7 Reason Why You Should Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website


Social media platforms are continuously evolving into better places for marketers to grow their reach with potential audiences. One such social media platform is Instagram; it is rapidly expanding with millions of daily active users from the globe.

Moreover, Instagram has also become the top social media content contributor among all in recent years which showcases the users’ engagement on social media platforms. With its vibrant representation of posts and easily accessible features, Instagram is turning into the most addictive social media platform.

Features like Instagram filters, Stories, Reels, IGTV, tagging, increased reach, and many more, allowing ordinary users to create content and upload their articulate work on this platform.

Hence, Instagram is attracting marketers to leverage every possible benefit through Instagram to improve and enhance their marketing.

As websites are the online storefront of brands and businesses through which people come to learn about their products and services, integrating Instagram content on a website can be a great deal for marketers.

Now with the latest technology and tools, it will be possible for brands and marketers to easily integrate fascinating and interesting content on their websites.

One major way to use and place Instagram content on your website is through embedding Instagram Widget.

But why would you embed Instagram Widget on your website? So here below we are discussing the 7 reasons to embed Instagram posts or widgets on your brand or business website by telling you its benefits for your business.

So let’s get started with learning why one should embed Instagram feeds on their website.

7 Compelling Reasons to Embed Instagram Widgets on Website

1. Bring More Traffic on Your Website

Linking your website with colorful and attractive Instagram posts will increase the word-of-mouth marketing of your website. Are you wondering how? When people find unique content, it will entice them to share it with their friends and family so that they also experience such a novel style of content representation.

Moreover, Instagram feeds easily attract the attention of users, it lays an impressive image of your website on your users which helps in building confidence in users to share your website with more and more people.

2. Boost Your Website Awareness

The next advantage website owners gain by embedding Instagram Widget is that it will expand the exposure with a large audience. Again wondering how? In the above point, we discussed it will increase the traffic, which in turn results in expanding the awareness of your website with a wide audience.

Without making extra efforts, simply embedding Instagram Widget will help you increase the brand awareness of your website with a wider audience.

3. Enhance Social Presence

Instagram Widget consists of Instagram posts like images, videos, text, etc. which is social media content. Applying this social content-filled Instagram Widget on your website educates visitors about the social presence of your website.

Website visitors come to know about your Instagram handle who never acquainted with your Instagram account on application. They can check the type of content you upload on your social handle which in turn increases the likeness of people to connect with your Instagram account. 

4. Increase User Engagement

Who doesn’t want their users to engage on their website? But it is also a challenge to website owners to increase their users’ engagement. As Instagram Widget is attractive, interesting, and consists of social media content, it is compelling enough for users to stay engaged with your website content.

Moreover, Instagram Widget is vibrant with a combination of multiple contents like images and videos, which easily increase the engagement of users on your website.

5. Build Social Proof of Your Website

Another challenge with businesses and brands in online marketing is how to earn customer trust. In answer to this, user-generated content or customer-created content like reviews, testimonials, or social posts is what you needed to build customer trust with your brand.

Embedding Instagram Widget incorporating user-generated content, Instagram influencers content, etc. will offer social proof of your website to the audience and build a trustworthy image of your brand.

6. Improves Customers’ Experience On Website

Many website owners spend tons of money, time, and effort to create such website design that improves the customer experience on their website.

Infographics, enhanced UX designs, and creative graphics are what every website owner focuses their efforts on in order to enhance their customer or user experience with their website.

However, as Instagram Widget is vibrant, contains quality images, lively, and trustworthy, it also generates a story to your customers that render many benefits at the same time: better customer experience, customer trust, and one-on-one relationship with your brand.

7. Enhance Appearance of Your Website

As Instagram Widget unintentionally contains colorful images, videos, and other types of content, it helps increase the appearance of your website.

You can eloquently design Instagram Widget according to the marketing needs, you can use a creative layout and add background styles that are effective to grab the attention.

Hence, embedding Instagram Widget adds unique features and functionality to your website, increasing the appearance as well as look and feel of your website.

Wrapping Up!

Reasons are endless to embed Instagram Widget on your website, but these above-mentioned reasons are the topmost benefits that you can retrieve after embedding Instagram Widget on your website.

In bonus, if you are adding Instagram Widget on your business website, these reasons will cumulatively benefit in increasing the conversion rate on your website.

This means more sales and revenue with a high return on investment. So what are you waiting for? Start embedding these creative, impressive, engaging, and converting Instagram widgets on your website.



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