10 Simple Steps to Grow Your Twitter Following

Everyone wants more followers on Twitter or any social platform to help grow their audience. It’s a platform that’s not video-first and organic reach still exists.

In many cases, more followers = more sales and more clients.

And – if you’re really lucky – you might get some level of social media stardom (at least in your own subject matter domain), which can lead to additional opportunities.

Here are some tips to help grow your Twitter following

1) Don’t use your bio to describe who you are

Use it to describe the value people get from following you. 

Leaving your Twitter bio blank is one of the easiest ways to discourage followers as people won’t know who you are and how they get value out of you.

Many follow just from your bio.

2) A person you engage with is more likely to follow you than a person you don’t

People like to be acknowledged and if you provide additional value to them you might earn a follow.

3) Think about why you started following other people

Reverse engineer that to get others to follow you.

For example, how many did you follow just based on their bio?

Since the cost of following somebody is basically free, many people follow based on the value they present in their bio.

If you see a tweet that’s funny, you might like it or even retweet it.

But if the individual doesn’t match up with what you’re looking to get out of Twitter, you probably won’t follow them.

4) Ask your followers why they followed you

This will make you understand what your strengths are and how to double down on them.

5) Your audience growth starts with your audience retention

After gaining a new follower, the goal is making them stick with you so they convert into a client, newsletter’s subscriber, or customer.

6) The more varied your topics are, the harder it is for people to stick with you

Niche down.

While you don’t have to strictly tweet about one topic, it’s important for people to know your main focus.

This also means that you shouldn’t mix personal life updates with business-oriented tweets too much.

If you do, make sure to keep them relevant to your audience.

7) The more you share other people’s tweets, the more likely they’re going to share yours

And when you share an amazing tweet, ask for it to be retweeted.

8) Use “Quote retweet” instead of regular re-tweet

It shows your comment and profile in your followers’ feed instead of just the original tweet.

9) Treat your Twitter account as a funnel

People find your tweets…

…then they visit your profile…

…and then they might decide to follow you (or subscribe to your newsletter or whatever else you offer).

Build your profile accordingly.

10) It’s all about conversations

Any tweet you make should be able to start (or build) conversations.

This framing will improve the quality of your tweets.


If your audience growth is stalling

If your audience isn’t growing, the reason is probably your tweets. 

Either not tweeting enough, on not enough of a regular schedule, or the value/entertainment content of your tweets will need to go up.

It may be hard to tweet more if you’re busy with other content forms, but it’s necessary to build a following.

Have you ever looked through a Twitter account and seen that it’s inactive enough to the point where it’s not worth following?

Many people will look through a feed to determine whether to follow or not.

Direct messaging (DM’ing) will reward you

The more DM conversations you have, the more the algorithm will reward you by showing your tweets to more people.

More exposure turns into more followers.

Asking and receiving

And don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you. Just be sure to give them a good reason to.


Final word

We hope you find these Twitter suggestions helpful. These should be reasonably basic-level tips to get you into the correct Twitter mindset.

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