized sections for various movies, ranging from Action, Adventure, and Animation to Thriller, War, and Sci-Fi.

The visitor can also find a specific movie by the first letter of its name, whether it starts from A or Z.

Afdah provides a total of 4 servers for streaming each movie so that the visitor doesn’t face any trouble.

Working Domain:


#2 StreamingSites

StreamingSites is one of the best solutions for saving time.

It has listed various streaming sites of different categories, including movies, music, TV shows, anime, gaming, news, sports, etc.

As our content gives preference to movie streaming, it has a long list of movie streaming sites.

You can find your favorite site very quickly; a search option is available. It also has both a free and paid content mixture, where you can access different kinds of websites offering free and pay-to-stream options.

If you love online streaming, you should check this platform out to potentially add to your repertoire.

Working Domain:

#3 123Movies

123Movies is itself very popular, and there are chances that you have already heard about this website if you are interested in this niche.

Of all options, this website might have the best ability to meet your need for Putlocker.

The website has a green- and white-colored theme, providing an appealing layout.

The website has a good record of focusing on providing entertainment content and maintaining user’s safety and convenience.


The website’s homepage alone has many options to surf through the various contents it provides.

The main menu of 123Movies includes Anime, TV Series, and Episodes, giving the user options beyond movies. It has a list of all the essential genres based upon which you can filter the movie search according to your tastes.

The Top IMDb section is also included so that the user can have movies based upon IMDb’s trusted movie reviews.

As far as streaming service is concerned, it provides 2-4 mirror links if the main link doesn’t work.

Feel free to give 123Movies a try.

Working Domain:

#4 YesMovies

YesMovies is another good place to find online streaming entertainment.

The website has a lot of content to provide to its audience. It has a modern but minimalistic look, and you wouldn’t find any trouble searching for your favorite content.

One cool thing about the YesMovies website is that it provides the facility to switch to dark mode for a more appealing nighttime experience.

The website mostly provides the latest movies and TV Shows for online streaming. It has a dedicated search bar for finding any movie along with a numeric and alphabetic search box.

The website has movies in various genres ranging from Action, Adventure, Animation, Documentary to Mistry, Thriller, War, and more.

YesMovies provides access in a straightforward way. You can reach the streaming page with just one tap on the movie name.

But to stream the movie, you will have to go through 5-10 popup ads, which is not great for the user experience. But the quality of the content is still excellent and you can try YesMovies as a quality Putlocker alternative.

Working Domain:

#5 LOS Movies

With up to 2,000 pages dedicated to 10 movies each, Los Movies is one of the largest movie streaming websites. It has something for everyone.

It has a simple yet intuitive interface to provide convenience for the user in finding and watching the content. You can filter the movies on the homepage by Date Added, Ratings, Release Date, and Featured.


Los Movies has one of the most extended lists of genres, among which you will find some of your favorites for surfing movie content.

However, to stream any content on Los Movies, you will need to signup. They require just an email address to create an account on the website.

All in all, the website is serious about providing quality content, and any movie fan will enjoy LOS Movie after they start using it with the wide breadth of content.

Working Domain:

#6 GoMovies

People who have been in the movie streaming game for a long time might already be familiar with GoMovies.

It’s considered one of the largest online movie streaming platforms over the internet. The name GoMovies is itself reputable in the field, and this website has an excellent record of providing great quality streaming content for free, along with keeping the user’s safety and convenience in mind.


If you have heard of 123Movies or had ever used it, then you can have an idea about the quality of GOMovies. 123Movies is related to GoMovies, and the former operates all the content streaming facilities of GoMovies.

Both GoMovies and 123Movies have precisely the same user interface and streaming functions.

GoMovies is one of those websites that provides the latest movies on its platform as soon as they get released. Content categorization and variety are great on GoMovies. You can find the movie of your interest in a lot of ways. It has a huge list of genres to meet the different tastes of different users.

Working Domain:

#7 WatchTVSeries

If you lean towards TV Shows rather than movies and were using Putlocker to get the latest TV Shows and Web Series, then WatchTVSeries could be the best Putlocker alternative for you.

