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Putlocker – Watch Free Movies, Putlockers Alternatives [July, 2020]

Putlocker is online streaming website platform to watch free movies, TV Shows particularly in UK & USA. Current Putlockers proxy/mirror sites, alternatives, Working domains in 2020

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Putlocker is a paradise for online content streamers. The movie-watching time or we say prime time is one of the most valuable and crucial time for us. We enjoy a lot at this time and spend quality time with our loved ones. With the era getting more and more digital, we have shipped towards online streaming. Online streaming is very handy and convenient as one no more needs to extract a particular time for watching entertainment content.

Now anyone can get entertained whenever and wherever he/she wants. Putlockers is one such destination for the online movie streamers. You can also check out the time-saving solution at Streaming Sites, where you can access various streaming sites varying movies, music and many more.

What Is Putlockers?

Putlockers is a popular website that is mostly used for streaming entertainment media, television series, particularly films, etc. for free. The website was launched in January 2012 under the official domain name, and the website has its separate fan base. The website’s popularity is so much that it has made several ISPs to block the official Putlocker website from accessing.

Since 2012, the website is proving quality streaming content online to its providers. As of 2012 to 2016, Putlocker was reported to reach 1.6 million visitors per day. But it was soon reported as a piracy threat by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

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Current PutLockers Working Proxy / Mirror Sites List in 2020

The Putlocker has popularity beyond your imagination, but it’s very first/original website was banned by various countries due to the declaration of PutLocker to be a piracy threat. But PutLocker is still active and can be accessed by multiple proxies and mirror sites. Most of the available proxies and mirror sites don’t work, but here we have a list of 25 working Putlocker Proxies and Mirror Site links.


15 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Stream FREE Movies


On the official website of Afdah states that: “Afdah is a web scraper coded to crawl and index online movie web sites. Afdah does not host or upload any videos or movies other than indexing them from the scraped web sites.

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Afdah - Putlocker Alternative


Afdah is a free place to watch movies online without any signup or any other hectic. The website is straightforward and clean, looking with no fancy or confusing touchups. The website is very straight forward towards providing content and doesn’t bother the user to visit here and there to reach the exact streaming page.

It has cleanly categorized sections for various types of movies, ranging from Action, Adventure, and Animation to Thriller, War, and Sci-Fi. The visitor can also find a specific movie by the first letter of its name, whether it starts from A or Z. Afdah provides a total of 4 servers for streaming each movie so that the visitor doesn’t face any trouble.

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Working Domain:


As we have mentioned earlier, streaming sites is one of the best solutions when it comes to saving times. It has listed various streaming sites of different categories including movies, musing, TV shows, anime, gaming, news, sports and many more. As our content gives preference the movies streaming, it has a long list of movies streaming sites either.

Moving to the design, it appears to design nicely with a lighter theme. The combination of red & white seems to be a nice combo. Overall, the user experience of StreamingSites.Com is very convenient. You can find your favourite site very easily, even the search option is there. Another good thing is that there are both types of the FREE and paid content mixture, where you can access different kinds of websites offering free and paid to stream. If you really love online streaming, you should check this platform once. Hopefully, you would love this website.

Working Domain:


123Movies is itself very popular, and there are chances that you have already heard about this website. This website has the capabilities to meet your need for Putlocker, the most. The website has a green & a white coloured theme which looks pleasing and appealing to the eyes. The website has a good record of focusing on providing entertainment content along with maintaining user’s safety and convenience.

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The website’s homepage alone, have a lot of options to surf through various contents that it provides. The main menu of 123Movies also includes Anime, TV Series and Episodes, making the user experience something other than movies as well. It has a list of all the essential genres based upon which you can filter the movie search as per your desire.

The Top IMDb section is also included so that the user can have movies based upon IMDb’s trusted movie reviews. As far as streaming service is concerned, it provides 2-4 mirror links in case the main link doesn’t work. You can give a try to 123Movies as well.

Working Domain:


Another best place to get entertainment stuff for online streaming is YesMovies. The website has a lot of content to provide to its viewers. It has a modern but minimalistic look, and you wouldn’t find any trouble in searching for your favourite content. One cool thing about the YesMovies website is that it provides the facility to switch to dark mode.

The website mostly provides the latest movies and TV Shows for online streaming. It has a dedicated search bar for finding any movie along with a numeric and alphabetic search facility. The website has movies in various genres ranging from Action, Adventure, Animation, Documentary to Mistry, Thriller, War, etc.

YesMovies also provides movies in a straight forward manner. You can reach the streaming page in just one tap on the movie name. But in order to stream the movie, you will have to go through 5-10 popup ads, which is an annoying thing from a user perspective. But the quality of the content is still, excellent and you can try YesMovies as an alternative to Putlocker.

