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PUBG Not Working? Top 5 Best Alternatives to Replace PUBG

PubG is one of the most popular mobile games with millions of active users. Here we have listed Top 5 PubG Alternative Games for Android and iOS platform.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as its short name PUBG, is one of the most played mobile games around the world, with millions of active players. The game has reached such extreme popularity that it has also become a career option for professional gamers. PUBG is one of the most popular esports games whose tournament’s winnings prices touched the mark of millions of dollars.

Recently, the PUBG Mobile is becoming a hot debate not because of any new tournament or update, but because of its connection with China. Tencent holds 11.4% of the stakes of Blurhoel, and hence Tencent (the Chinese Company) does benefit from PUBG. But still maximum earning is going to South Korea.

The game was however listed to ban in India. Also, different people have different requirements, likings, and dislikings, and hence there are possibilities that PUBG is not for you. Many of the players are boycotting the game and looking for some alternatives to the game to be on a safer and more reliable side.

If you are one of those who are looking for a worthy PUBG alternative, then here we have listed some of the best and safe PUBG Mobile alternatives that you can play without any hesitation. Here are those PUBG Mobile alternatives for Android and iOS.

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Top 5 Best Alternative Games to Replace PUBG

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is a very reputably well-known and popular name in the shooting games. It has some seriously successful PC shooting games and now the mobile version of Call Of Duty is also here to take over the mobile gaming world. In fact, Call of Duty is the only battle royale game that can make eye contact with PUBG mobile. COD mobile has been made by Timi studios which is a subsidiary of Tencent games, used in the making of PUBG Mobile.


But the whole game comes under Activision which is an American company just like most of the Call Of Duty games. Call Of Duty Mobile has two different modes of playing the game – Battle Royale and Multiplayer. You are already familiar with what Battle Royale is. You are matched with 99 more players to play against them, and the last player standing wins the game. And in the multiplayer mode, you find yourself in a 5v5 match.

Garena Free Fire

You can call Garena Free Fire as the PUBG Mobile for low-spec smartphones. This mobile game requires low specifications. Hence, it is very successful among many mid-range smartphone owners. It stands somewhere between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. The game has much more refined than PUBG Mobile Lite in graphics and but also shares some similarities as well.


Unlike PUBG Mobile, Free Fire conducts the matches between 50 players instead of 100, and hence it’s a quick battle royale. Garena is a Singapore based company that has a tie-up with 111dots studios, a Vietnam-based company responsible for whole os the game development. Now, many of the UBG Mobile plays may feel a bit disappointed after shifting to Free Fire due to its low graphic quality. But this is also a fact that Free Fire has its own fanbase community.

It was also the most downloaded game of 2019, which is a pretty surprising thing. But there is good news that Garena is working on Garena Free Fire Max which will be a graphically intensive game just like PUBG Mobile.


Fortnite has been a very tough competition for PUBG when it comes to PC and console gaming. But surprisingly, Fortnite is not that popular among the mobile games, and the Fortnite Mobile doesn’t have that much player-base. But don’t make your perception for Fortnite Mobile any bad as the mobile version is of the game is equally entertaining and fun.


Fortnite game is owned by Epic Games company which is a purely America-based company. But it is worth noting that Tencent has a 40% stake in Epic Games which might be a deal-breaker for some players. The graphics of Fortnite don’t have a realistic approach. Instead, the game graphics are pretty cartoony and unrealistic. But even with cartoonish graphics, Fortnite has been successful in gathering millions of gamers.

I personally played Fortnite, and I am OK with the game offers graphically. But if you are a gamer who loves realistic approach, then you wouldn’t find Fortnite as nice as PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile.

Battlelands Royale

The Battlelands Royale is the smallest and lightest game in this list of PUBG Mobile alternatives. The game is around 117MB in size, and it provides a pretty nice battle royale gaming experience in this package. It is made to give just a decent battle royale gaming experience in which a total of 32 players participates and fight against each other to survive till the end of the game.


The game has been developed by Finnish developer, that belongs to the Futureplay company. It is a Finland-based game development company. In comparison to COD and PUBG Mobile, Battlelands Royale looks completely different. It has less number of players per match, only one mode to play, a fourth person perspective with cartoonish graphics and a small playing area. The characters and paying experience are rather cute, in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean that the game is not competitive at all. It is a reasonably decent battle royale game that you can try.

Rules of Survival

The game was made for riding on the wave of gaining popularity of the Battle Royale game. Rule of Survival was launched in between the interval of announcement and launch of PUBG Mobile. It is almost similar to PUBG but not as refined as the PUBG is. Rule of Survival lacks stability. The game is not made for that much immersive experience but is still playable. The game is beautiful for enjoying purposes, but for competitive pro-level players, Rules of Survival is a straight no from our recommendation.


Rules of Survival is a free to play Battle Royale game whose ownership and development comes under NetEase Games Inc. It is a Hong Kong-based Chinese company, and hence the game is also Chinese. The game was pretty successful in riding the wave and got a tremendous amount of popularity in a short span of time. The game was launched in November 2017, and by October 2018, there were 230 million active players worldwide. You can also give this Battle Royale game a try.


The COD Mobile and Fortnite are the best substitutes for PUBG Mobile, in my opinion. Both the games provide best in class game experience with time to time updates for a more refined experience. However, the rest of the alternatives in the list, like Free Fire and Battlelands Royale are games that are for those who have a low-end smartphone but still want to experience the best possible battle royale gaming experience on their device.


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