Instagram: Using Unique Fonts to Boost Engagement

Why do Instagrammers use different fonts for designing posts, bios, and other texts on social media?

The most common answer for most will be “just for fun,” but the awesome fonts are not the only fun thing for Instagram. Now it’s more about catching the eye of any visitor on the page and creating something viral.

This article will look through an example of using custom fonts on the Instagram page of a popular e-commerce brand.

Maybe this example can persuade you that the perfect custom font is not just for fun but for other goals, such as business and to create an outstanding feed.

Fonts don’t want to be so relaxed or informal that no serious business can use it. But most them have a rather elegant style that can stand out and look tasteful.

This Instagram shop is popular among girls worldwide aged from 16 years to up to 40; it specializes in feminine, beautiful things. Its Instagram consists of creating incredible contests and lotteries every week so that every girl can win. The idea of the contest includes taking part in tagging their besties under one post. They, @ohpolly, use various fonts for these photos, so they use custom fonts only for contest posts.

To participate in each contest by @ohpolly, we can see the post stand out immediately because custom cool fonts is a branded style of their contest.

And now, throughout a month of usage, it is highly recognizable among other posts of other IG shops.

Moreover, someone who tagged a friend in the comments will automatically show the post to that individual. The tagged bestie is more likely to notice the post because of the cool custom font used in the caption. 

We pay much more attention to the post (and not only the contest post where we are supposed to win) if designed mindfully with elegant and stylish fonts, rather than basic Instagram fonts. 

Using 2-3 types of custom fonts for your Instagram can help increase activity on your profile as the posts will be more eye-catching – resulting in more likes, comments, and ultimately revenue for monetized pages.

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