How to Manage Post Redirection in the UK

If you’re thinking about setting up a virtual office to run your business remotely (from your home office, for example), you should consider how exactly your company’s email systems will work. You may need to use a post redirection service.

The post redirection service is a very convenient solution for many types of business in the UK, including small companies with limited liability and sole traders who do business from their home office remotely or doing business from home. There are different post redirection costs in the UK, and in this article, we will discuss the Hoxton Mix offers.

How Post Redirection Works in a Virtual Office

If you want to receive important business posts quickly and securely, but don’t want correspondence delivered directly to your home office or don’t want to pick it up elsewhere, you can use the virtual post service.

Flexible post handling solutions in a virtual office environment are typically based on forwarding/or digitizing all of your incoming posts. With the right approach, these systems are combined into a comprehensive virtual post service. The user of such a service can quickly receive notifications of new incoming letters to a virtual business address and organize their digitization with subsequent quick forwarding to e-mail.

Post redirection in the UK has many advantages. For example, if you already have a virtual office in a prestigious area of ​​London, then you should also consider managing business posts to ensure successful activities.

This step is especially important for small business owners or even the self-employed, as post-administration can be time-consuming when working remotely. In the UK, this problem can be solved with the help of special cells in impromptu co-working spaces, but this is not very reliable, as it can lead to confusion and lost correspondence.

There are many companies in the UK that provide post collection and forwarding services at a dedicated office that you can visit and pick up all incoming posts at your convenience.

However, if you don’t want to go to a physical location to pick up all your business posts, you can use the Hoxton Mix service where we forward all posts to the address you need at any time.

For a small additional fee, as part of our full virtual office offering, we can receive all of your business correspondence and then forward it directly to you as soon as it arrives. We can forward it to any physical address, no matter how many posts you receive. Forwarding of letters is possible on the day they are received by us.

For example, if you work from home, then this feature will allow you to significantly reduce communication delays with customers and partners. It will also allow you to pay bills on time and respond to important questions promptly.

Benefits of Post Redirection for Companies in the UK

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or an entrepreneur traveling the world, post redirection services can make your life a lot easier. Key benefits of virtual post processing services include:

1. Cost reduction

Forwarding your posts can be significantly cheaper in the medium to long term than the amount of money you spend daily or weekly on transport to get to where you receive posts.

2. Time-Saving

The post redirection service allows you to significantly reduce the delay between receiving letters and answering them.

3. Perfect for urgent correspondence

Post redirection, whether physical or digital, helps you pay bills on time.

4. Work remotely from anywhere

Your posts can be forwarded to you when you travel or enter into international contracts, without the need for your physical presence in order to process them manually.

5. A virtual business address in a prestigious area of ​​the UK

You can use an elite legal office address without the additional cost of actually renting the physical space, and have your clients mail to you there.

How much does virtual office post redirection cost?

Our flexible monthly post processing, forwarding, and scanning plans start at just £15, making it an extremely affordable way to avoid the hassle of handling all your incoming posts yourself, whether at home or on the road.

The Virtual Office Collect is our base postbox offering. For only £15 per month, all your important letters, documents, and small packages will be delivered to your virtual business address at our headquarters in London. You can be sure that your correspondence is stored securely, and that we will immediately send you a message that we are ready to send you new correspondence at a convenient time for you.

This proposal assumes a full-fledged post redirection mechanism. Instead of physically picking up your incoming posts ourselves, we can make it to be forwarded to you at any other address in the UK once we have received and registered it. We implement this service on the day of receipt of correspondence, and we can send it within a few hours after it arrives at your virtual business address. It only costs £25 per month with no additional high volume forwarding fees.

Virtual Office Scan Lite – this offer involves the forwarding of digitized correspondence. It allows modern businesses to digitize their incoming posts into a fully searchable digital format for as little as £20 a month.

Once we receive your important documents, we scan and convert them to full-text searchable high-resolution PDF documents and send them directly to your postbox, cloud storage, or internal storage. We can destroy copies of documents or send them to your own address using our Virtual Office Scan Pro service.

If you prefer a more holistic approach to all your remote post processing and digitization capabilities, then we offer you MailRoom’s enterprise-grade post redirection solution. In this case, we are also pleased to offer our business customers a new enhanced option in the form of MailRoom.

The mailRoom is our specialized remote virtual post processing service designed to manage and digitize all of your company’s posts.


The mail forwarding service is popular with British companies. Both small and large companies are interested in this service. One of the main features that customers and partners of the Hoxton Mix like about virtual office and post redirection solutions is flexibility as it offers different packages to meet the needs of every customer. 

We handle questions regarding company registration in the UK, a premium virtual business address for remote work, and we also have several attractive proposals for post redirection.

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