Technology and Its Effect on the Global Village

The world is indeed a Global Village. Media theorist Marshall McLuhan brought to life what we term “Global Village” which he conceives as the phenomenon of the whole world growing into a more interconnected body, resulting from the proliferation of media technologies in various parts of the world.

Technology has helped us to become more of a Global Village. The advancement in technology has caused an encouragement in the growth of the world’s market economy and also of global media organizations, also known as transnational media conglomerates.

The massive progress and successes recorded in digital and mobile technologies have enabled everyone to be witnesses to the most significant kind of revolution in history. The Global Village in the 21st century has allowed us to communicate with each other from different parts of the world. With virtually every area of our lives already positively touched and affected by technology, it can be conveniently used to overcome any kind of impediment, such as language, by ensuring the availability of interpreters and translators in any part of the world. 

One-on-one interactions are now only a part of the system. This rapid increase in technological advancement is proving to be a defining part of our lives, irrespective of culture, race, language, etc.  Even with the language barrier, technology has ensured people can now work with multilingual content at a very fast rate from their computers. It has become a part of our lives and has come to stay. 

As a result of technology, there are various fully-operative “Virtual Hospitals” offering world-class services to physical and actual patients. Also, there are many hospitals already making use of distant and far-flung medical interpreters in their daily activities.

This, of course, doesn’t stop at life-saving or other educational/work activities. One of the outcomes of these advancements has been evident in the entertainment world – specifically with the online gaming world – from allowing people to play video games with, or against each other to allowing people to experience activities that once were limited to brick and mortar facilities, often very far away from their homes. For example, online casino brands like Jackpot Village enables people with ample experience from all over the world to play numerous casino games without leaving their homes. No need to fly to Vegas.  

This is the information age that has tremendously changed human life history completely. From our thought process to our different means of communication, to culture, to language, and to the medical environment, technological contributions to the Global Village cannot be overemphasized.

Digital and mobile communication is making huge imprints on the way our world is shaped which includes our business matters locally and internationally. Our day-to-day relations with fellow humans have been aided by technology.

Social media, for example, have allowed people within the digital community to be mentally and physically connected via platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others, which have allowed people of different backgrounds to connect easily within the Global Village.

In summary

We learn more about what impact it has on the Global Village as we continue to change and adapt to innovations, ideas, and advancements. Therefore, it is important that we fully accept technology and its constant changes in order to remain suited to our Global Village.




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