It has almost all the most popular TV Shows from all the popular TV Channels, namely CBS, AMC, BBC, History Channel, ABC, HBO, NBC, CW, Fox, FX, and more. It even includes the latest and most popular Web series from Netflix.

WatchTVseries - Stream Online TV Shows

You can go to the Newest Episodes section to stream the latest available episodes of your favorite TV series.

Its TV Mini-Series, New TV Shows, New Episodes, Upcoming Episodes sections come in very handy when searching for an episode.

Its user experience is also useful as the website has a proper grouping of episodes of each Series into seasons.

The streaming service is excellent, and the user will not find any trouble accessing the episode in online streaming.

Working Domain:

#8 Soap2Day

Another great place to satisfy your hunger for excellent quality streaming content is Soap2Day.

Soap2Day has the best and most extensive collection of daily soaps, as its name suggests.

But it also has the right amount of quality movie content.

It also has a separate sports section that currently covers FIFA World Cup, NBA Payoffs, and UEFA Champions League. That means it has good content for sports fans as well.

The website is immaculate looking, in our opinion. The website has a very subtle and minimal light-colored touch that makes it a premium looking website. There is a dedicated search bar for searching purposes, just like other fellow websites. However, the website lacks the kind of genre section that makes navigation straightforward on other sites on this list.

But its homepage has included two options called Top Movies and Top TV Shows, which is a good thing to consider when you don’t have any specific movie to watch and are open to ideas.

Soap2Day’s movie surfing interface is good with minimal ads, making the user entertained with no trouble.

Working Domain:

#9 AZMovies

With its “A to Z” type name, you can guess that this website is dedicated to providing each and every movie it can.

It has a reasonably large amount of movie content ranging from the year 1948 up to today. You can also surf on AZMovies by genre.

AZMovies’s interface might not give you a premium-like feel, but it is catchy and clean enough to prevent the user from being confused while surfing.

The streaming service is also great. The streaming pages are clean and easy to use for each movie, but one that we missed was the availability of more than one streaming server per movie.

All in all, it’s a great place for movie lovers.

Working Domain:

#10 Noxx

If you were missing the TV Shows and Web Series over at the AZMovies site, then you should have a look at Noxx.

This is yet another online streaming platform from AZMovies dedicated to providing high-quality TV and Web Series to its users. However, Noxx lacks when it comes to the categorization of available content.


The website is new and has fresh content on it. The division of the episodes according to the seasons in which they occur is very important. It plays a crucial role in watching every episode in a sequence to keep a binge-watcher’s journey chronological.

The streaming service is just like AZMovies, and the AZMovies’ streaming service is outstanding.

Just click on the TV/Web series that you want to watch, select the season, select the episode, and you are good to go with that specific episode.

Working Domain:

#11 MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is a great movie streaming website that indexes external websites like Forums, Search Engines, and other movie sites for the streaming location, and groups them in one place.

It makes it available to its users for free. It is a 100% free website to watch movies and TV Series online in high quality.

Movies Watcher

The website and content is well-organized. All the movies can be accessed in MovieWatcher through the Years section, Genres section, and the Most Popular section.

There is a separate section for TV Series as well. Its Years section has movies ranging from the year 2000 to the present.

Talking about the streaming quality and service, then MovieWatcher is basically as good as any paid streaming service. One thing that could be a deal-breaker for some is that it asks for signup in order to stream the content.

Using a VPN is one way to avoid concern over giving out email or anything else.

Working Domain:

#12 Popcornflix

Popcornflix proudly provides its users with good-quality streaming content without any cost. The website is designed to put its users first to keep them coming back.

It always provides the latest movies to the users as soon as possible. Popcornflix offers a large amount of good quality content to the users. Nonetheless, its categorization for the available content is needed to be improved.

For a new user who is in search of a good movie of his/her interest will find it difficult on Popcornflix to find a good movie on the suggested categories itself. The website has one menu that includes a total of only five sections: movies of the past three years (i.e., one for each year), Action Movies, and Horror Movies.

There is a need for adding more categories. But the interface of the website is crisp, simple, and easy to use.

The user can reach the movie streaming page of any website in just one click, and streaming service is up to standards here.

Working Domain:

#13 SolarMovie

The SolarMovie can be your next Putlocker alternative.

