Enjoy your iGaming experience with These 5 Innovative Technologies

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The global iGaming industry is predicted to become valued at over 90 billion US dollars by 2023 with latest 2020 figures having it valued at $59 billion. Much of the forecasted growth to be experienced will undoubtedly be helped along by the innovation happening with technology. As it stands, technological changes continue to improve the quality, experience and security that gamers get to enjoy when they play online.

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has provided one such monumental change in how immersive casinos and other online gaming experiences can be. Casinos and the gaming industry at large have taken advantage of this technological advancement that allows for the superimposition of images and real-life interactions in bringing gaming experiences to life. It facilitates a sort of hybrid environment where players are immersed in high quality graphic images and videos that can be interacted with in their own space, in real time.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Compared to the other technological advancements on this list, Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents an innovative technology that has been around for some time and has proved its significance. Without a doubt, Unibet leads as one of the best casino sites. Having integrated AI into their platform, they are the hallmark of an impressive and retentive site. Whether we are talking about chatbots on your online casino screen or a host of tailored game recommendations to the right of your screen, Unibet is taking support, assistance and their customers’ convenience very seriously.

3. Cloud Gaming Technology

The perks of cloud gaming technology is that everything can be made available at the press of a button or by inputting a weblink. Basically, with cloud gaming technology the internet is the vast bearer of games with faster speed and if your device allows, killer graphics. However, unlike mobile app games which can be downloaded onto your portable device, and sometimes played offline, with cloud gaming services players have to always be connected to a data or Wi-Fi service to access the opportunities.

4. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology

A popular but still relatively poorly understood technology is blockchain technology which has moved a tremendous amount of industries forward, particularly with respect to security and data processing. For iGaming, blockchain technology has revolutionized the way fairness of games is perceived by players because operators cannot easily manipulate the technology. Because everything that transpires on a blockchain network is encrypted, digital transactions can be anonymous, easier and more secure. This incredible blockchain technology has completely changed the game for the iGaming industry in the way that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are accepted with less confusion and suspicion.

5. Virtual Reality

Lastly, we have saved arguably the most fun technological innovation to transform the iGaming space for last. The brilliance of Virtual Reality (VR) lies in the advancement it makes in making everything more interactive, immersive, visually stimulating and real-like. Think of 3D interfaces, headsets and other wearable accessories that bring you completely into the environment of the game. Picture this, putting on a VR headset that automatically transmits you into a space that looks exactly like you are in a physical casino, complete with all the sounds, the tables and no single detail overlooked. This is the magic of the calibre of technology we are currently experiencing and I can’t imagine what it will look like 5 years from now.

We have barely scratched the surface on how truly technology continues to transform the iGaming space. We might require pages on pages if we decide to take a more in-depth deep dive, however these 5 innovative technologies provide us with a solid idea on how much technology is moving the iGaming space forward.


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