Working Domain:

LOS Movies

With up to 1,986 pages dedicated to 10 movies each, Los Movies is one of the most significant movies streaming websites. It has something for everyone. It has a simple yet intuitive interface to make build convenience to the user in finding and watching the content. You can filter the movies on the homepage by Date Added, Ratings, Release Date, and Featured.


Los Movies has one of the most extended lists of genres among which you will find some of your favourites for surfing the movie content. One thing that can make you feel discomfort is that in order to stream any content on Los Movies, you will need to signup. You will require just an email address to create an account on the website.

All in all, the website is pretty serious towards providing quality content, and you will love this place after you start using it.

Working Domain:


People who are in the movie streaming game for a long time might already be familiar with GoMovies. It is considered one of the largest online movie streaming platforms over the internet. The name GoMovies is itself a reputable in this field, and this website has an excellent record of providing great quality streaming content for free along with keeping the user’s safety and convenience in mind.

If you have heard of 123Movies or had ever used it, then you can have an idea about how good is GOMovies. It is because 123Movies is related to GoMovies and uses all the content streaming facilities of GoMovies. Both GoMovies and 123Movies have precisely the same UI and streaming ways.

GoMovies is one of those websites that provide latest movies on its platform as soon as they get released. Content categorization and variety are great on GoMovies. You can find the movie of your interest in a lot of ways. It has a huge list of genres to meet the taste requirements of different users.

Working Domain:


If you are leaner towards TV Shows rather than movies and were using Putlocker to get the latest TV Shows and Web Series, then WatchTVSeries could be the best Putlocker alternative for you. It has almost all the most popular TV Shows from all the famous TV Channels, namely CBS, AMC, BBC, History Channel, ABC, HBO, NBC, CW, Fox, FX, etc. and even includes latest and popular Web series from Netflix.

WatchTVseries - Stream Online TV Shows

You can go to the Newest Episodes section to stream the latest available episodes of your favourite TV series. Its TV Mini-Series, New TV Shows, New Episodes, Upcoming Episodes sections come very handily when it comes to searching for an episode.

Its user experience is also useful as the website has a proper grouping of episodes of each Series into seasons. The streaming service is too great, and the user will not find any trouble in accessing the episode in online streaming.

Working Domain:


Another cool place to satisfy your hunger for great quality streaming content is Soap2Day. A peculiar thing about Soap2Day is that it has the best and most extensive collection of daily soaps as its name suggests. But it also has the right amount of quality movie content. It also has a separate sports section that currently covers FIFA Worldcup, NBA Payoffs, and UEFA Champions League. That means it has good content, modern sports lovers as well.

The website is immaculate looking, and I loved it. The website has a very subtle and minimal light-coloured touch that makes it a premium looking website. There is a dedicated search bar for searching purposes, just like other fellow websites. However, the website lacks the facility of the genre section.

But its homepage has included two options called Top Movies and Top TV Shows which is a good thing to consider when you don’t have any specific movie to watch. The Soap2Day’s movie surfing interface is good with minimal ads, making the user to get entertained with no trouble.

Working Domain:


With its name, you can easily guess that this website is dedicated to providing each and every movie. The core meaning of its name is that it provides movies from A to Z. It has a reasonably large amount of movie content ranging from the year 1948 all the way up to 2020. You can also surf on AZMoveies for the movie quest through the wide range of genres provided there.

AZMovies’ interface might not give you a feel of premium-ness, but it is enough catchy and clean to make the user not be confused while surfing. The streaming service also something about which one can’t complain. The streaming pages are clean and easy to use for each movie, but one that we missed was the availability of more than one streaming server per movie. All in all, it’s a great place for movie lovers.

Working Domain:


If you were missing the TV Shows and Web Series a lot over the AZMovies website then you should have a look at Noxx. This is yet another online streaming platform from AZMovies that is dedicated to providing high-quality TV and Web Series to the users. However, Noxx lacks when it comes to the categorization of available content.


The website is new and has fresh content on it. But its division of the episodes according to the seasons of the Series is something which is very important. It plays a crucial role in watching every episode in a sequence, and this is why a series is meant to be.

The streaming service is just like AZMovies, and the AZMovies’ streaming service is outstanding. Just click on the TV/Web series that you want to watch, select the season, select the episode and boom. You are good to go with that specific episode.

Working Domain:


MovieWatcher is a great movie streaming website the indexes external websites like Forums, Search Engines, and other movie sites for the streaming location, groups them in one place. It makes it available to its users for free. It is a 100% free website to watch movies and TV Series online in high quality.