With loads of movies and TV series content, SolarMovie can provide you with a complete entertainment experience. The easy-to-use and one of the finest looking places for your streaming entertainment needs.

Its movie genre and TV genre section will help you find the movie or TV show you’re looking for.

Its country section is also something which makes it unique. This feature filters the movie based upon the country. For example, you can watch Asian, Indian, Korean, etc. movies by selecting the country name.

The streaming service is also up to the mark, and one will not find any problem in streaming his/her favorite content.

The website does ask to signup to stream the content, which will require you to have an email to create an account.

Working Domain:

#14 MegaShare

The amount of content and features available on MegaShare justifies why it’s been added to our list.

The website has loads of content ranging from movies to TV Shows, Web series, Anime, etc. It has almost all the movie searching features that were available in the above-mentioned Putlocker alternatives.

Every important movie and TV genre, movie selection via country name, year of release, alphabet, IMDb top rated movies, etc. are some of the great features that make MegaShare a complete package for those looking to stream content.

Like all other websites, MegaShare is also user-friendly, and you’re unlikely to find any problem in finding the content you’re interested in.

The website also provides 2-3 servers for seamless streaming.

Working Domain:

#15 FMovies

Any veteran to the online movie streaming space has likely heard of FMovies.

Just like Putlocker, FMovies also has a long history of providing a ton of online streaming content. It first came under public notice in 2016.

Fmovies Watch Free Online Movies

FMovies is not just a single website but is a series of websites that host links and embedded videos (mostly movies, TV Shows and Web Series), allowing the user to stream online for free.

The website is just like any other movie streaming website with a lot of content for the user to watch.

It has a dark and easy-to-use look with many tools to filter for the movie search.

There are so many movie genres for different tastes of different users and movies from various countries.

FMovies has a very extensive list of country-based movie selection. You can expect the latest movies to be available on FMovies, as it is one of the leading online streaming platforms in the industry.

Working Domain:

#16 CMovies

As a bonus, you can have a look at CMovies with its considerable amount of excellent quality content. Though we added it lower on the list, it is comparable to Putlocker alternatives higher up.

It also has basic categorization of movies among Genres, Country, Top IMDb, and TV Series.

CMovies is not very popular among online streamers, but it deserves better as it is an excellent place to stream good content.

The look of the website is neither impressive nor dull. It is in mid-way when it comes to user experience, as it has some scope of improvements to make. The homepage lacks content, it is a bit congested, and many movies have been stuffed in a small space.

But when it comes to content streaming, it’s a good website. Seeing a preview of the content in the form of images would help the user experience.

Working Domain:

Top 7 Premium Movie Streaming Sites as Putlocker Alternatives

The following are premium OTT services, which charge on a monthly basis.

Even some of them are free and don’t charge any money. If you feel more comfortable paying in return for high-quality streaming content (i.e., due to convenience, the nature of streaming free content), you can try the following without hesitation.

Most of them are true value for money services.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can access some exclusive web series and other content. Others have their own specialties.

Let’s check out the full list of streaming services to replace Putlocker:


#1 Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly the best and most downloaded entertainment app in the market for streaming.

It is one of the best online streaming services with millions of its premium subscribers across the globe. The app lets you search and watch your favorite movies, TV Shows, Original content, and much more.

Netflix Premium Putlocker Replacement

It’s a separate entertainment hub for all the entertainment seekers around. The app is free to install, but you have to go for the subscription plan after using it for 30 days with its free trial version.

After that, multiple plans charge accordingly.


To access separate content libraries in different countries (e.g., US, UK, Japan, Germany, etc.) you can use a VPN. We personally use NordVPN.


#2 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has its video streaming service called Prime Video.

It is gaining more popular day by day as the company has started offering original content to its subscribers.

Similar to Netflix, You can download and install this app for free on your mobile device or tablet. Its concept is almost identical to Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video - Premium Movies

For testing purposes, the app lets you explore its content library for 30 days for free.

If you are fond of shopping online, you can buy Amazon Prime service to take benefit of faster delivery on Amazon as well as various other prime services by just paying a single charge.


