Want to do influencer marketing? Here’s how influencers want to be paid

How much do influencers expect to be paid?

To discover that, Intellifluence, an influencer marketplace, polled 1,249 influencers from the Big 3 in the English ad market: the US, Canada, and the UK.

How influencers want to be compensated

Most (about 70 percent) of influencers expected a combination of product and cash.

  • 24.8% wanted to be compensated in cash only.
  • Only 5.7 percent wanted to be compensated with a product alone.

Influencers’ comp expectations

The more followers they had, the more they expected (no surprise there).

Instagram influencers with little as 1,000 followers expected around $193 per post.

However, those with over 80,000 followers charged over $1,000.

Not all platforms are alike

Influencers on Facebook and Twitter asked for lower dollar values when compared to their Instagram counterparts.

Instagram tends to be more engaged and ready as a sales platform with its image-based focus.

Not all influencers are the same

Intellifluence did something interesting for YouTube and TikTok – they divided their list into two:

  • ‘peer/authoritative’ influencers (non-celebrities) and
  • ‘aspirational’ personalities (higher profile celebrities)

The price difference between those two was quite significant. As you might imagine, the celebrities asked for more.

Quoted price vs. actual price

This is a good survey with a large sample size, but we wonder if the figures are significantly lower in practice.


Because people tend to quote high and the buyer can negotiate it down.

When you factor in bargaining, what an influencer wants to be paid and what they get can be two different things.


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