Movies Watcher

The website is a very clean looking place with each and every content is well-organized. All the movies can be accessed in MovieWatcher through the Years section, Genres section, and the Most Popular section. There is a separate section for TV Series as well. Its Years section has movies ranging from the year 2000 to 2020.

Talking about the streaming quality and service, then MovieWatcher is nowhere less than any paid streaming service. One thing that could be a deal-breaker for some of is that it asks for signup in order to stream the content.

Working Domain:


Popcornflix proudly provides its users to stream good quality content without any cost. The website is dedicated towards the users and always provides the latest movies to the users as soon as possible. Popcornflix offers a large amount of good quality content to the users, but its categorization for the available content is needed to be improved.

PopCornFlix - Best Putlocker Alternative

For a new user who is in quest of a good movie of his/her interest will find it difficult on Popcornflix to get a good movie suggested categories itself as the categories are itself very less on the website.  The website has one menu that includes a total of only five sections, namely 2020 Movies, 2019 Movies, 2018 Movies, Action Movies, and Horror Movies.

There is a strict need for adding more categories. But the interface of the website is very clean, simple, and easy to use. The user can reach the movie streaming page of any website in just one click, and streaming service is up to the mark here.

Working Domain:


The SolarMovie can be your next Putlocker. With loads of movies and TV series content, it can provide you with an unlimited entertainment experience. The easy-to-use and one of the finest looking places to your entertainment desire. Its movie genre and TV genre section will help you to reach your desired movie or TV show with ultimate ease.

Its country section is also something which makes it more special. What this feature does is, it filters the movie based upon the country in which they are made. For example, you can watch Asian, Indian, Korean, etc. movies by selecting the country name.

The streaming service is also up to the mark, and one will not find any problem in steaming his/her favourite content. But the website asks to signup in order to stream the content which will require you to have an email to create an account. For more detail, related SolarMovie, check this out: SolarMovie Alternative Websites, Watch Free Movies Online [2020].

Working Domain:


The amount of content and features available on the website completely justifies why mega has been added in its name. The website has loads of content ranging from movies to TV Shows, Web series, Anime, etc. It has almost all the movie searching features that were available in the above mentioned Putlocker alternatives.

Each and every important movie and TV genre, movie selection via country name, via year of release, and via alphabet, IMDb top rated movies, etc. are some of the great features that make MegaShare a complete package for an entertainment lover.

Just like all the other websites, MegaShare is also user-friendly, and one wouldn’t find any problem in finding the content in which he/she is interested. The website not just rely on one single server to provide streaming facility but provides 2-3 servers for seamless streaming.

Working Domain:


There are very fewer chances that you have not heard about FMovies. If not, then you might be new in the movie streaming world. Not a problem. We will make you familiar with FMovies. Just like Putlocker FMovies also has a long history of proving a ton of online streaming content. It first came under public notice in 2016.

FMovies is not just a single website but is a series of websites that host links and embedded videos (mostly movies, TV Shows and Web Series), allowing the user to stream online for free. The website is just like any other movie streaming website with a lot of content for the user to watch.

It has dark and easy to use look with a lot of tools to filter for the movie quest. There are so many movie genres for different tastes of different users, along with movies from a wide variety of countries. FMovies has the largest list of the country-wise movie selection. You can expect the latest movies to be available on FMovies as it is one of the leading online streaming platforms in the industry. For further information, have a look at Fmovies Alternative Websites to Watch Free Movies (2020).

Working Domain:


You can have a look at CMovies at also a really large amount of great quality content and is equally as good as other alternatives in the list. It also has basic categorization of movies among Genres, Country, Top IMDb, and TV Series. CMovies is not so popular among online streamers, but it deserves better as it is a good place to have good content.

The look of the website is neither impressive nor dull. It is in mid-way when it comes to user experience as it has some scope of improvements.  It not that the homepage lacks content, but it is a bit congested and so many movies have been stuffed in a small space.

When it comes to content streaming, it is a good website and users will not suffer in reaching the streaming page of any website through the preview of the content in the form of images would be appreciated which the website can add in the near future.

Working Domain:

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Top 5 Legal Premium Movies Streaming Sites to Replace Putlocker

These are the premium OTT services, which charge on a monthly basis. Even some of them are free and don’t charge any money. If you really think that you need to pay some cash in return for high-quality streaming content, you can try them without any hesitation. As most of them are true value for money services. With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can access some exclusive web series and other content. Others have their own specialities. Let’s check out the full list of streaming services to replace Putlocker:


Netflix is undoubtedly the best and most downloaded entertainment app in the market for Android users. It is one of the best online streaming services with millions of its premium subscribers across the globe. The app lets you search and watch your favourite movies, TV Shows, Original contents and much more.