#3 CBS All Access (US)

With CBS All Access, you get 10,000+ episodes on demand.

CBS All Access has made it easier than ever to access the shows users love from America’s top network – live and on demand.

cbs all access

Catch up on fan favorites like NCIS, The Young and the Restless and Madam Secretary, stream exciting new comedies and dramas, or discover something you’ve never seen before.

Get access to CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, the Smithsonian Channel, and more.

You get a free trial, and plans start at just $5.99 per month. Cancel anytime, so no long-term commitment necessary.

#4 Hulu

Hulu is a popular online movie streaming app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

It’s a central hub for entertainment seekers who can explore the Hulu’s original content, which are exclusively there for Hulu’s subscribers. Apart from this, you can also explore the different categories, including your favorite shows, live TV with over 60+ TV channels, live sports and news, and much more.

Hulu - Premium putlocker alternative

The app has a particular news category to get to know the latest updates about the entertainment industry. For beginners, there’s a free trial plan for you.

After that, you have to go to the premium subscription plan. The base price starts at around $5.99 monthly.

You can first take a free trial and then decide whether the paid plan is right for you.


#5 IMDb Movies and TV

You are likely familiar with IMDb if you like to check movie reviews.

This is a popular platform for movie reviews but also lets you stream movies and TV shows online.

The app is a hub for movie fans who can get to know about the viewer’s rating, reviews, the storyline of the movie, characters, etc.

IMDb stream movies online

You need to enter the name of the movie or a TV show or TV series, and you will be provided with all the essential information about that particular query. If you live in the United States, then the app now lets you watch full-length movies and TV shows for free.

Apart from this, you can also buy tickets and can get information about the nearby theaters in your area through the app.


#6 Tubi TV

Tubi TV is there for those who spend most of their time watching different channels on TV.

But now, you can explore your favorite live TV channels on your smartphone or tablet device through Tubi TV.

Apart from TV Shows, the app has a vast library containing all the popular movies, TV shows, and some original content for unlimited entertainment.

TUBI TV - Watch Free Movies

It serves an easy-to-use interface where you would be provided with different categories on the front page.

A search bar is also there to search for your favorite movies or TV Shows.

Tubi TV is free to use the app, and you can install it from the Play Store on a particular mobile device.

You can enjoy thousands of free movies without spending money on Tubi TV.


#7 Flixster

Movies by Flixster is one of the most popular entertainment apps for those who love to watch movies and TV Shows on a smartphone.

It can provide information about the different movies, upcoming movies, showtime, tickets, etc.

Flixter Movies

The streaming service lets you explore the nearby theaters by entering the details of your location. Browse movies, get entertainment news, and stay up-to-date with the entertainment industry with this app.

You can organize things accordingly with this app. It’s a free app for Android users.



The Importance of Using a VPN With Free Streaming Sites

Before accessing the free streaming websites, remember that these websites come with added risks.

You can’t trust these sites blindly as most of them run spammy ads.

You will end up getting unusual popup ads that can ruin your user experience drastically.

This can be dangerous to your online safety and security. Even if these streaming sites were safe before, it’s no guarantee that they’ll remain that way.

You don’t want to run the risk of visiting an impostor site claiming to be the original but is really just after your personal data or payment information.

It’s imperative to remain safe and shore up your cybersecurity.

This is where a VPN comes into play to block unwanted ads and to unblock certain websites that are blocked in some regions.

Moreover, these Putlocker websites may be inaccessible in some specific regions due to unlicensed content. A VPN will create a private virtual space for you to help you unlock content. It’s a handy tool for streaming unlimited data on alternative Putlocker sites.

Overall, a VPN is the best way to protect yourself from the various cybersecurity risks you may face on free streaming sites.

This is what a VPN does for you:

1. Keeps your sensitive information private

Most free streaming sites have little built-in security. Consequently, anyone with basic hacking skills is able to view your location, IP address, and activity, and potentially more.

VPNs create a secure channel with advanced encryption to prevent your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

2. Helps prevent any legal consequences

Viewing content on free streaming sites may not be legal depending on what you’re watching and where you live.

VPNs help ensure anonymity by assigning you a new IP address. This also comes with the benefit of concealing your physical location.

