Marketing in a Post iOS15 World: A 6-Step Strategy

Taking ownership of your company’s growth means leveraging your data to expand customer relationships and increase bottom-line results.

Marketing can be challenging in a post iOS15 world, but we have a strategy to help you evolve and keep your results storming higher.

Here are the six steps to accomplish it:

Step 1) Create automated SMS + email flows for the following

Welcome series
Abandoned cart
– Abandoned checkout
– Browse abandonment
– Post-purchase
– Customer win-back sequences

Step 2) Create a multi-step opt-in form to collect email and SMS data

A few tips include:

  • Split test the pop-up forms until you get to a 7% conversion rate.
  • Do not display the pop-up immediately after the page loads. Wait for a minimum of 10 secs or 60% scroll delay.

Step 3) Use a customer service platform to

  • Save time on support tickets.
  • Automate replies with macros.
  • Tag sources where tickets come from.

Step 4) Build an even better customer experience by

  • Delivering timely automated shipping notifications.
  • Branding your transactional emails.
  • Creating branded tracking pages.

Step 5) Send surveys to your customers to gather zero-party data about your audience

Send these 30 days after the purchase and offer incentives for completing them.

Step 6) Capture reviews

Offer high incentives to gather reviews and get UGC from your customer.

And don’t forget to send follow-up emails based on the reviews.

If the review was positive, send a referral request email. If the review was negative, ask them what was wrong.

Finish line.

And whatever tools you use to accomplish these steps, the mantra stays the same: “Take ownership of your relationship with your customers.”

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