It’s a separate entertainment hub for all the entertainment seekers around. The app is free to install, but you have to go for the subscription plan after using it for 30 days with its free trial version. After that, multiple plans charge accordingly.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has its own video streaming service called Prime Video. It is gaining more popularity day by day as the company has started offering original contents to its subscribers. Similar to Netflix, You can download and install this app for free on your Android device. Its concept is almost identical to Netflix.

For testing purpose, the app lets you explore its content library for 30 days for free. If you are fond of shopping online, you can buy Amazon Prime service to take benefit of faster delivery on Amazon as well as various other prime services by just paying a single charge.


Hulu is a popular online movie streaming app for Android and iOS mobile devices. It’s a central hub for entertainment seekers who can explore the Hulu’s original contents which are exclusively there for Hulu’s subscribers. Apart from this, you can also explore the different categories which includes your favourite shows, live tv with over 60+ tv channels, live sports and news and much more.

The app has a particular news category where you will get to know the latest updates about the entertainment industry. For beginners, there’s a free trial plan for you after that you have to go for the premium subscription plan. The base price starts around 5.99$ monthly. You can first take a free trial and then decide whether it deserves the paid plans or not.

IMDb Movies and TV

You must have come around IMDb if you like to check movies reviews. This is a popular platform for movies reviews, but also let you stream movies and TV shows online. The app is a hub for movie lovers who can get to know about the viewers rating, reviews, storyline of the movie, characters and much more.

You need to enter the name of the movie or a tv show or a tv series, and you will be provided with all the essential information about that particular query. If you live in the United States, then the app now lets you watch full-length movies and TV shows for free. Apart from this, you can also buy tickets and can get information about the nearby theatres in your area through this app.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is there for those who spend most of their time watching different channels on the Television set. But now, you can explore your favourite live TV channels on your Android smartphone or tablet device through Tubi TV. Apart from TV Shows, the app has a vast library containing all the popular movies, TV shows and some original contents for unlimited entertainment.

It serves an easy-to-use interface where you would be provided with different categories on the front page. A search bar is also there to search for your favourite movies or TV Shows. Tubi TV is free to use the app, and you can install it from the Play Store on a particular Android device. Just enjoy thousands of free movies without spending money on Tubi TV.


It is one of the most popular entertainment apps for those who love to watch movies and TV Shows on a Smartphone. Android is full of the best online movie streaming apps from which Movies by Flixster serves a unique interface to give you all the information about the different movies, upcoming movies, showtime, tickets etc.

The streaming service lets you explore the nearby theatres by entering the details of your location. Browse movies, get entertainment news and stay up-to-date with the entertainment industry with this app. You can organise things accordingly with this app. It’s a free app for Android users.

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PutLocker: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is PutLocker a Legal Website?

There is no one specific answer to this question. It actually depends on the place from where you are trying to access Putlocker. The very first/original Putlocker website, i.e. was blocked by the Internet Service Providers in the United Kingdom followed by the court order. Streaming copyrighted content without permission is an offence but accessing the website is actually not.

Is PutLocker a Safe Website?

Most of the content streaming websites like PutLocker uses advertisement as its main source of income, and that thing is completely harmless. But Putlocker is so popular on the globe that it has various mirror sites being operated by different persons. Thing increases the doubtfulness, and there can be increased chances of such mirror sites to host some kind of malware.

As far as accessing the PutLocker website is concerned, there is almost no risk.

Is It safe to Stream Movies from PutLocker?

PutLocker doesn’t store any file or media content on its website. It just shows what is available on various third-party places over the internet. These third-party places are neither in control of Putlocker nor in ours, so there are chances for these third-party places to host harmful malware that can affect your device on which you are accessing the PutLocker website.

Should I use PutLocker?

It is all up to you. If it is legal in your country and your ISP has not blocked the website, then there should be no issue in using PutLocker as far as you are following proper precautions. But if your access for PutLocker has been blocked by the ISP means it’s illegal to use Putlocker in your region and should better stay away from this website.

What Precaution Should I Take while using PutLocker?

The application of a VPN over your connection should be enough to follow as a precaution. Using a VPN will hide your IP address and encrypt the data sending and receiving between your device and the website. If you can, then using a software antivirus would also be great so that any malicious or suspicious activity could be prevented in any.

Disclaimer: TME.NET does not verify the legality or legitimacy of any of the services mentioned in this page. We solely do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and stringently advise our readers to avoid it. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain.

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    • Hi, we have listed only movies streaming websites, where you can watch online movies. Legitimate movies downloading sites are rare, which we will soon cover in a different article.


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