What Does RTP Mean in Non GamStop Casinos?

The Return to Player value is a very good indicator for finding lucrative slots quickly. In contrast to land-based casinos, casinos not on GamStop usually offer slots with an RTP of well over 90% and thus offer much better prospects of winning in the long term. Slots with high RTPs are also ideal for meeting the wagering requirements of a casino bonus. In most cases, the RTP number is specified by the software manufacturers in the game instructions for the respective slot.

What Does RTP Mean in Non GamStop Games?

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player. RTP is always indicated as a percentage. This ratio indicates how much profit the winners can make in the long run from a game. The higher this value, the better for players. Since the casino always has to have a profit margin, the slot game cannot offer 100% RTP.

RTP Explained in Detail

First and foremost, non GamStop casinos should offer players fast and uncomplicated gaming pleasure. In contrast to a visit to the game library or a real casino, non GamStop casinos can be used to gamble quickly, easily and almost anywhere without any problems. Still, it would probably be nice for most of us to rake in some profits in the long run – or at least not gamble our bets all the time.

An indicator that can help to play the games with the greatest probability of winning is the so-called RTP. RTP stands for “Return To Player”. In the following article we want to introduce you to this important key figure in more detail and help you to make the right game selection.

RTP vs House Edge

Especially in real casinos and gaming libraries, you often hear about the house edge. In principle, the RTP can be interpreted as the exact opposite of the house edge. So, with a slot RTP of 97%, the casino has a house edge of 3%.

RTP vs Hit Frequency

Another key figure that is often mentioned in connection with the chances of winning in non GamStop casinos is the so-called hit frequency. This percentage indicates how often a game wins. If a slot has a hit frequency of 30%, you can assume that on average you will make a profit after every third spin. However, this figure should be treated with caution. In video poker games, this number can be as high as 50%, but often only the stake is won back.

Non GamStop RTP and Slot RTP

There is also a difference between the payout percentage of games and casinos. Every game and slot machine has an RTP value due to its game rules or programming. This payout ratio is theoretical, so it doesn’t change. The RTP value of an online casino, if it is publicly announced at all, changes constantly. The casino RTP indicates how much money has actually flowed back to the players in a past period. The casino has only limited influence on this. Because the RTP of the casino does not only depend on chance, but also on the habit of the players. For example, if Blackjack is heavily played at a particular casino, chances are that casino has a good RTP value.

RTP in Real Casinos and Non GamStop Casinos

A big advantage of non GamStop casinos is the fact that RTPs are usually much higher than in real casinos or gaming libraries. The reason for this is that non GamStop casinos do not face fixed costs such as premises rent or machine maintenance. In real casinos or land-based casinos, an average slot machine has an estimated RTP of only 60%. In contrast, almost all online slots have an RTP of well over 90%. In the long term, you will therefore have significantly higher chances of winning in a non GamStop casino than in a game library.

RTP of Non GamStop Slots

As mentioned above, non GamStop slots offer a much higher RTP than slot machines in casinos. Usually, the RTP for online slot machines is over 90%, in many cases even over 95%. All major software manufacturers such as Netent or Microgaming are very transparent in dealing with this key figure. As a rule, the RTP can be found fairly quickly in the game instructions for the respective slot.

In the following section we have put together a short selection of slots with high RTPs for you:

  • Blood Suckers (Netent): 98% RTP
  • Aladdin’s Lamp (Amaya): 98% RTP
  • Arabian Rose (Microgaming): 97.50% RTP
  • Simsalabim (Netent): 97.50% RTP
  • Sushi Bar (Betsoft): 97.48% RTP

As you can see from this short selection, many software manufacturers offer slots that offer an RTP close to 100%. So, over the long term, these slots have a low house edge. A complete overview of the top 40 slot machines with the best chance of winning can be found here.

Return to Player and Bonus Term

Non GamStop casinos use deposit bonuses extensively to attract new players and encourage regular players to make additional deposits. In order to withdraw a casino bonus or the winnings that are achieved with the bonus money, non GamStop casinos usually have bonus conditions. These read something like this: “A bonus must be wagered 35x in the casino before a withdrawal can be requested”.

This rule means that a bonus must be played through 35 times before a withdrawal can be requested. With a bonus of 100 euros, that would be a turnover of 3500 euros in our example. In many cases, casinos require that the bonus amount be wagered on slots as the RTPs are lower than table games. If roulette and blackjack are allowed at all, bets usually count less there.

It is therefore obvious that in order to meet the casino’s bonus conditions, you should look for those slots with the highest RTP value and then play through the bonus on these same machines.


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