5+ BEST Smart Beauty Devices That Do It All

Not that long ago, a sonic face brush was a revelation. But that was before advances like LED lighting, radio frequency, and microcurrents came into the beauty scene to take give a fight toward collagen loss and acne to wrinkles and dry skin in its tracks.

Today’s beauty devices are much better than they were only a few years ago. They are easy to use and deliver professional spa and dermatology services right into the palm of your hand (and in some cases, your smartphone).

Here are some of the best smart beauty devices on the market.


TriPollar STOP X

The TriPollar STOP X is a small handheld device that heats the surface and layers of the skin using high-density and low-energy waves to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. This enables the skin to be tighter and smoother.

To use it, you simply apply the accompanying gel over the surface of the area you want to treat and use the device in short, circular motions for about 5 minutes. Treating the skin a few times a week for 6-8 weeks is recommended for best results.


Foreo Bear

The adorable bear packaging belies the fact that it packs a serious workout for your face.

The small tool uses microcurrent and sonic pulses to exercise the muscles in your face and neck. This helps build collagen, repair elastin, and tighten your face by way of electrical currents.

Special sensors within measure your skin’s resistance to electricity and then adjust the intensity to avoid the chance of shock.

The Foreo Bear helps circulation, eliminate toxins, and ease facial tension to help bring out smoother, brighter skin. It pairs over Wi-Fi to your smartphone so you can use the associated app for guided workouts and to personalize settings.


Glo Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit

At-home products mean you no longer necessarily have to go to your dentist and spend potentially thousands on laser whitening.

With the Glo Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit, you can achieve gleaming ivories within the comfort of your own home.

The product’s patented heat and light technology accelerate a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that’s placed in mouth guards. The treatment takes 8 minutes each with 3 treatments per day for up to 7 days are recommended for the best results.

GLO Lit is also Bluetooth enabled. That means you can wirelessly connect to the GLO Whitening App to schedule treatments, get reminders, and track your progress.



ZIIP GX puts a facialist right in the palm of your hand.

Using nanocurrent technology, the device penetrates the layers of your skin for targeted treatments. The ZIIP App can set up specific waveform combinations that deliver certain results — from lifting and sculpting to contouring and shine.

How-to videos within the app will guide you every step of the way.


Tineco MODA ONE Smart Ionic Hair Dryer

Hot tools may take out the frizz, but they can also cause heat damage.

But not so with the MODA ONE Smart Ionic Hair Dryer. Smart sensors measure hair moisture levels and air temperature more than 20 times per second and automatically adjust the heat and airflow to prevent damage.

And because of special ion tech released as your hair is drying, the results are shinier and more manageable.

Connect your smartphone to the MODA ONE app for pre-programmed drying modes including manual, cool, kids, eco, and even pet mode.



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