Your real IP address is hidden with encryption, advanced leak protections, and additional security features.

3. Blocks viruses, malware, and intrusive ads and pop-ups

Many premium VPNs enable additional security features such as blocking trackers, malware, and intrusive ads and pop-ups, which may contain harmful software.

Pop-ups also waste your time and due to the way they are often layered over content on these sites, prevent you from enjoying what you’re trying to watch. Blocking them can be incredibly useful on free streaming sites as a secondary benefit in addition to the primary security reasons for using a VPN.

4. Enables access to geo-restricted streaming content

Your government, workplace, internet service provider, or university may prevent you from accessing content on free streaming sites.

VPNs help you get around these geo-restrictions by assigning you a new IP address and can effectively adopt a new location where these blocks aren’t in place.



Top VPNs for Free Streaming Sites

These three top VPNs use powerful security technology to protect your device from any cyber threats you may encounter on free streaming sites.

1. NordVPN



  • Compatible with:Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone iOS, Android TV, Linux, BlackBerry, Raspberry Pi, Chrome, Firefox, and routers
  • Works with:Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Sling TV, and many more
  • Ads, trackers, and malware are blocked by CyberSec suite
  • One NordVPN account secures six devices at the same time
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Automatic kill switch

NordVPN is currently top on our list with a great set of security features to keep you safe and improve your browsing experience.

NordVPN connects you to one of their 5,600+ high-speed servers to keep your data private and secure with AES-256 encryption and SHA-256 authentication. This is the same level of security used by many government agencies and financial institutions.

The company hosts servers in 58 countries globally, so you are guaranteed to find a nearby server location. This is important given the best connection speeds are found when connecting to a nearby server rather than one found across the globe.

It comes with a built-in ad blocker and provides malware protection. This gives you a layer of security against invasive pop-ups that you’re likely to encounter on free streaming sites.

NordVPN also contains DNS and IPv6 leak protection through its automatic kill switch. This prevents your identity and location from being shared on free streaming sites.

It also has a zero-logging policy. This means nobody can view your activity while connected to the VPN. Not even NordVPN itself can track it and no records are kept.

With NordVPN’s ad-blocking abilities and blazing-fast speeds, this VPN is a great option for any type of streaming.

Users can also get access to geo-restricted content on Netflix and other services with tough geo-blocking through its SmartPlay DNS feature.

NordVPN can also pass China’s firewall, as well as standard restrictions put into place by schools, workplaces, and other governments.

If, for whatever reason, you have trouble streaming or browsing with NordVPN for any reason, the customer service team is available 24/7 through live chat support.

NordVPN can also be tried risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee.



2. Surfshark

surfshark vpn


  • Available on:Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Apple TV, FireTV, and more
  • Works with:Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, SkyTV, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, and more
  • Dedicated torrenting profile: No (P2P is permitted on all servers)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs policy

Surfshark provides unique, exclusive features with low prices.

It is focused on providing access for many devices and different applications and services.

For households and individuals that use multiple devices – as is common – Surfshark offers the bonus of an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

Most importantly, Surfshark provides an excellent service. It features double encryption, split tunneling, kill switch protection, and the CleanWeb security suite to block ads, pop-ups, and malware.

If you turn on BitTorrent and disconnect from the Surfshark VPN, all downloads will stop. This, of course, is positive as it shows no data leaks will occur.

When used on the sites with the most intrusive pop-ups, it worked by blocking all ads.

Multiple applications (e.g., Hulu and Spotify) can be streamed at once.

“NoBorders” mode is Surfshark’s term for its additional obfuscation settings. In higher-security countries like Iran and China, Surfshark could ultimately access the outside world, though it may take some manual configuration.

Surfshark’s network has been growing, with more than 1,000 servers in over 60 countries.

The unblocking capacity and speeds (and stability of the speeds) of these servers check out well. They provided access to the libraries of many popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more.

Surfshark’s speed is comparable to the best VPNs, like NordVPN. It had no effect on streaming, browsing, or torrenting.

It also provides something called Camouflage Mode. This works by preventing your ISP from seeing that you’re connected to a VPN. This can potentially help your connection speed by bypassing your ISP’s throttling.

Overall, we recommend Surfshark as a high-quality VPN with strong value for the price. Surfshark provides bargains with high discounts on its long-term plans.

It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Note: For those looking to use Amazon Prime Video on a mobile phone, we could not get it to work. Prime Video, however, does work on desktop (and laptop) computers.



3. VyprVPN



  • Available on:Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and more
  • Works with:Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, HBO Go, AppleTV, Nintendo, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, NAS, most smart TVs, Chromecast, and more
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Torrenting and P2P allowed on all servers
  • Kill switch
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs policy

VyprVPN comes with an audited no logging policy, an effective kill switch, successful leak protection, access to Netflix, and simple and well-designed apps.

They own over 700 servers in 64 countries. On top of that, they are all self-owned. Their server network includes over 300,000 IP addresses.

It also provides competitive pricing.

Security testing checks out highly with military-grade AES-256 encryption.

The kill switch – standard among top VPNs – will prevent your traffic from being exposed if your VPN connection drops out.

VyprVPN is one of the best in the VPN world at bypassing the most aggressive web blocks and restrictions through its Chameleon security protocol.

This includes high-censorship countries, including China, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Thailand.

Its VPN servers are never far away, so anyone from those countries should get quality speeds from them, as well.

Speeds are more than adequate to do almost anything you want online, with speed losses typically in the range of 10%-18% when connected to a nearby server.

Its Smart DNS solution also enables you to use VyprVPN with Roku, Apple TV, and gaming consoles like Nintendo and Xbox.

VyprVPN works well for streaming services blocked in your region. Netflix works well on most US servers with excellent video quality. It can also effectively unblock libraries of German, British, Japanese, and Canadian content.

It is the same for Hulu and Disney+. VyprVPN will also unblock regional-specific content on YouTube, though this is true for practically all VPNs.

Support staff is helpful and friendly and available 24/7. They also offer support in eight different languages, offering more to international users (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Turkish).

There are a couple areas where VyprVPN could improve. VPN speeds are not quite up there with NordVPN and there are no browser extensions.

VyprVPN provides a 30-day refund guarantee as is standard for the top VPN providers. This enables you to get to a feel for the service before committing. The two-year plan costs just $2.50 per month, an 80% discount over the standard plan. The one-year plan costs a very reasonable $3.75 per month.

Overall, VyprVPN is a very good VPN. It is particularly strong in a couple of the main ways people use VPNs (Netflix, Torrenting). We can gladly recommend VyprVPN to anyone looking for greater security and privacy online.


PutLocker: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Putlocker a legal website?

It depends on the place from where you are trying to access Putlocker. The first/original Putlocker website was blocked by Internet Service Providers in the United Kingdom, followed by the court order. Streaming copyrighted content without permission is an offense, but accessing the website is not.

What is Putlockers new site today?

As you might be aware, Putlocker's official website was banned long ago. There are only remaining proxy and mirror sites that keep changing every day.

Are Putlocker websites safe?

Most of the content streaming websites like PutLocker use advertising as their main source of income. That itself is harmless. But Putlocker is so popular on the globe that it has various mirror sites being operated by different parties. This increases the risk of using them without a layer of security (i.e., a VPN), as there can be an increased chance of such mirror sites to host some kind of malware. As far as accessing the PutLocker website is concerned, there is almost no risk.

Is it harmless to stream movies from Putlocker?

PutLocker doesn’t store any file or media content on its website. It just shows what is available in various third-party places over the internet. These third-party places are not in control of Putlocker, so there is the chance for these third-parties to host harmful malware that can affect your device where you are accessing the PutLocker website, increasing the importance of using a VPN for privacy and security.

Should I use Putlocker?

It's all up to you. If it is legal in your country and your ISP has not blocked the website, then there should be no issue in using PutLocker while following proper precautions. But if the ISP has blocked your access for PutLocker, it means it’s illegal in your region. It should be better to stay away from this website.

What precautions should I take while using Putlocker?

The application of a VPN over your connection should be enough to follow as a precaution. Using a VPN will conceal your IP address and encrypt the data sending and receiving between your device and the website. If you can, using a software anti-virus would also be useful so that any malicious or suspicious activity could be prevented.


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